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Except for the fallen flowers that here we meet again. Full-time Job

10 months ago   Healthcare & Science   Paoy Paet   326 views
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Lord: Too lazy to name! Why even you have an opinion? (Glares) No two: You haven't introduced today's guest yet! (Smiley face without any change) Lord: Wait, A, come back. (Face-changing) The guests who came to the teahouse today were Tezuka Kunimitsu, a junior in the Youth Academy High School, and Sanada Koichiro, a junior in the High School Affiliated to Tachikai University. The guests were invited to come out with applause (wow-overwhelming applause). Fuji: Nah, Parkway, would you please turn down the CD? By the way, this kind of CD is easy to get stuck. Don't buy it next time. (Zi-the sound of metal scratching, intermittent applause) Fuji: Nah, look, it's stuck! I'll turn it off! (Bang, turn off the CD player under the table, and the applause suddenly stops.) Host: (= _ =) No two,Self-closing Shower Valve, you don't have to appear in the future! Tezuka (Kunimitsu): Why is this guy here? (Staring coldly at Sanada) Sanada (Koichiro): Is he a temporary guest star? (Sweeps Tezuka out of the corner of his eye) Lord: Eh? When I made the appointment, I said I was interviewing at the same time! (All smiles) Tezuka: No. Sanada: Isn't it an interview? Host: An exclusive interview? Who said that? Tezuka & Sanada pointing their fingers to one side of someone Lord: (With his forehead raised, he takes a deep breath and roars) Servant B!!!! Tezuka: Run 100 laps around the tearoom building! (Cold and serious tone) Sanada: Hit the ball 1000 times! (Peng --) B fainted directly. Lord: You two show me clearly, this is Baihui Teahouse, not Qingxue or Lihai University! (Staring at two people, eyes showing fierce light,stainless steel toilet, in the explosion of the small universe) No two: Nah, Baihui sister shows her power, now there is a good show to watch! (Smile becomes a little dirty) Tezuka: Then I'll go. Buer, you can still catch up with the training if you go now! (Stands up) Lord: Stop! A, bring out the special guest! A: Master, don't you want a beautiful opening? Lord: This girl is in a bad mood now! A: Yes, yes, yes, master! (Wipes sweat and runs down) Tezuka ignored it and walked to the door. Tezuka-san? Why are you leaving? An extremely pleasant voice. Wakaba! The two men shouted warmly at the same time, and then looked at each other, Self-closing Faucet ,Stainless Steel Toilet China, sparks flying! All right, you two! This is to maintain the image outside! Ruoye chuckled. Tezuka's face was expressionless and he walked back with a cold face. Sanada: That's so lax! Host: This is today's special guest, Nangong Wakaba, Grade One of Youth Academy High School. (Wooden expressionless) (Nangong) Wakaba: Hello, everyone! (Smiles) Lord: I have invited the three of you here today to do a question-and-answer survey on the relationship between the three of you and the future trend at the request of the majority of relatives. Ruoye: Ah, do you want to show your privacy? (Eyebrows slightly wrinkled) Lord: I won't expose your three dimensions. Ruoye: That's good (chuckles) Buer: Na, I know the answer to this question! Sanada, Tezuka and Wakaba looked at Fuji angrily. Fuji: Tezuka told me! (Covering his mouth and sniggering) Wakaba & Sanada look at Tezuka together Tezuka: It's not me, Wakaba, it's really not me! (Hastily explaining) No two! (Cold eyes shooting over) Fuji: Didn't Tezuka make Wakaba's team uniform according to my size after I lost weight? Of course I'll know! Gan seems to know, too! (Smiling in the sun) Wakaba: Despicable! Sanada: Shameless! Fuji: Nah, should I say: Dirty? Tezuka:.. Whatever you want! (Sweat drips faintly from the forehead) Lord: All right, I'll start asking questions now. Tezuka: You should have mentioned it! (With a discontented stare) Lord: Actually, if you want to know, you can ask me directly! The error value of Buer's method is on the high side (drinking a mouthful of water, staring at the manuscript in his hand, as if nothing had happened). Sanada & Tezuka & Wakaba: We quit! All right, I don't mind. After a while, I went to change the last chapter. Tezuka drank vegetable juice by mistake and caused diarrhea. Wakaba sent him to the hospital and unfortunately had a car accident. Tezuka did not seek treatment in time and became habitual diarrhea. Sanada heard two news, one happy and one sad, and could not accept the stimulation of great joy and great sorrow. He went crazy. All right, you can step down. Sanada & Tezuka & Wakaba:.. Fuji: Nah, that's not bad either! Can I get an extra 10% commission? _ Lord: They don't act. You are the leading actor. It's OK to share 20% more. They don't need it anyway. (≈_≈) Buer: It's worth considering! (Holding his chin, with a serious expression, the abacus in his mind begins to calculate how much income will be increased.) Sanada & Tezuka & Wakaba: You are so cruel! Love is like Parkway ! Lord: Thank you! (^ 0 ^) Fuji: Nah, I.. Lord: Do what you have to do! Okay, I'm going to ask questions. The following questions all represent the aspirations of the parents. Please answer them carefully. A in the corner: She's talking nonsense. In fact, it took me and B three days to write it. Wakaba: No problem! (Smiling) (a voice: You really deserve to be the heroine, and the skill of changing your face should not be underestimated) Of course, do you think I am one of those vases with big breasts and no brains? (Smiling proudly and proudly) Lord: No, you are fundamentally different! Wakaba: Of course! ^0^ Fuji: Because they have breasts and you don't, that's the essential difference! Wakaba:.. =_=|||| Lord: Don't look at me, I don't like the wave God! (Takes a sip of tea) Question 1, Name Tezuka: Tezuka Kunimitsu Sanada: Kenichiro Sanada Ruoye: Nangong Ruoye Fuji: Fuji Zhouzhu Host: Well,stainless steel shower tray, it's very crisp. It's a good performance. I hope the next question will be answered in this way. And Fuji, what are you doing over there? (Staring at Fuji who is sitting in the guest seat) Buer: I still think it's easier for young people to communicate when they sit together ~ ~ (smiling harmlessly) Lord: (= _ = | | | |) I regret having you here! No two: Baihui sister, don't say so bad! Lord: No girl likes fishy black. cnkexin.com

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