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Mortal Xiuxian Biography Full-time Job

1 year ago   Legal & Consulting   Paoy Paet   300 views
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Speaking of, Han Li in order to be able to accurately intercept this person, but personally in the Yin Luo Zongzong altar in the vicinity of Fang Mang mountain surveillance for more than half a year, finally caught the opportunity at the moment, and has been tracking here. Is that you? As soon as the suzerain of Yin Luo Zong saw Han Li's face clearly, he suddenly said with a shock, and then he stared at Han Li mercilessly and recognized Han Li's appearance at a glance. It seems that the suzerain of the house also recognized me. Han Li's eyes were unusually calm and his face was indifferent. Sure enough, you have advanced to the later stage of yuan Ying. Are you trying to kill me now that you are here? The black air on the suzerain of Yinluo suddenly dispersed, revealing a young face of twenty-seven or twenty-eight years old, but his face was unusually pale, and his eyes were flashing with blue light, which made him look very strange. Yes, now that I am here, there is only one person between you and me who can live away from here. Han Li said slowly, as usual, as if he were just chatting with a friend. Okay, good. Even if you don't come to me, I'm going to go to Tiannan to find you later. Now it is said everywhere that Gan Laomao and Master Hanli of Xiaoji Palace have fallen into your hands. To be honest, I don't believe it at all. So this time you come to the door to die, this suzerain is eager to do it. The revenge of killing his wife and the great revenge of several other elders were just avenged by Ben Zong. Yin Luo Zong suzerain listens to Han Li's words, first the complexion even changes under, but finally the eyes blue light is big, suddenly raises the head to laugh wildly. Then I saw this figure dripped around,side impact beams, the whole body emerged a large black gas, in a twinkling of an eye, its body was submerged in it, and then a burst of ghost crying came from inside, several tall figures emerged eerily in the black gas. Volume VII Vertical and Horizontal Human World Chapter 1233 Kill Overhaul Although the black gas is unusually thick, but under Han Li's eyes flashing blue, the monster that appears in the black gas can be seen clearly. It turned out to be three tall corpses in black armor, one holding a pair of yellow daggers,beam impact tubes, one holding a green pike, and the last carrying a huge silver mace. The fangs of these three corpses were exposed one by one, and the green light of their eyes flashed. They all seemed to be the king of corpses in the armor corpses. They probably all had the cultivation of yuan Ying level, especially the corpses with anti-mace on their shoulders. The corpse gas on their bodies was thick and abnormal, and they had already been cultivated in the middle period. Han Li was a little surprised, but he was not afraid at all. As soon as he raised his sleeve robe, a small black bottle was sacrificed to the nearby air, and he was urged to pinch it with both hands. Five lines of gray gas spurted out of the bottle. After a roll, several human-shaped white bones emerged trembling. As soon as Fang stood firm, his fangs chewed and made a strange laugh. At the same time, his body released an amazing gray magic gas, one by one ferocious and unusual appearance. Five sons of the same mind? As soon as the opposite Yin Luo Zong saw the five demons, his heart sank. He and Gan Laomao have been brothers for so many years, how can he not recognize these devils carefully sacrificed by Gan Laomao. But at the time of surprise and suspicion in his heart, the five demons on the opposite side, urged by Han's legislative formula, cold drawn tubes ,aluminium coated steel tube, emerged two bone knives in their hands at the same time, and pounced mercilessly without hesitation. Go Things to now, also not by Yin Luo Zong suzerain hesitated what, can only secretly gritted his teeth, black gas in the three black armor refining corpse also rushed out, the same unwilling to be outdone to the five demons. But the suzerain of Yin Luo Zong shook his sleeve robe, a dark ball rolled into one hand, the other hand turned over, and a stack of gauzy yellow things appeared in his hand. But before the Lord of the Yin Luo Sect could sacrifice two things, the three corpses and the five demons fought together first. At the moment when the three black corpses were about to touch each other, they opened their mouths and spewed out three streams of green gas. Before they hit the five demons, there was a stench that they wanted to vomit. It turned out to be the corpse poison that had been accumulated in the belly of the three corpses for many years. If an ordinary monk is hit by this poison, I'm afraid he will be poisoned immediately, and most of them will go first, but the five demons are not human bodies, and they don't dodge the green corpse poison. Instead, the same mouth opens, but five cold flames of different colors come out of the mouth. Now is not to learn from each other, Han Li took the initiative to kill this Yin Luo Zongzong. Therefore, as soon as the five demons start, it is the five-color cold flame that has been cultivated. When the cold flames of the five colors meet, they turn into a sea of fire of five colors and roll away. It not only scattered the corpse poison, but also made a huge wave of fire, which involved three corpses at the same time. The three black armor corpses, which were originally ferocious, immediately reproduced the situation in which the five demons dealt with the three skulls on the banner of the six sacred bones that day. The three corpses became very slow in the five-colored flames. However, the three corpses also have some magical powers, although every move seems to be more than ten times slower, but the whole body has released a dark, ink-like corpse gas, trying to resist the cold flame, unexpectedly not immediately submerged by the five-color cold flame. When the five demons saw this, they did not rush forward. Instead, they retreated a few feet away. They just opened their mouths and tried their best to spit out the flames of extreme cold, so as not to let the three corpses break away from the package of the five-color cold flames. The suzerain of Yin Luo Zong looks very ugly! He never thought that he had worked hard for hundreds of years to cultivate three black armor corpse kings from tens of thousands of bronze armor refining corpses, which had an amazing power and a steel-like body, but they were so vulnerable that they were suppressed by the five concentric demons. A body of magical power, did not have time to display half a minute. But what is the flame that the five demons spit out? These five devils are obviously the five of the dry old devils in those years, how to be captured by the other side, but instead give birth to such a strange magical power? Yin Luo Zong suzerain mind sharp turn, the heart faintly had some bad feeling, but in the hands of two treasures, but did not hesitate to throw into the air. The yellow gauze-like treasure dripped in the air and suddenly turned into a huge silk screen covering dozens of feet, as if it were a curtain covering the sky, and Han Li, together with the five demons, was covered under it. The black ball flew out slowly and inconspicuously, chasing after the silk screen. Han Li frowned lightly, but opened his mouth without much thought, and a small blue tripod spurted out of his mouth. A clap on the tripod with one hand, a flash of inspiration,Precision steel tubes, a piece of hair shot out from the tripod, into a large blue clouds will block the huge net in midair, so that it can not fall. cbiesautomotive.com

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