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To ward off evil spirits Full-time Job

3 months ago   Healthcare & Science   Paoy Paet   108 views
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"What about her descendants?" Bi Ling looked at the clever baby in the palm, shaking his head, "I am afraid of her, in short, for the sake of the baby, I will never provoke the people of the holy mountain.". If you send him to the second brother and the third brother, they are the most arrogant people. Jingyuan, who was robbed of his life by him, must hate him deeply and will kill him. In that way, I will take revenge. Although the water God status is high, but a pair of obedient appearance to the green spirit, immediately nodded: "good, this method is very good, I do this." Bi Ling looked at the baby in her palm, teased him for a while and then put him beside her. She said reluctantly, "Take the baby away. My body is not all right. I was seriously injured today and lost my essence. I'm afraid I'm going to sleep again.". Next time I wake up, I'm afraid it will be hundreds of years later. The water God looked at Fu Mo, who was floating in the water. He was so angry that his teeth itched. He shouted angrily, "If I had come one step earlier.." Before he had finished speaking, he was interrupted by Bi Ling with a smile: "That's all. You and I have been gods and beasts for ten thousand years. What are these hundreds of years?"? With the baby with you, you won't be lonely anymore. For me, it's just waking up, and then I can see what the baby will look like when he grows up. Chapter 29 Jiu Ya was woken up and heard someone arguing outside as soon as she got up. She was annoyed when she suddenly remembered what had happened last night. She turned over excitedly, put on her clothes a few times and ran out. Several women in gray clothes outside did not reach out to stop her. She bumped into a woman and was bounced back with a sound. Is that her? The woman in front of her twisted a pair of thin eyebrows and asked the woman in gray next to her. After acquiescing, she looked at Jiuya coldly and frowned suddenly. "I've seen you before. You're all the way with the man in black." Jiu Ya looked at the woman in front of her. She was dressed in white, with a thin light blue belt around her waist,Investment casting parts, and her hair was tied by a light red ribbon. She was really beautiful. As soon as she heard her voice, she said, "Oh, is that you?" "Elder Martial Sister Bai, this is what Elder Martial Brother Li told us to take care of. Please wait for him to come back," begged the female disciple in gray. With a snort, the girl in white turned around and sat down on the chair. She said to Jiu Ya coldly, "You dare to come to Laoshan. You have good courage.". Show me your little flower fairy. Jiu Ya stood feeling weak, a little dizzy,deep draw stamping, and there was something urgent in her heart, where was the time to pay attention to her? Holding his head, he frowned and said to the young disciple, "Where is Brother Li?"? I have something to ask him. "Elder Martial Brother is on the mountain and hasn't come back yet." On the hill? Jiu Ya fainted when she heard it. Not back yet? Has the water receded? "I don't know, and none of the masters have come back." The little disciple just said a word, Jiu Ya turned around and ran out, hurrying after him, "Girl, don't go out, you're not in good health.." "Let her go!" The sitting white girl said, "I can't get anything if I go." Jiuya ran for a while and lost her way. Laoshan is so big that she can go down the mountain as long as she holds the goal. But the woods are big and there are many forks in the road. She feels dizzy when she walks around and doesn't know how to go. Can't get out? Sayuri asked with a smile. "Well, you ask me." Jiu Ya pointed to an old tree. But I have a headache, too. The little flower fairy pressed her forehead, pouted slightly, and then smiled, "Oh, I can't ask." "What's the matter with you?" Jiu Ya held it in her hands and looked at it carefully. "Hey, why are you like this?" I remember the beginning of Sayuri's snow-white robe, CNC machining parts ,alloy die casting, barefoot hair, long eyebrows and round eyes, the view is amiable. But now, looking at it, Jiu Ya felt that something was wrong. Her robe was slightly red. Her long hair was even longer. It used to be waist-length, but now it's knee-length. Especially in her appearance, she felt a little more seductive. The corners of her eyes were slightly warped, and her lips were red as cherry blossoms. What's the matter? Sayuri touched her face and asked, tilting her head. Nothing.. Jiu Ya shook her head, but she couldn't say anything. Finally, she only said, "Your hair is long." "Oh.." Sayuri smiled, shook her shoulders and showed a pair of big wings, flew lightly on her toes, circled around Jiuya, and finally stopped in front of her lips, gently, "Oh.." Jiu Ya was dazzled and fell to the ground with a smile. The little flower fairy, as light as a fairy, spread her wings and went away, but before she could fly out of the woods, someone said, "Look, what is that?" What goblin? Dare to run wild in Laoshan? "Shoot it down." The voice of one man is quite high, suppress other sound: "That but flower fairy, do not rob with me, it is mine." When the little flower fairy heard this, she shook her wings to fly away, but was stuck in the air by a force, and then was grasped by a hand, only to see that the man was dressed in blue, and his eyebrows were still somewhat handsome. When Jiu Ya woke up, it was already dark, but he could still see five feet around. She was so weak that she didn't know what was going on. She remembered that Sayuri seemed to be flying in the air before she fainted. She was busy looking for it everywhere, but she couldn't find it. Forget it, or find Fu Mo first. If Fumo is still here, how easy it is to find Sayuri! However, she did not know how to walk, and after walking around, she returned to the main hall of Laoshan Mountain, which was a huge stone platform that could accommodate thousands of people. At this time, there were some diligent young disciples practicing the mantra. Jiu Ya was very tired, especially very weak, so she found a place to sit down and rest. After sitting for a while, Jiu Ya saw a book on the ground in front of her. The wind blew it over page by page, and then it fell upside down. Jiu Ya saw it roll three times and went forward to pick it up in her hand. In the dim light of the moon, she came closer and saw the words "Laoshan Shu Shu" written in large letters. Next to it was a column of small letters, which could not be read clearly. At the corner of the door of the book fell two words: "Li Er, it must be the owner of this book.". Jiu Ya flipped through it and gave birth to the desire to learn. Anyway, Fu Mo refused to teach her, and she had nowhere to learn, so she could find a book to learn by herself. So he took the book to the lantern in the square and sat down to turn it over. This book must be a simple introduction to Taoism, which is very simple. For example, the first chapter is "try your best". If you recite the incantation silently according to the spell in the book, you can double the strength of your hands, up to three times the Force! There are also "hiking", which can travel 300 miles a day after practice,metal stamping parts, "calling the wind", which can change a small amount of wind direction, and "intercepting water" which can be cut off for a short time. autoparts-dx.com

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