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Misleading the Rich and Powerful Family: The Confused Bride of Jue Shao Full-time Job

1 year ago   Healthcare & Science   Paoy Paet   343 views
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Seeing this, Mo Nanjue's face sank. He pressed his earphone and said, "Fry me!" Boom The voice only fell a few seconds, a loud noise burst out again, the whole mountain followed the vibration, Xie Yanghua grabbed the dead in front of him, "it seems that you are fully prepared today.". "Second Young Master, I really look down on you." With a cold face, Mo Nanjue continued to shout into his headphones. The explosion sounded again. Xie Yanghua clenched his fist. He raised his voice, "Second Young Master, you can kill me, but do you want to know about Chen An, the eldest young master of the Chen family?" Chapter 2325 but I want him to die with me! (I read the full text of the novel website without a pop-up window) Mo Nanjue's face suddenly changed, and the corners of his eyes gathered up a large haze. "You don't deserve to mention his name!" I don't deserve it? Ha ha, second young master, I'm afraid there's something you don't know, right? Xie Yanghua laughed sarcastically. "Mo Zhenglong, Mo Wenbin, your grandfather and father, do you know how they died?" Mo Nanjue's whole face was soaked in haze. His thin lips trembled slightly. "Shut up." Xie Yanghua looked at him comfortably, "Second Young Master, I will tell you today, they were all killed by the Chen family, Chen also participated in it,hydraulic fitting manufacturer, the Chen family wanted to swallow the Mo family, killing Mo Wenbin and Mo Zhenglong with chronic herbs is their top priority!" "I said shut up!" "Ridiculous?"? Chen An is your good brother, right? Tut, your brother's family designed to kill your grandfather and father, I am curious, if Chen An did not sink into the sea, at this moment if he stood here facing the face, you know this, is to kill him,stainless steel hydraulic fitting, or to kill me?! "Shut the *** up!" Bang, bang, bang! Mo Nanjue raised his hand to shoot a few times. He trembled all over, his chest fluctuated, and his eyes were bloodthirsty. "Don't pull these things on him. What his family does has nothing to do with him." "Oh?"? Is it? ' Xie Yanghua nodded thoughtfully and said, "Can I understand that his family killed your family, but you can still sit with him drinking and singing, laughing and talking about rivers and mountains?" "Whatever you want to understand," Mo Nanjue cold pupil, "I can't control family grudges, as long as he is Chen An, that is my life and death friend of Mo Nanjue, you say more will not change." Xie Yanghua looked low, "Second Young Master, it's no wonder that there are always women obsessed with you. You're really perfect, but do you know your most fatal shortcoming?" Mo Beiyan answered with a sneer, "I just know your dog." “……” Xie Yanghua don't open his words, 12 needle valve ,stainless steel needle valve, he raised his head, "heavy love heavy righteousness, second young master, this word will kill you one day." When Mo Nanjue heard this, he raised his lips coldly. "I don't want to compare with you," he said, pressing the earphone. "Continue to explode!" Li Qin has been silent standing on the edge, then raised his head, "Young Lord, can not be bombed, the hills here are connected, we can not get out of the bomb!" Toot toot toot Suddenly came the sound of a helicopter in the air, Mo Nanjue face a cold, this is not their helicopter, "let him drive away, or I shot you in the head!" "I'm afraid the mountain will collapse before you hit me." There were three or four dead men in front of Xie Yanghua, and when he heard this, he pointed up and said, "They sent me something." The helicopter hovered a few times at high altitude, and the man in black who was lurking beside him hurriedly raised his pike, only to see the cabin door pulled open and a man tied to a rope pushed out. Xie Yanghua's shot leg was still bleeding. He supported the shoulder of the dead man in front of him. "Second young master, you can kill me, but I want him to be buried with me!" Mo Nanjue and Mo Beiyan raised their heads at the same time, only to see that the man was hanging under the helicopter, there is the possibility of falling down at any time. A long gun came out of the hatch door and pressed against the man's head. Luo Xiao's hands and feet were tied behind his back, his body was suspended by ropes in an unbearable arc, and his face was bruised, apparently beaten out. Chapter 2326 DK's antidote becomes an eternal mystery. (I read the full text of the novel website without a pop-up window) The man at the door of the cabin raised his whip and whipped him. Luo Xiao suddenly raised his neck. "Ah." He didn't bite the cry of pain, the pike knocked hard on the side of his head, and the dead man on the helicopter shouted coldly, "Be honest!"! Or I'll just shoot you! Luo Xiao clenched his teeth, so hanging is the limit of the body, uncomfortable to the liver and gallbladder to spit out. Mo Beiyan directly raised the gun to shoot him, he pointed to the void in midair, "I rely on, you ***." You won, really. Who also did not expect, Luo Xiao did not answer the phone, unexpectedly was caught by Xie Yanghua?! He has no sense of precaution at all?! Mo Beiyan did not open his face and was so angry that he almost vomited blood. Xie Yanghua hid behind the dead man. He looked up and said with a smile, "If Luo Xiao is buried with me, I think it's worth dying, after all." If Luo Xiao dies, I don't think the young lady will live, will she? Mo Nanjue's eyes were so gloomy that he shot at Xie Yanghua coldly. "You think too much." His sharp line of sight swept around. "I think this is all your hiding place, right? Maybe there is a Miao village in your Miao territory hidden behind it. If I blow up this area, how long will it take you to rebuild it? "You.." Mo Nanjue sneers, "I'm afraid when you rebuild it successfully, the skull will be broken through, right?"? Out of the forest, where else can you go? Can't see the light, is not your biggest pronoun?! “……” Xie Yanghua's face suddenly sank and his whole body darkened. Mo Nanjue was not wrong. This was his safest and only hiding place, because behind the bamboo house was the Miao village, which was his greatest dependence. Many people look down on the Miaojiang people,14 tube fitting, thinking that they are alien and strange races, but only those who have seen them know how powerful it is to be able to contact animals and use them. This is closely related to their blood factors, ancestral racial rules and living environment. chinaroke.com

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