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Genius Dan Pharmacist: Ghost King Poison Concubine Full-time Job

1 year ago   Healthcare & Science   Paoy Paet   378 views
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I didn't expect her to betray herself! And together with the adulterer, he gave himself up, which is absolutely unforgivable! "I've been busy these days looking into the matter of Juezi San, and I have no time to find out who the adulterer is." Hao Xun's eyes were sullen. If Hao Menzhu has nothing to do, he can walk around the back hill more in the middle of the night. Mu Qianyue kindly reminded me. Hao Xun's face changed. "Did you see something?" "I didn't see anything, but I heard the voices of men and women. It was half a month ago. Maybe it was the maid in the door and some guard.." Mu Qianyue said lightly. This heard Hao Xun's ears, naturally not the same, obviously do not believe what the maid and guard said. Squinting his eyes and thinking for a long time, Hao Xun arched his hand to Mu Qianyue, with a sincere and grateful face, "Little brother Yao Yan, thank you very much!"! If you hadn't come to my poison dance door, I'm afraid I would have been deceived by that bitch all the time! Lord Hao, what I hate most is cheating and betrayal! Especially Hao Menzhu is such a good person, although the poison dance door is to poison the world, but Hao Menzhu is just and generous, which I admire very much. Mu Qianyue flattered. Wear thousands of wear, do not wear flattery, when necessary flattery also does not matter, so do not spend a single soldier,wire nail machine manufacturers, can let them kill each other, why not? After a period of time, Hao Xun secretly stared at the woods behind the hill, and for several days there was no movement at all. It was dark all around, except for a few rays of moonlight from the sky, which fell through the branches, and it was still dark all around. Under the dark tree,Nail machine manufacturer, a man could be seen standing faintly. The pale silver light fell on his back, shaking Hao Xun's body? Why is he here? Is he the adulterer? Just as Hao Xun was thinking so, a slight sound of footsteps came from the bluestone road beside him. Dressed in an elegant brocade robe, wearing delicate makeup, the woman looks very beautiful, swaying step by step, full of amorous feelings. Hao Xun's face changed, Pan Shuyi! Sure enough, she came here to meet a man privately, and now he could almost conclude that the adulterer was the Great Elder! Otherwise, why did these two people come to the back hill secretly in the middle of the night? "Yier, you're here at last." When the elder heard the footsteps coming from behind him, his face showed a happy look, and he quickly turned around and held her hands, Automatic Nail Making Machine ,iron nail machine, looking at her with fiery eyes. Why do you always ask me out so often recently? It's not good if they find out. Pan Shuyi frowned worriedly. The Great Elder put his arms around her waist and put his hands up and down with a contemptuous look in his eyes. "Are you afraid he'll find out?"? How interesting Hao Xun that stupid pig will never find out, otherwise we steal ~ love for more than 20 years, if he is smart, would have found out, will not wait until today. "But.." He's been acting a little strange lately, and he doesn't pay much attention to me. Pan Shuyi's eyes were full of worry. Are you thinking about him? The elder narrowed his eyes and looked very unhappy. That's not true. He used to stick to me all the time, but suddenly he didn't like to talk to me, so he felt a little strange. Recently, he was either in the library or in seclusion. Pan Shuyi said lightly. Isn't that just convenient for us? With a sneer, the elder's dim eyes fell on Pan Shuyi's flat lower abdomen and reached out to touch it. "How's it going?"? Has there been any movement recently? With a low laugh, Pan Shuyi put her hand around his neck and laughed in a charming manner. "How can it be so fast? It will take at least a month to know whether she is pregnant or not." "Hehe.." It seems that I have to work hard to get you pregnant as soon as possible. Anyway, I, Hao Xun, that fool, forced us to raise our son. The elder sneered. Hao Xun, who was hiding in the grass, was so angry that his face turned blue, and his eyes were full of anger, and he wanted to rush to kill the dog man and woman immediately! The next moment, the conversation between the elder and Pan Shuyi immediately dispelled his worries. Although he will raise our son for us, don't you want your son to call you father? Pan Shuyi looked at him faintly. The elder's eyes flashed. "Of course I hope!"! Every time I see Liner call Hao Xun's father, my heart is full of jealousy and anger? Yi'er, it won't be long before I can kill Hao Xun completely and seize the position of the head of the door from him. Now half of the people in this door are ours. Wait for me to make a good plan. As she spoke, she began to take off her clothes, which soon faded, and they were hot and rolling on the grass. Chapter 1282 alienation [4]. Hao Xun's face was full of horror. When did half of the people in the door take refuge in him? He didn't even notice! He was a little glad that he had not rushed out just now, otherwise he would not know whether he would live or not. Hao Xun suppressed the anger and hatred in his heart and quietly left. When he returned to his room, his heart was still full of anger and his face was livid. Hao Xun sat down at the table with a cold face, frowning tightly, recalling the first time he knew the Great Elder. It was twenty-five years ago that he went out to experience and was attacked by the Bear King. At that time, the Great Elder happened to pass by and saved him. When the elder came here alone, Hao Xun saw that his strength was not bad and he was a man of justice, so he let him enter the door of poison dance and sealed a nine elders. Over the years, the Great Elder has made many outstanding achievements, and Pan Shuyi has been blowing the pillow wind in her ears, saying how powerful the Great Elder is. It happened that the former Great Elder died when he was on a mission, so he was promoted to Great Elder. Now it seems that all this is premeditated, otherwise everything will not be so coincidental! Think of all this, then let Hao Xun is angry and hate, he treats him like a brother, but they cheat and betray themselves, really deserve to die! Had it not been for the fear of half the strength in his hands, Hao Xun would have killed them now and pulled their tendons. Suddenly he remembered the woman who loved him deeply before. She had a beautiful face and loved him deeply. However, he betrayed her,High Speed Nail Making Machine, killed her father with his own hands, took away the poison dance door, and even ruined her face. 3shardware.com

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