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Twilight 1-Twilight _ Stephenie Meyer _ txt Fiction Paradise Full-time Job

1 year ago   Legal & Consulting   Paoy Paet   326 views
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Mother, you don't have to do this! You can sleep at home-I didn't notice the difference (I don't mind). The vertigo that the painkillers caused in my head is now making it harder for me to concentrate, even though, apparently, I've been sleeping for days. I'm just upset. She admitted timidly. There's been some crime in the neighborhood, and I don't want to be home alone. "Crime?" I asked warily. Some people broke into the dance studio around the corner from our house and burned it to the ground-nothing was left! Then they left a stolen car at the door. Do you remember when you used to go there for dance lessons, sweetheart? "I remember." I shivered and then I cringed. I can stay, baby, as long as you need me. No,plastic packaging tube, Mom, I'm fine. Edward will stay with me. The look on her face says that's why she wants to stay. I'll be back tonight. It sounds more like a warning than a guarantee. As she spoke, she glanced at Edward again. I love you, Mom. I love you too,empty lotion tubes, Bella. Please be more careful when you walk, sweetheart. I don't want to lose you. Edward's eyes were still closed, but a wide grin flashed across his face. A nurse came in in a hurry and checked all my hoses and wires. My mother kissed my forehead, patted my hand wrapped in gauze, and left. The nurse was checking the printout from my ECG monitor. Are you upset, sweetheart? Your heart rate is a little high at this point. "I'm fine." I assured her. I'll tell your registered nurse you're awake. She'll come and see you in a minute. As soon as she closed the door, Edward appeared at my bedside. You stole a car? I raised my eyebrows. He smiled with no sign of repentance. That's a good car. It's very fast. "How was your nap?" I asked. Very interesting. He narrowed his eyes. What He hung his head and answered, pump tube ,plastic packing tube, "I'm surprised.". I thought Florida.. And your mother.. Well, I thought that was exactly what you wanted. I stared at him incomprehensibly. But you're stuck in a house all day in Florida. You can only be called rough at night, like a real vampire. He almost smiled, but in the end he didn't. Then his face darkened. I'll stay in Forks, Bella. Or someplace like Fox. He explained. Somewhere where I won't hurt you anymore. At first, I didn't catch his words at once. I continued to stare blankly at him, the words entering my mind, word by word, like a terrible mystery. I could barely notice the sound of my heart racing. But it was only when my breathing became disordered that I became aware of a sharp pain in my ribs. He didn't say anything. He looked at my face warily. The pain that had nothing to do with broken bones, the pain that was worse, worse and better, threatened to crush me. Then another nurse came into the room with a clear purpose. Edward was as still as a stone again. Her trained eyes caught my expression and turned to the monitors. Time for some more painkillers, sweetheart? She asked in a friendly way, tapping the IV bottle. A normal nurse should instinctively adjust the infusion tachometer. At least that's what the nurses I see do. If someone knocks on my infusion bottle during my infusion, I will show him crazily. I don't know. It's connected to my heart. "No, no." I murmured, trying to take the pain out of my voice. I don't want anything. I can't bear to close my eyes at this time. There's no need to be brave, sweetheart. It's better if you don't push yourself so hard (don't hold so much pressure). You need to rest. She waited, but I just shook my head. Fine She sighed. When you are ready, please ring the call bell. ” She gave Edward a stern look, then glanced at the machine (I assume it was an ECG monitor). His eyes were more restless and he finally left. His cold hands fell on my face. I stared at him with wide eyes. Shh, Bella, calm down. "Don't leave me." I pleaded in a broken voice. I won't. He promised. Now relax. I'll call the nurse in later to give you a sedative. But my heart still doesn't slow down. Bella. He patted my face anxiously. I'm not going anywhere. I will stay here as long as you need me. "You swear you won't leave me?" I whispered. At least, I'm trying to control my breathing. My ribs are shaking. He put his hands on the sides of my face (he cupped my face in both hands) and turned his face sideways to my face. His eyes were wide and serious. I swear. His breath is so comforting. This seemed to ease the pain of my breathing. He continued to look into my eyes until my body slowly relaxed and the buzz returned to a normal rhythm. His eyes were dark,eye cream packing tube, and today they were closer to black than gold. Better? He asked. Yes I said cautiously. He shook his head, then murmured something I couldn't understand. I think I heard the word "overreaction." Why are you saying this? I whispered, trying not to make my voice tremble. Are you tired of having to rescue me 24/7? Do you want me to leave you? emptycosmetictubes.com

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