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Shooting guide Full-time Job

1 year ago   Legal & Consulting   Paoy Paet   339 views
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At the thought of this layer, Qiao Qiao immediately disheartened, her heart like electricity, a few times decided to forget it, he likes him so much, looking at it from a distance is enough, so as not to let himself fall into it for nothing. So she opened her mouth, intending to stop before the end of "1" fell, but she did not expect that her throat had not had time to say a syllable, the tape had not had time to vibrate, Song Qiyan suddenly reached out to cover Qiao Qiao's mouth. Song Qiyan's hand is slightly cool, and Qin Ruicheng's warm and generous palm is a completely different touch, covering Qiao Qiao's mouth, but it is the same powerful and irresistible. 3” Song Qiyan smiled very pure, "time is up, you said it was too late." Qiao Qiao uttered two whines angrily. Why didn't she see that her immediate superior had such a rogue side before? It's so unreasonable! Song Qiyan seemed to be determined to smash the watertight image he had maintained for two years. As soon as he held Qiao Qiao's left shoulder, he pressed her on his upright sexual organ. Qiao Qiao even forgot to accuse Song Qiyan. He hurriedly put his hand against Song Qiyan's chest to prevent him from doing so. Purr Stop Please, Song Qiyan did not take off his pants, so the top is not to be separated by a layer of cloth? The inside is so narrow and sensitive that it will grind people to death. Look how scared you are. It won't kill you to push it in. Song Qiyan felt that Qiao Qiao's panic was very funny, but he still stopped,plastic pallet supplier, freed up a hand to impatiently take off some of his casual pants, stiff penis suddenly popped out of his clothes, his head was full of pornography against Qiao Qiao's water-bubbling acupoint mouth, wet back and forth, but did not go in. Qiao Qiao gave him this action to stir up the body like electricity, have to say that people's brain filling ability is strong, Song Qiyan did not go in Qiao Qiao felt that he was about to climax. She was embarrassed to go up by herself,heavy duty plastic pallet, so she had to shrink the small flower hole and suck the man's glans pitifully, intentionally or unintentionally. Before Song Qiyan counted, Qiao Qiao's thoughts in his mind had all been thrown to Java. No matter what he thought, how many female artists he had slept with, Song Qiyan was so good-looking that he didn't sleep in vain. Why don't you struggle? Didn't you just want to stop? Song Qiyan smiled and kissed Qiao on the cheek, and then when Qiao just relaxed a little, without warning, he held his penis slightly with one hand and stabbed it straight into Qiao's body. Song Qiyan is also very skillful, unexpectedly did not let the pain accumulate in Qiao's mind, her cry of pain is still blocked in the throat did not shout out was directly replaced by pleasure, Song Qiyan is obviously hate Qiao just wanted to stop that posture, pull open the action is not ambiguous, the penis mercilessly two times brushed Qiao's body hidden small protuberance, stimulating Qiao choked and could not speak. Although he is the first time to do with Qiao, drum spill containment ,plastic pallet bin, but every day cutting Qiao's film, watching her work, two years down Song Qiyan is really better than Qiao also know her body. Just a few thrusts and thrusts made Qiao Qiao's toes tense. Director Song. Slow down, slow down.. Qiao Qiao was flushed by the pleasure, she reached out and hugged Song Qiyan's shoulder involuntarily, but under his vigorous action, Song Qiyan tried so hard that the veins in his arm burst out, he held Qiao Qiao's waist with one hand, rubbed Qiao Qiao's chest with the other hand, and did not see how his fingers moved that the pleasure jumped up all the way along the nerve. Song Qiyan maliciously bit Qiao Qiao's earlobe, "call my name." The man's skill.. It's like a devil. Qiao Qiao's mind was distracted by this idea, turned around and did not know the north, south, east and west, she was Song Qiyan directly picked up from the table, with the posture of intercourse began to walk to the bedroom, Song Qiyan took a step in Qiao Qiao's penis on the left and right, took a step on the grind, so a few steps to force Qiao Qiao to tears. When he was finally put down on the big bed by the man, Qiao Qiao simply wanted to kneel down and beg for mercy. The workload of filming can't be compared with that of now! Song Qiyan bent his knees and knelt on the bed. He did not leave Qiao Qiao's body. Half of his penis was buried in the small flower hole. He straightened up and began to take off his obstructive home clothes. Home clothes is the front button, Song Qiyan one hand also pressed Qiao Qiao not to let her rub up, and then one hand took his own button, after all the buttons were unbuttoned, he directly lifted the clothes at will, bent down and pressed on Qiao Qiao. Qiao Qiao's small breast bag was almost cruelly kneaded and pressed by him, originally a round one was pressed like a small persimmon cake, Qiao Qiao had no time to think about anything else, she only felt that the big meat stick of her lower body began to drill into her body a little bit, and after drilling in, she had to collide left and right, the man's sexual organs were swollen and hot, Song Qiyan was still firmly encircling her, and her powerful arms were propped up on the side of her face. The man's unique cold fragrance floated on her face, the senses were highly concentrated, and the nerves were clamoring. Whew.. Song Qiyan is also cool, Qiao Qiao's small hole is tight and slippery, as he expected, people want to die inside. Song Qiyan lowered his voice to force Qiao Qiao to submit: "Call my name." Qiao Qiao has no backbone to speak of, immediately obediently open mouth: "Qi Yan..." You, you slow down. She was firmly nailed to the bed by Song Qiyan's movements, and her lower body was flooded with water. Song Qiyan's waist strength was amazing. Her penis repeatedly brushed the sensitive points of Qiao Qiao. When she was deep, she even gave Qiao Qiao an illusion that her stomach would be broken. I've wanted to *** you for a long time. The man chuckled, but he kept a rare sobriety in the sex. As he galloped rhythmically in Qiao's body, he bit Qiao's jaw and held Qiao's small skin with his incisors. "Tell you to hook people." Um. It hurts Qiao Qiao tilted his head, and as soon as he escaped,plastic pallet manufacturer, the man bit his lip directly. Song Qiyan kissed her. His lips were softer than Qiao Qiao imagined, but colder than Qiao Qiao imagined, not warm at all. cnplasticpallet.com

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