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Doomsday Paradise Full-time Job

6 months ago   Legal & Consulting   Samraong   183 views
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Though the other side was not very reasonable, but since they had already assumed such a posture, they were afraid that they would cause unnecessary fighting if they were forced to do so again; the two evolutionaries took a step back silently, watched the car door close again, and sped out of sight. Seeing that the scenery outside the car was blurred again, Lou Ye sat cross-legged back on the floor and smiled at a kitten on the ground and said, "You go on." The cat doctor looked very angry. I didn't expect you humans to be so narrow-minded. The kitten gave a sneer and said indignantly. …… I don't know that after the demolition of the building, it will be eaten back, and the survival number will be directly reduced to one! Besides, they're down to one, but they're not dead. (Www. MianHuaTang. CC cotton candy novel) Isn't that the original purpose? How impolite and ungrateful! Do you think I'm right? The Lou brothers and sisters naturally nodded fiercely, but Lin Sanjiu could only feel a burst of laughter. Let you show off, "she laughed and scolded," and go back to see how the hospital is. Anyway, in that case, you can accept your fate and go with us. Hu Miaomiao immediately lay down. With his chin resting on his front paws. He rolled up his green eyes and seemed not very interested in it. Didn't you say that my body might change? Lin Sanjiu said as he subconsciously looked down at his two long legs. If those cells didn't just make me taller, there must be a lot of other changes in me that you can study. Hu Miaomiao yawned, then lazily spat out a sentence from between his sharp row of small teeth: ".." You're not much fun; you have to be careful with the living.. In order to keep this little guy, Lin Sanjiu felt that he had really tried his best; he thought about it. "…" she added. I hear there's a lot of food in the Red Nautilus world, and. If we kill someone in the future, you'll keep the body. Hu Miaomiao raised his eyes, and after a long time,juice filling machine, he reluctantly said to the Lou brothers and sisters: "." How to use it? Bring it. Lou Qin hurriedly handed over their last blank visa: "Just write your name and you can go directly to your destination.". It's very simple! But how long have you been at Ruyue Station? The cat doctor is a very special existence. Can he change the world. It's really hard to say. I'm 2 years old this year. The tone of the cat has a kind of inexplicable pride. I became a doctor more than a year ago. The three men stared at it at once. A year How many Lou Qin's hand, which was writing his name for him, paused, and there was only two words "Hu Miao" on the visa. …… A month or two? The cat tilted his head and thought, "Well, it's been so long, who remembers.." Lou Yeteng jumped up and repeatedly urged his sister to "write quickly"; and the other two immediately reacted-the cat doctor's time at Ruyue Station was approaching 14 months, and if he needed to change the world, he might be sent away soon; he had to write the visa and fix it on the cat before he was sent away. Several people hurriedly wrote the visa, and then found a thin rope to tie the visa around Hu Miaomiao's neck. Although the kitten didn't like the arrangement, she put up with it. So it seems that Dr. Hu will be the first to go, bottle blowing machine ,Edible oil filling machine, so I'll tell you again about Ah Jiu. "Lou Qin looked at the kitten seriously, and then looked at Lin Sanjiu, as if to signal her to listen:" Every twelve realms, including the Red Nautilus Realm, are divided and occupied by various forces, big and small, and the distribution of territory is very complicated; And the location of the transmission is random, we can not predict where you will appear, you do not know where to fall into, is not a hostile force belonging to the Alliance of Growers. So one is not to report our names rashly, and the other is to find a place to meet first. ” The meeting place seems to be in a vacuum of all the major powers, so people from all walks of life are mixed up. Over time, it becomes an excellent place to hide and meet. If it's quite normal here, then Lou Qin's next words really make Lin Sanjiu don't know what to say. People like you, who can be recognized at a glance as soon as you enter the territory of the Red Nautilus, are certainly not the natives of the twelve realms of our center. So, "Lou Qin emphasized the tone of each word," if you meet someone who comes up to talk to you on his own initiative, don't pay attention to it-such as staying in a hotel, changing money, showing you around and so on. Don't pay attention to it, don't provoke it, just walk away as if you can't see it. " …… This exhortation made Lin Sanjiu vaguely familiar; it seemed that she had often seen such words on something called "travel guide" before. The cat doctor did not feel anything wrong at all, but nodded with a serious look. Oh, but if someone sells maps, you can have a look. Lou Ye added, taking out something as he spoke. "You won't have money just now. Come on, take this. It's enough to buy two maps. If you're hungry, you can have another steamed bun." Lin Sanjiu stared at what had been handed to her-two or three slender crimson crystals in the palm of her hand, neatly cut and polished. Isn't it said that the twelve realms are also the end of the world? "Come on, Dr. Hu also took it." Lou Ye grabbed a handful of crystals again. No matter how he looked at it, he felt that it was more than giving Lin Sanjiu. "It's good to take the money." He didn't finish a sentence, and he was in the same place. The place where the cat doctor was lying just now was only a little warm. (To be continued) Thank you for the 15-year old Ling Xiaoyin's pink and safety amulet, Magic Five's sachet, Ying Xueruo's sachet, Honey Miaomiaomiao's sachets (did you two pay the fee for joining the group? Haha), Xiao Xixi's safety amulet in 2015,PET blowing machine, two pink tickets for Yun (black earth), and zgghk's update ticket ~ I know I must have missed it, but the speed of brushing information is too slow.. Don't blame me.. From the beautiful girl who is tired of boxing every day. gzxilinear.com

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