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The Eight Dharmas of the Tathagata in the Willow Setting Sun Full-time Job

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Chang Li Yi Xiao suddenly said angrily, "Don't lose heart, little brother. Everything will bear fruit in piety and hard work.". Don't forget, there is still half a month, even if half a month can not find, there is still a year, ten years, a lifetime, if Miss Xia did not dissipate with the smoke, I firmly believe that I can find it! Jiang Qing was deeply moved and lowered her head, with a long sigh in her heart. Behind an ice flower lattice screen across their seats, there was an elegant and slightly depressed singing of the singer, accompanied by a desolate erhu: "The moon on the river tower, the shadow in the water.". Broken and scattered, comparable to the cold moon. When the noise came, Jiang Qing felt lost, closed her eyes and meditated. Long from an owl looked at the axe guest with a wry smile, shook his head gently, and a rare sense of loss and uneasiness rippled on his handsome face. Naturally, this is Jiang Qing-the people he loves most are infected with melancholy! Just when the silence was a little lonely, there was a loud bang, and a hoarse voice like a broken Gong suddenly shouted: "Change one, change one, damn it, did you spend money to listen to you sing this sad tune?"? What moon shadow, broken, really his mother is crooked, change a song quickly! With an old and slightly trembling voice,facial recognization camera, he said, "Sir, I don't know what kind of tune you always like to listen to, so I casually asked my daughter to sing the moon on the river floor. Don't be angry. The little old man will play something else." "Damn it," he said angrily in a voice like a broken Gong, "when he saw you, an old and immortal fool, he got angry. He was so stupid that he didn't take care of your business for a few yuan. Besides, your daughter was still beautiful. He would have thrown you out of this Yejiaji long ago." The trembling voice sounded again: "Yes, yes, the little old boy is dead. Come on,Interactive digital signage, good girl, you can sing a song" Before the Feast "!" As he spoke, the buzzing sound of the string came intermittently. After pulling through the door for a while, all the depressed singing started again, but with some children choking: "Silver Candle Wine … …" A collection of guests. Hairpin and sideburns. The flow of waves looks back.. The face is charming, the hands are thin, and the strings are gently plucked. "Crash!" There was a shattering sound, and the first shrill voice shouted angrily: "Dead bitch, your men are very happy today. Come to this Drunken Fairy Building to drink two cups, and ask you, the bitch, to sing a song to add to the fun. Her mother sings the mourning tune first. This time before a good feast, Mei is so tearful. What's wrong? Is it to see Lao Tzu spend money, or to touch your uncle's bad luck? Two or three other heavy voices shouted at the same time: "Kill the cheap maidservant and throw the old dog out together!" All of a sudden, the tables and chairs were in chaos, and there was a lot of shouting and shouting, mixed with the old man's fearful pleading and a slight, poignant sob. Two waiters with white scarves on their shoulders hurriedly ran past the table of Jiang Qing and the others. One of them, with a smile on his face and no words to speak, thermal imaging camera ,interactive kiosk price, accompanied by several people behind the screen carefully. The other frowned and shouted in a low voice, "Old and immortal, take your daughter and get out quickly. Look at your pity. Let you go upstairs to earn two jobs, but unexpectedly you are so bold that you offend the God of Wealth. Damn, do you know who they are?"? Get out of here, you really want to get into the pit of our buddies! As he spoke, he could not stop pushing an old man in an old cloth gown out with both hands. Then he turned around and said ferociously, "You singer, go quickly, too. If you take a slow step, you will stay!" Pushing and pushing, the wrinkled old man with a bent back and a young girl in a blue cloth dress walked past the table of Jiang Qing and others. The old man was already grey-haired and frosted, but the girl was born with a pretty clear face, with a lovely charm, two people's clothes, although starched white, but very clean, the old man trembled to hold the girl, while wiping tears with his hands, while humbly saying good words.. Jiang Qing silently glanced at the faces of the two men. The cheeks of the two men, old and young, were stained with tears, and their sadness was looming, but they were pushed and pulled downstairs without any room for resistance. In this faint glance, Jiang Qing seemed to be shocked by thunder, and his mind spasmed and confused. Feeling as if he had seen the old and the young there, but unable to remember for a moment, he suddenly stood up, his lips moving, trying to think. As if he had not seen the scene just now, the long departure owl took the wine and drank it himself. Sigh: "Joys and sorrows of life, originally more bitter than happy, this is the age of the law of the jungle." The axe-man turned his head to look at him and said in a low voice, "Lord of the island, do you want to raise your hand?" Chang Li shook his head, took a sip of wine, and said deeply, "The Lord of this island has seen too many such things in the vicissitudes of life for more than sixty years. The world is a world where the strong bully the weak and the fittest survive. Misery exists at any time, and poverty always follows behind those poor people. It is up to him to take care of this and that. What can Fu Fu do? Just, just, or drink two cups, can not see for the net! Suddenly, he stared at Jiang Qing standing up in a daze. "What's the matter with you, little brother?" He asked in surprise. Jiang Qing's eyes were wide open, but she looked at the back of the two people who had been pushed down at the entrance of the ladder. Her handsome face twitched and twisted slightly, her right hand stretched out, and her fingers trembled gently. Chang Li glanced back at the owl, and a trace of confusion appeared on his face. Then, with a sudden smile on his jaw, he said flatly, "Lord Lu, please recall those two singers." With a smile on his face, Lu Hai hurriedly pushed his chair out and hurried to the entrance of the stairs. "Hey, Laozhang, please stop for the moment," he said to the young and old who were walking halfway up the stairs. The two waiters of the restaurant were pushing and cursing. When they heard this, they all looked up in amazement. One of them smiled and said, "Oh.". Is this man the one who greets the singer? "Of course," said the axeman, "I don't have to call you Laozhang." That inn clerk eyelid is much essence, hear below the word, in the heart already murmur,face detection android, in the mouth however a pile of sound path: "Hey, little that has this dog courage?"? It's just that these two singers are not good at singing. The younger one will go to find the pink girl to wait on you. The pink girl is the first class in the local area. "There's so much to talk about," said the axe-man angrily. "Hurry up and ask the father-in-law and the girl to come up." hsdtouch.com

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Three lives, three lives. Pillow book _ End of the first volume