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The Queen's new clothes ... Full-time Job

2 months ago   Manufacturing   Paoy Paet   81 views
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Amin was so anxious that he wanted to grab the book, but he was kicked back. He and Dongzi were both thin and weak in a group of people, that is, they had the lowest fighting capacity. Before killing Gangzi is also because the other side did not expect, otherwise really fight who killed who is not sure. Amin looked at the looters with a vicious look on his face, as if he had heard some proud squeak, and his voice sounded familiar. Then, the factory's huge exhaust fan suddenly opened, the exhaust fan was too huge, several people grabbed the place close, there are relatively thin or because of looting did not stand firm. For example, the girl and the two gangsters standing close to her were immediately involved in the exhaust fan, and the blood and meat sauce were scattered all over the wall under the action of centrifugal force. Three people died in an instant, so that the remaining few people were surprised, subconsciously backward. As a result, one of them accidentally stepped on a steel bar, and the ground suddenly collapsed, and the steel bar went directly into the leg from the sole of the foot, nailing the whole person in place. One of them tried to help him, but as soon as he got close, some rubble and ash fell from the top and fascinated his eyes. He suddenly lost his sight and stumbled forward, hitting the man, separating his whole body from the steel bar, but the calf was still well nailed to the steel bar. Then he tripped because of inertia, and the place where he fell was facing the steel bar, and he was stabbed through from his stomach to his back. Before the man who lost his leg could recover from the pain, he felt his head cool and something came out. In the eyes of the remaining two people, it was naturally visible, red and white, and the back of his head should have been knocked on something. Two people are looking at a Ming, hurriedly retreats: "What is that?"? Asshole, what is that? "Yes, there are ghosts, there are ghosts!!!" If we say that we only thought there were some evil ways before,carnosic acid price, but now we can't find the problem of books, it's really a pig's brain. By this time, however, Amin's whole body was already eerie and frightening, and he still had a grim sneer on his face, but the seven orifices were already bleeding. Originally, five people had died by now, and naturally he was already beyond the scope of the burden, but the one who followed him was Dagang, who had just been killed by him. Now people are gathered in a convenient space, so they can kill so many people in one breath. The evil spirit dominated by the human book is so greedy that he tries to kill all the people here in the shortest time before Amin can't resist the bite and die. It becomes his own rations, and then he can torture Amin's soul to his heart's content. So the other side shot very quickly, the time of death of these five people, in fact, add up to less than two minutes. When they saw Amin's tragic situation, they immediately wanted to run away, but when they saw the people on the ground, they hesitated for a moment. One of them couldn't help but want to pick it up and go again, rosmarinic acid supplement ,pumpkin seed extract, but Amin, who was about to die, saw someone robbing the book and suddenly returned to the light. Suddenly, two screws splashed out of the huge exhaust fan over there, one into a man's ear and out of the other ear hole. One went into the back of the other's head, and red and white blood and plasma flowed out of it, and the two men fell down. At the same time, Amin died, but what he didn't know was that another man was instructed to buy some beer and snacks before he came to the factory. Then they arrived and came in around the other side. When they were in the position of the exhaust fan, the exhaust fan suddenly opened, and then he was covered with blood and meat mud. The smell of blood almost scared the hoodlum to death, and when he looked through the broken glass window, he saw the next tragic scene. When everyone is dead, the last remaining gangsters can't even stand up. The ghost inside was aware of him, and as soon as he was about to make a move after a big meal, he suddenly felt a sharp pain in his soul. The other side of the pain was almost scared out of his wits when he heard a nice female voice saying, "It's quite greedy." The intention of the other side is very obvious, is to keep that guy, the ghost of Dagang shivering, dare not make up his mind again. Greed, which even one's own reason could not control, was suppressed by this crushing pressure and dared not come forward. Then after a while, the man outside regained consciousness. He rushed desperately to the tap and turned on the hose to wash himself. Although the blood can not be washed clean, but at least not as terrible as the meat sauce hanging on the body. The surviving gangsters planned to leave here, but devilishly returned to the factory building. What he could not see was that his dead companions were all around now, as they had been before they died, one by one miserable. Even worse than Wu Yue, whom they had bullied, the ghosts watched him pick up the book and become the final winner, but because of the rules, they could not make a move and followed him out of the door one by one. If anyone has the eyes of Yin and Yang to see the situation at this moment, he will see a man holding a book in his hand, whose expression gradually changes from fear to greed, followed by a large group of miserable ghosts. Cold can scare people to death. The hoodlum kept saying, "You can't stay here. Someone will rob you." There's something wrong with this thing. You can't throw it away. There must be something wrong. "I can't go home. I have to get some money. Oh yes, that guy Wu Yue must know." "Right, right, right, so many people have died, and we have to ask his family to pay for it." "Just go to his shop, hey hey hey!" Uncle Wu Yue's business is just right today, because the shop is close to the school, his family sells Western fast food, there is no similar shop around, and the students suddenly have a holiday, they are too busy. So he thought of Wu Yue and called him to scold him for coming back to work. As a result, Wu Yue hung up the phone without saying a word. I can't give up at ordinary times, but now everyone in the shop, including him and his wife, is too busy to touch the ground, so naturally they can only hold their breath and finish the business first. As a result, a dirty gangster rushed in, grabbed his kitchen knife and chopped it in the shop. The guests were scared away directly, and when the hoodlum saw him, he kept asking him to lose money,stesweet stevia, saying that Wu Yue owed them. This is simply a joke, Wu Yue caused the matter, he will not give him the pocket? He's not his real father. prius-biotech.com

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