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Chaos Supreme of Online Games Full-time Job

1 year ago   Legal & Consulting   Paoy Paet   352 views
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The figure of the bone-buried dragon rose from the ground in the public's field of vision, and a few fires of hell had ignored the undead's own people all over the ground and fell from the sky one after another. Especially, under the special guidance of Carnegiel, the attack of the bone-buried dragon focused on Chu Chen, who had just landed, and several fireballs had come in an instant. Boom, boom, boom! The flaming flames constantly exploded on Chu Chen's body, which immediately made Chu Chen's body constantly retreat, and the automatic defense of quicksand armor was instantly broken through by the flames. The body exploded! A large piece of corpse explosion began to sweep around the area around Chu Chen. Corpse explosion is a necromancer spell that stimulates the residual potential of corpses. The higher the level, the stronger the necromancer's power, the more powerful the residual energy can be stimulated to cause more destructive power, and the power of corpse explosion will become more powerful with the increase of the level of corpses. Even if a high-level necromancer is allowed to perform the Corpse Explosion, the power of the Corpse Explosion is almost the same as that of an ordinary necromancer. In the sea of corpses where everyone is now, there are only those bones that have been rotted to the point where they can't rot any more, and the impact of the corpse explosion is only the damage of a low-level mage's burst flame, which can only be said to be scratching Chu Chen,cosmetic plastic tube, but if it's like hating the corpse of a 68-level monster, that's another matter. Corpse explosion, which is inspired by high-level monster corpses, is quite powerful. Corpse explosion can be said to be the biggest damage output of necromancers besides the constantly summoned necromancer units. On the battlefield, with the exception of those 58-level necromancers and Kanaikiel, all other necromancers do not have any advanced summoning skills, or even life-saving chains. Once they are approached by Chu Chen's assassination squad,pump tube, it means that they have almost no possibility of survival. System: Kill Death Mage, Honor + 0.3. System: Assassination quest, number of death mages killed 6, number of quests completed 44 remaining. Ghost Inflammation Strike! The black flames of the volcano burst out like torrents, destroying the skeleton warriors springing up around them like bamboo shoots after a spring rain, and the necromancer was directly killed by Chu Chen. Just just cleared a large number of skeleton warriors again with the arrival of more dead gray necromancy and summoned more, Chu Chen is almost every step can give a large number of skeleton warriors to entangle the heel, even fly hard to fly, and even his every sword when the side of the elbow can knock over a skeleton warrior. Damn it This made Chu Chen gradually discover that the original number of skeletons in the sea was also very terrible, especially when he was surrounded by a large number of skeletons. Too much, too much. We're not assassinating! The legend of war shouted loudly, under the great sword of amethyst, aluminium laminated tube ,plastic laminted tube, every sweep can bring up a large storm of skeleton debris, but in a twinkling of an eye, more skeletons came out again, as if it was endless, the legend of war killed one, he came out two, the legend of war killed two, he came out four! On the other hand, Wei's unintentional, unbeatable hole Fang is a moment of unimpeded, flashing from time to time, dimensional displacement will make those skeletons who only know how to rush forward without IQ dizzy, and soon they can't find the shape of these gods of death or thieves, while Wei they quickly focus on killing those ordinary necromancers. But what can be killed is only those ordinary necromancers who have no power to tie chickens, senior necromancers are only killed by Wei, and under the chain of life, I don't know how many skeleton warriors those senior necromancers have bound, even if they have killed their bodies, as long as the chain of life is still there. The senior necromancer can immediately occupy the body Ti of those skeleton warriors. Chu Chen gradually understood why the assassination team would need war legends, the return of death, and even his own fifth-order ghost swordsman, in the face of such monsters as necromancers, it was impossible to rely solely on a small number of Jing Ying assassins, unless they were not all killed before the necromancers began to summon necromancer units. Once they begin to summon the vast sea of skeletons and begin to cast the chains of life, the assassin class is no longer a great threat to the senior necromancer. Assassins are best at one-on-one PK, or targeted sniping in the vast crowd, but in the face of advanced necromancers, assassins lose this advantage immediately, you kill me a skeleton warrior, I necromancer immediately summon 10, you kill me 10, I summon 100. Legend of war with brutal collision forced to open a passage, only with Chu Chen reluctantly converge. Rumble. Rumble. Suddenly, Wei's eyes to the southeast jumped like flames, and his pupils contracted violently. It's hatred! The cross flash bomb and the return arrow looked at the place where the loud rumbling noise came, and their faces were surprised. At this time, these archers are the most unlucky, they are good at long-range attacks, but now they have to pull out the almost moldy sword or dagger in the space ring and start slashing at the skeleton army which is blown by the spring breeze! Shadow Spear! Death came back and broke a 15-meter-long passage. He greeted Chu Chen and others and said,cosmetic tube, "Go back to the secret passage. It's too much!" The war legend charges to take the lead, Chu Chen in the back constantly sweeping both sides, as well as behind the surging army of skeletons. emptycosmetictubes.com

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