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Upgrade to God _ 202002 15155550 Full-time Job

11 months ago   Legal & Consulting   Samraong   285 views
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But today's Dragon City, is it suitable to do so? Provoke the war is no doubt draw fire, a little carelessness will be no bones, Chen Feng fell into deep meditation. Two dogs know what they say, rather some ground-breaking meaning, but this is what they can think of, the fastest and most effective way, and only this way, can let the dragon city rise in a short time. Of course, the two dogs said, but he did not think Chen Feng had the courage to provoke the war in the Western Regions. Although Chen Feng is known as the most outstanding newcomer in the western regions, it can be said that the scenery is infinite, but looking at the whole dragon city, full of ordinary people, only a few people with Reiki fluctuations, it seems that there is no big difference with the monks in the period of refining Qi. As time went by, Chen Feng's mind turned rapidly, and countless pictures flashed before his eyes. After a while, Chen Feng slowly looked up and chuckled at Ergou: "Is there any other way besides war?" Two dogs shake their heads, building a city is by no means something that can be accomplished in a short period of time, so if Longcheng wants to develop, it can only be accomplished through long-term cultural accumulation and urban reform. Seeing Ergou shaking his head, Chen Feng gave a deep sigh in his heart, but with a smile on his face, he changed the subject: "Ergou, how long have you been in Tiandaozong?" Referring to his own cultivation, the shameless Liu Ergou could not help blushing slightly and said awkwardly, "Back to the eldest brother, it's been thirteen years!" "Thirteen years?" Stunned, Chen Feng looked at this'senior 'monk in the Qi refining period, and a cold sweat oozed from his forehead: "How long have you been in the Qi refining period?" "Ten, thirteen years!" Er, Liu Ergou suddenly felt that Chen Feng must be deliberately humiliating himself, is the so-called hit people do not hit the face, but Chen Feng has repeatedly mentioned his cultivation,L Methylfolate Factory, it seems a bit excessive. Sure enough, when Chen Feng listened, his expression suddenly became very strange, as if he wanted to laugh and was afraid of embarrassment, which made Liu Ergou even more angry and secretly cursed Chen Feng. Ergou, do you want to be a real monk? Chen Feng forced himself to look kind and asked softly. But Chen Feng did not know that such a question was undoubtedly rubbing salt on Liu Ergou's wound. What do you mean you want to be a real monk? If not, can I work as a handyman in Tiandaozong? If I don't want to become an immortal, can I practice penance for thirteen years and still have a period of refining Qi, but still insist on it? Two dogs are angry, he is more and more sure, Chen Feng must be humiliating himself, even two dogs have made up their minds, go back must make up a small grass man, write Chen Feng's name, hit him with a brick a hundred times ah a hundred times! Seeing that Liu Ergou did not speak, Chen Feng remained calm and said heartlessly, "What's wrong with Ergou?"? Do you want to cultivate immortals? Liu Ergou was extremely angry, Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer ,Quercetin Dihydrate Manufacturer, like a little female cat who had just been in heat, but was not allowed to go out in a cage. His face was red, and he clenched his fist hard. The whisk in his hand rattled, but the corners of Ergou's mouth struggled to squeeze out a smile that was uglier than crying, and he grinned. No, I don't! "Oh!" When Chen Feng heard this, he shook his head in great disappointment and sighed: "In that case, forget it. I wanted to help you!" Thank you. Help, help, help me? Liu Ergou suddenly moved in his heart, and his whole body trembled involuntarily. For many years, he had been dreaming that one day he could learn the profound immortal Taoism like other monks, but when he consulted numerous ancient books and materials, he gave up. Although there is no lack of panaceas to transform the body of monks in the world, all of these things are invaluable and make all monks jealous. Relying on their own small Qi refining period, a layer of monks, let alone find, even if they dare not think about it. But Chen Feng is different, although two dogs do not know Chen Feng's background, but by virtue of his present status and profound cultivation, may not really have such a treasure in the body. But the question came out, why did Chen Feng help himself, or what qualifications did he have to let Chen Feng help himself? Chen Feng did not answer, but looked at Liu Ergou with great interest, and then with one hand, a crystal clear white elixir appeared in the palm of his hand, and Chen Feng played with it at will. The white elixir seems to be a flawless transparent jade, emitting a charming luster, a fragrance of elixir, a trace of Aura around the body of the elixir, bringing ripples in the air, beautiful to the extreme. Liu Ergou swallowed saliva with difficulty, his eyes unconsciously turning back and forth with Chen Feng's hand, and his brain was blank. It is said that this elixir has the unfathomable effect of gods and ghosts, which can give birth to spiritual roots for mortals and change the quality of spiritual roots for monks. It is no exaggeration to say that this elixir is a God that countless mortals dream of, and it is also a treasure that spiritual roots are infinitely fascinated by. Do you recognize it? "Chen Feng threw the pill up and down at will, and Liu Ergou's heart was broken. He was afraid that the pill would make any mistake." Wash, wash the marrow Dan! Originally shrewd Liu Ergou, at this time has completely lost the ability to think, can only be dull to follow the Dan medicine, shaking his head up and down. Hey hey, Chen Feng corners of the mouth show a trace of bad smile, seize the wash marrow Dan, the mind moves, will Dan medicine back to accept the ring. Seeing the elixir suddenly disappeared, Liu Ergou felt that his soul was gone. His eyes were greedily staring at the black ring on Chen Feng's hand. Looking at his present state, I'm afraid if it weren't for the remaining reason reminding him of the gap between the two, he would have rushed forward and killed Chen Feng. Now that you know Xisui Dan, you must also know its efficacy! Seemingly casually looking at Liu Ergou, Chen Feng opened his mouth. Let mortals give birth to spiritual roots! Difficult opening, Liu Ergou excited beyond measure, this rumor of the elixir, do you really have a chance to get it? Can you really realize your dream for many years? "Well, I have checked your spiritual roots before, you belong to the spiritual roots incomplete, in fact,Heme Iron Polypeptide, you do not have to feel inferior, I used to be a spiritual roots incomplete, I can fully understand your feelings!" pioneer-biotech.com

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Upgrade to God _ 202002 15155550