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As soon as Frey's words came out, Ji Yifeng and Yexin's faces changed greatly at the same time. Yexin said anxiously, "Lei Di, do you dare to announce your personal revenge?" Frey stood with his hands on his back and looked proudly at the vast starry sky. "In this world, there is nothing I dare not do.". Night Heart, I don't care whose partner you are, I will dance this first song with you today. Ji Yifeng's face gradually calmed down and he said lightly, "Night Heart, since Elder Martial Brother Lei Di likes us, you can dance with him." With these words, he stepped back slowly and got out of the way as if nothing had happened. Night heart first stupefied, eyes can not help showing a trace of humiliation, Frey's eyes are also looking at her, the actor and strong eyes seem to say, this is your man? You can't even protect your own woman, and this is your choice? Night heart's face was a little pale, but to Frey's surprise, she did not leave in shame and indignation, but took the initiative to put a hand on Frey's shoulder and said to the direction of the band: "Play music." The melodious music sounded, and the slender body of the night heart, driven by the burly Lei Di,CNC machining parts, slid into the dance floor and jumped up. All the disciples of the Yin and Yang School were very quiet at this time. Everyone knows that in the previous game, Lei Di made Ji Yifeng and Yexin yield completely by an overwhelming advantage. Lei Di is still Lei Di, and none of the students of Tiangan Academy dares to compete with Lei Di. Fury's dancing is really not flattering, his body is too strong, from him, can only see the sense of strength, absolutely not graceful. Night heart originally slender body in his arms like a toy, coupled with the faint sadness in her eyes,deep draw stamping, will not give people any sense of beauty. Ji Dong stood in front of the ice and snow arowana, as if he had not heard or seen anything, and continued to eat his delicious food. The ice and snow arowana was not only delicious, but also brought steaming heat and indescribable comfort after entering the stomach. It was obviously very nourishing. In particular, fishing is to consolidate the foundation and cultivate the yuan. Brother Ji Dong. Excited voice accompanied by a slender voice sounded, Leng Yueqiao ran over. Even she, today also wore a lovely little dress, bouncing to the side of Ji move. Lengyue, come and eat, too. Looking at the little girl, Ji could not help laughing, touched her head, and pointed to the ice and snow dragon fish beside her. The cold moon stuck out her tongue and said, "I dare not eat it," said Sister Yexin. Brother Frey won't let us come over to eat until we finish. I came to say hello to you while they were dancing. Ji moved and laughed. "It's all right. Eat some.". Brother Frey won't blame you. Leng Yue grinned, metal stamping parts ,car radiator cap, "Brother Ji Dong, you are really a good man.". It's a pity that Lengyue is too young to learn to dance, otherwise, Lengyue must be your partner. "It doesn't matter," said Ji with a smile. "You'll grow up. When you grow up, brother Ji Dong will dance with you once, okay? "Yes." The cold moon clapped her hands and secretly glanced at Frey and Night Heart, who were dancing on the dance floor. Then she stood beside Ji Dong and took a plate with a few pieces of sashimi. "Brother Ji Dong, I went there to eat.". Who is your partner today? Ji shook her head and said, "I don't have a partner. I just came to eat something." Leng Yue blinked her eyes and said, "But the Elder Martial Brothers and Elder Martial Sisters say that everyone should have a partner of their own."! Wouldn't it be pitiful to have no partner? At this point, she suddenly lowered her voice and said, "Brother Ji Dong, sister Baoer is actually quite good. Why don't you invite her to dance with you?" Ji Dong shook his head gently and said, "Did Boa ask you to say that?" Leng Yue shook her head and said mysteriously, "I saw Sister Kong always peeking at you. She has already refused several people's invitations.". Just looking at your side. I believe that if Ji Dong's brother had asked her to dance in the past, she would have agreed. Ji moved in the heart dark sigh, treasure, do I really let you misunderstand what? This dance really can't be danced, otherwise, she will only misunderstand more deeply. Just then, a somewhat contemptuous voice sounded, "Yueyue, hurry back with me.". He is Lei Di's junior fellow apprentice, but we can't get close to him. What kind of partner does he want at his age. What feelings do you know. “ Ji moved to look coldly, only to see a woman in a purple dress came over and took the hand of the cold moon. Obviously, this girl is also Gui water system, Ji move in the impression, she seems to often and night heart together again. It was obviously because the Elder Martial Brother was strong and oppressive to the Night Heart that he vented his anger on himself. Leng Yue argued, "Sister Shui, it's not like this. Brother Ji Dong is very nice.". Don't talk about him like that. Brother Ji Dong, let me introduce to you that this Shuiling sister is also the senior sister of our Guishui system, the special number 39 of our Yin and Yang school. Shuiling pulled up the little hand of the cold moon. Yueyue, why are you telling him this. I'm not interested in meeting any kids. Ji Dong smiled coldly, "I'm not interested in knowing some women who are like washboards." "What did you say?" Shuiling was furious. She was a good friend of Night Heart. Just now, Frey's face-saving attack on Night Heart had made her angry. In her eyes, Ji Dong was just a child who had just entered the Yin and Yang School. He was as arrogant as Frey and flew into a rage. To be fair, Shuiling's figure is still OK, and her appearance is above average, but some of the protruding places are slightly flat. This is the greatest pain in her heart. How could she stand to be exposed by Ji's words? A noble occasion calls for noble words. Please keep your voice down. Ji move is still a face of indifference, simply turned around, continue to eat his ice snow dragon fish, simply ignore the water spirit. Shuiling really wanted to play the young man in front of her, but she didn't dare to think that he was the younger brother of Reddy Frey. In the face of Lei Di, even Ji Yifeng, who ranked second in the Yin and Yang School, and Ye Xin,DIN screw plug, who ranked third, all retreated for it, not to mention her disciples who ranked lower. autoparts-dx.com

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