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The roar of the tiger comes like the wind. Full-time Job

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This is a bit superfluous at the moment, but it is also a word from the heart. Cheng Qing raised his eyebrows and said, "Aren't we trying to drive out the Tartars and restore China?" "And I'm just trying to get revenge," said the monk with bound feet. "I'm far worse than you." "All right," said Xi Meiji, "I'm dying to tell the truth. Our brothers of the Hanako Gang are really going to do a big job. Do you know that there have been rebellions in the south recently? There are many people of our gang among them." These trapped people now spit out the purpose of stealing the treasure, unexpectedly is the same goal by different routes. Kill Tartar. yuan Tianxing has been imprisoned in the nominal mausoleum of the Seven Kings Kublai. The purpose of all the things in the mausoleum in the past is only to execute the seven most powerful people in Jianghu today. Now, although only five yuan Tianxing have been dealt with, Kublai is already satisfied. Kublai was not dead, and everything was in his hands, or in his hands. Kubixian's personal general, the general manager of the seven kings, and Benchu fought against yuan Tianxing in the name of "skilled craftsmen in the Western Regions", and he played very successfully until this moment. Until he came out of the tomb, he was very successful. When he spoke out and sent it to yuan Tianxing's ears, he was really satisfied and ran happily to the back hill according to the plan. And the beginning of all this, but can not escape the eyes of a person, that person has long been waiting in Laoyeling. That person is not others, come like the wind is also! When Lai Rufeng found a few rumblings near Laoyeling, he sneaked into the vicinity of the tomb of the seven kings. When he came out from the dark at the beginning, Lai Rufeng waited for the five of Xi Meiji in the dark, but he didn't find anyone coming out. Lai Rufeng was about to appear and stop Benchu, but at this moment more than a dozen Tartar officers rushed out of the tree. Lai Rufeng was taken aback, and he held his temper and did not show up rashly. Under the moonlight, I saw a person who had changed at the beginning, which surprised me like the wind. More than a dozen Tartar officers were very respectful to He Benchu. One of them said to He Benchu in a loud voice, "The Great Chief is really a clever plan. Let's congratulate the Great Chief on his great feats." He Benchu, however, said in a deep voice, "Xiling Fort was washed in blood." This is almost giving orders, and the beginning has become a different person. More than a dozen big fellow qi should be, someone has pulled the mount and the beginning of the front, the momentum, than the seven king kufuku show almost. So someone took out the horn from his bosom and blew a long sound and two short sounds to the sky. The sound echoed in the valley, but it was also surprising, because there was a strong man in the slanting thorn. A big man on horseback led a fine horse. When the group of people were approaching Benchu, the big man shouted, "Big Manager, catch it!" As soon as he grasped the reins, he and Ben were already sitting on the back of the wild red horse. Just then I heard a Tartar, who looked like an officer, roar arrogantly: "Bloodbath Xiling Fort!" "Ha.." "Ha.." The sound of urging the horse rose and fell one after another, and the majestic sound of the horse's hooves ran straight to the mouth of the valley of Laoyeling like thunder in the western sky. It was so unexpected. Lai Rufeng almost thought he was dreaming. When he stood up straight from behind a huge rock, inflatable air dancer , he could not help looking at the distant canyon, which was like a python swimming in the Tartar soldiers, one by one riding skills, vigorous, they hung scimitars on their waists, their heads tied with gray belts, all of them were selected masters. Lai Rufeng suddenly sneered, "Niang, I told you that you and Ben Chu went back to their hometown. You went back again and again, and hid again and again, but you didn't see the palace protecting your actions. Besides, since you built a mausoleum for the seven kings, the seven kings won't let you fall into the hands of outsiders easily. Hum, so.." Lai Rufeng said to himself, but he didn't go far. He went to the front of the cemetery. The cemetery is still the same, and there is nothing to move. If the wind looked at the stone statues on both sides, he shook each one, but he could not shake them. He believed that the tomb was a trap, and that the five of Xi Meiji were somewhere in the tomb. When Lai Rufeng thought of Xi Meiji, he couldn't help being impatient. Then at this time, slanting thorn suddenly saw a figure flash, to see the true wind, pulled up the tree. As soon as Lai Rufeng steadied himself, the shadow reached the front of the stone statue on the front of the tomb. The shadow was a woman with a knife in her back, a velvet flower in her left hair, a short shirt and trousers tied tightly, and a pair of shiny thin boots. It was almost daybreak. Lai Rufeng could only see the woman's back. But when he was about to take a closer look at the woman's actions, he heard the woman say in a low voice, "This dead man is like the wind. Where are you?" If the wind heard clearly, he was surprised, but he also believed that the woman was not Xi Meiji, because the five of Xi Meiji were imprisoned in the mausoleum and had not come out. Lai Rufeng smiled when he saw the woman reaching out to touch the big stone statue. When he saw who was coming, he smiled. The woman looked around the eight stone statues, and she turned to face the front of the mausoleum. Come, like that wind, don't you have the idea of show the treasure to Kubi? Why don't you see your people? "Here are our men!" The voice was not loud, but the woman was startled: "Who?" She looked around, but there was nothing. Who, come out! I.. Ghost. It's right beside you! The woman jumped and shouted in a low voice, "Ghost..." "Oh.." Although it was a laugh, it made the woman's whole body tremble, because she felt someone blowing cold air in her ear, but she could not see anyone. She thought she really met a ghost. The woman, after spinning several times, pulled out the steel knife from her back with her backhand. It was bold enough for her not to faint. As soon as the noise started, a group of figures leapt into the forest. When the woman found out, she screamed,Inflatable water park factory, "Stop!" The shadow did not stop at all and plunged into the woods, making a chirping sound like a ghost. The woman only hesitated a little, then chased into the forest with a knife. joyshineinflatables.com

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