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Zhibei Tour _ Luoshui _ txt Novel Paradise Full-time Job

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The giant wolf straightened its back and was in no hurry to attack us. Hundreds of claws picked up the bodies on the ground and put them into their mouths to chew. The sticky flesh and blood filled the white teeth, and the crunching sound of the bones being bitten off was frightening. As it devoured more and more corpses, the wolf's fur began to turn gray, its muscles gradually festered, its snow-white joints protruded one by one, and its whole body was covered with pus and blood, giving off a disgusting stench. I was startled in my heart. Shouting, "Kill it!"! You can't let it go on eating! Master has mentioned this sorcery, which intensifies the power of demons by devouring corpses and turning themselves into horrible monsters like rotting corpses. As long as it touches a little, the opponent's whole body will rot, and the gods will not be saved. Gan Ningzhen's three thousand weak water swords were unsheathed, like a bunch of bright rosy clouds shooting at the giant wolf. Haiji and I also shot at the same time, pulse knife and a punch full of chaos armor bending, all fell on the giant wolf. With a shriek, the wolf leaped up and rushed at us with a violent whirlwind. He rushed all the way in front of us and fell to the ground. The limbs fell to pieces and turned into a big pool of rotten meat with a stench. I secretly called it a fluke. If the giant wolf was completely changed, it would not be so easy to get rid of it. Kill again! The ice surface of the night stream did not change color, and another group of monsters rushed in. Fighting ceaselessly, screaming one after another. I can't figure out how many waves of attacks this is, but I know that the monsters I killed are getting stronger and stronger, and my hands are numb and exhausted, and the wounds on my body are getting more and more. The four walls had been splashed with blood and splashed into a shocking red. Outside the wedding hall, there was a sudden clatter of hoofbeats, dense and heavy, like a roll of dull thunder. As soon as the night ice gave the order, all the monsters suddenly withdrew. The ground began to tremble, and the whole hall kept shaking, as if it were about to collapse by the rumble of hooves. Outside the door, sand and stones were flying, the wind was howling,Amber Dropper Bottles, and the dust raised almost covered the sky. A wall in the doorway was knocked over, stones splashed, tiles on the eaves fell to the ground one by one, and a sweeping tornado rushed in. It's a bunch of wild boar spirits with pimples all over their bodies! They were neatly arranged in a long line, with white cloth tied on their heads, two big upturned fangs turned out of their thick lips, and their heads were lowered, straight at us. The corpses on the ground were crushed by their heavy pig feet and crushed into a sticky meat sauce. Through the pile of corpses, the hard bricks were broken. I tried my best to kill one of them. Haiji's pulse meridian knife killed two of them in a row, and three of them died under three thousand weak water swords. But the rest of the wild boar spirits were very tough. They completely ignored our attack and rushed forward like crazy, breaking up our solid triangle array. The three of us were surrounded by ferocious boar spirits and forced to fight separately. The monsters watching the battle took the opportunity to join the battle circle and kill us one after another. Moments later, I had several more scars on my body. "Choke", the sound of three thousand weak water swords unsheathed is clear and exciting. The brilliant light spurted out, and in an instant, the whole hall was submerged by the sword. The field of vision is full of three thousand weak water swords, 16 Oz Clear Plastic Bottles With Caps ,Plastic Spray Bottles Wholesale, beautiful and insufferably arrogant. Jian Mang slowly disappeared, corpses were lying everywhere, blood was flowing like pulp, and there was no one alive in the wedding hall except the three of us. Nearly a hundred monsters were killed by a sword! The three of us quickly gathered together to form a new triangular array. Gan Lingzhen was slightly out of breath, and her long dark hair was in disorder in front of her forehead. The sword also hurt her. The night ice waved coldly, and nearly a hundred monsters rushed into the hall. Hai Jijiao shouted and put the golden snail on her lips. The network of meridians floated out, and the golden net line covered all the monsters at once. The network of meridians suddenly contracted, the net line was like a knife, cutting flesh and blood, the broken limbs flew everywhere, and the thick plasma flowed out of the mesh, steaming. The night ice was also shocked, and the monsters were once again wiped out. The rest of the monsters were so frightened that none of them dared to act rashly again. But Haiji tried her best. Her face was as pale as paper. She said in a trembling voice, "Little rascal, if you have a chance, you can escape by yourself.". You can fly. You're the only one of the three of us who has a chance to get out. "What a silly thing to say!" I roared, pulling Heiji behind me. Keep your useful body and avenge us in the future. Gan Ning is really light and authentic, and her clothes are covered with blood. I felt a burst of grief in my heart. Both of them were at the end of their strength, and now they had to rely on me. As soon as I gritted my teeth, I blew out the wind, grabbed the two of them, and rushed up at a high speed while the monsters were in a daze. "Pa Pa Pa", layers of floors were smashed by me, and the fragments turned into puppets under my hands, blocking the pursuers behind me. In a twinkling of an eye, I have rushed to the highest floor of the embroidery building, a punch to break the roof, broken tiles flying, the sky appeared in front of me. The fierce wind sounded from all directions, and the ferocious faces of the flying monkeys kept approaching. I controlled the blowing wind, dodging left and right, trying not to be entangled by them, while Gan Lingzhen and Haiji blocked most of the flying monkeys'attacks for me. Master s abnormal training in the past has now exerted its power. Faced with the flying monkeys coming one after another, I did not fall behind at all. I zigzagged in the air, shuttling back and forth deftly, pretending to rush to the north. When they outflanked there, suddenly a turning point left the flying monkeys and flew to the dream pool like lightning. "Boom", the dark dream pool suddenly shook, like a huge mountain suddenly pressed down, and the sky overhead became dark. I cried bitterly in my heart, and after a little hesitation, the flying monkeys had approached from a distance, spread out on the periphery, and gradually gathered up to me like a bag. At the bottom of the box, the Qianqianjie Mantra was finally read out, and hundreds of shining incantation threads radiated around me as the center. The crystal wire entangled Mengtan and quickly tied a knot. The dream pool shook slightly and then stagnated in the air. Above the dream pool, a dark hole was exposed. I tried my best to fly to the mouth of the cave. Success or failure depends on it! Book 6 Chapter 7 (Part 2) Laugh best when you have the last laugh A black ice flower suddenly appeared in front of us,30ml Dropper Bottle, the biting cold spread rapidly like wildfire, and the air on all sides condensed into water droplets, which quickly froze into huge black ice cubes. penghuangbottle.com

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Zhibei Tour _ Luoshui _ txt Novel Paradise