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The Five Elements and the Eight Diagrams Full-time Job

3 months ago   Healthcare & Science   Banlung   114 views
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Later, couplets could not be digested internally at all. Because at the beginning, the old artist in the stands directly pulled Wang Ze to say good words, and then looked for director Zhang to murmur, secretly rubbing through the back door, asking for Wang Ze's pair. Others said that they could also write their own pairs and Wang Ze wrote them directly. That paper also wants money, paper is good paper! Director Zhang said. Oh, Director Zhang, are you short of that money? I'll give it to you. Can I give up my salary? "Hehe!"! What do you think? That's only a few thousand? How much do you think this pair is? "If you don't write, do you still want to be a peddler?" Director Zhang said, "Our station director said it, wrote it and posted it.". There are still several empty doors at the gate. "Oh, such a good pair, posted at the door of the wind and sun, your station director really want to come out.". It's going to be blown by the wind and drenched by the rain. How many old artists can't be distressed to death! "Ha ha!"! What can I do. Who calls the old song of the Calligraphy Association to say that Wang Ze's couplet has been written with great momentum and pasted at the entrance of the town house! "Today is the last rehearsal. After the rehearsal, everyone goes back to have a good rest and adjust to the best condition. See you tomorrow." Early in the morning, director Zhang led his own group of people to say to all the party members. Listen, we're going to play tomorrow, and everyone is in a daze. Practice for so long, can not wait for this day! Everyone is ready, and there should be no neglect. It was Wang Ze's turn, whether it was the group of martial arts schools who had practiced many times before, or Liao Hui and his party who came later, none of them were as lazy as usual. OK Wang Ze's program once again welcomed the applause from the stands. However, the funny thing is that Wang Ze was just about to step down when the host quickly came up and shouted: "The word is mine, I booked it, don't rob it with me!" Another compere comes on stage from another direction laugh: "How to become you?"? I'm waiting without blinking. The host continued: "Because I have a good relationship with Wang Ze, I told him about this pair when I was in the audience.". Who told the president of the Calligraphy Association to say that Mr. Wang wrote with great momentum, pasted it at the door and the town. I heard you robbed a lot before, so don't rob today! "Where is it? Where is it?" Another host came on stage. Then the others: "Yes,faux ficus tree, yes!"! How much does our station director want to go. There's no place to post it, is there? A compere: "Have, have, absolutely have, so good word, station director said, stick not to go up, we hang a doorway.". Ha-ha Chapter 154 genealogy. During Wang Ze's rehearsal, he did not forget to pickle Wang's preserved meat once a year. Of course, the main thing is that people who have eaten those preserved meat are reluctant to forget it, such as Professor Lang, Professor Hu, Director Li and so on. After Laba, they asked him whether he would make preserved meat this year in various names. Professor Lang's New Year's Day, Wang Ze went to his home, the other side was only happy that his students were going to the Spring Festival Gala, large artificial blossom trees ,decorative palm trees, only one year after his debut, he got the official affirmation and the movie tickets of "Entering by Mistake" and so on. I didn't have time to ask about the bacon. So on the day of Laba, people called early, first asking Wang Ze if he had eaten Laba porridge, showing a teacher who cared about the younger generation incisively and vividly; then telling Wang Ze that he had done well in the exam at the end of this year, and if he could continue to maintain it at the end of next year, the scholarship would be very stable. Having said that, I can't wait to get straight to the point. Wang Ze, who was rehearsing in the CCTV building at that time, was dumbfounded. Professor Hu's phone call was also very interesting. The other party first talked about his daily life, and then laughed at the deans of several colleges who had quit his foreign language job before. Only then did he ask if he would make preserved meat this year. In exchange, he could also introduce jobs like Professor Lang. Director Li made a rare phone call to Wang Ze. At first, Wang Ze thought what was going on. Was he looking for him to shoot again? As a result, after people congratulated him on the film fire, they immediately went straight to the subject. Director Li said, ".." Have a thick skin and eat enough! After eating the ham and sausage you sent, I went to eat something else, but it didn't taste right, and I always felt a little less. The most important thing is, Wang Ze, you deserve to be a traditional Chinese medicine with inheritance. I am old, and I am nervous about the three highs. When I eat at ordinary times, I always have scruples. But I found that after eating the bacon you sent, no matter what I do, my three highs will not rise in half a year. Hey, you can't stop this kind of good thing that can cure diseases and satisfy your appetite. Don't you say it? Just once a year! Wang Ze (;): Even if bacon has that effect, can you, a three-high patient, try your best to humiliate your own body? He Lianjin had said before that he would help Wang Ze prepare New Year's pigs to make preserved meat. Housekeeper Su and Chef Jiang are also activists. In December, they not only prepared six of the ten most delicious pork in the world for Wang Ze, but also purchased some black pork raised by pure grain and white pork raised by feed in China. In addition, Wang Ze pickled chicken, duck, fish, beef and so on last year. This is not to say that Su butler squeezed the master, but that even if he did not prepare, Wang Ze, the master, would prepare himself again. After all, someone's interpersonal relationship is open now. In Longcheng, most people are not short of small gifts. During the Spring Festival, what Wang Ze can take out is his exclusive special Wang's preserved meat. But if the quantity is small, you can't send one catty or two catties to others when you send things, right? That's too stingy. It's hard to say that it will offend people! However, no matter how good the relationship is, it can be thick or thin. Like the top ten best pork in the world, if it is done well, it is not impossible to sell it at a sky-high price. Send a grade, also do not show the preciousness of things. There is no need to worry about the place where preserved meat is placed. There are several side courtyards where no one lives. Any one of them can place tens of thousands of catties of preserved meat. Eight thousand catties of specially made meat,large ficus tree, three thousand catties of black pork and three thousand catty of feed breeding meat, as well as thousands of pig thighs, sausages and so on. All the vats used could not even fill a wing. hacartificialtree.com

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