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Yamen of Rebirth (Don't believe in pie falling from the sky) Full-time Job

11 months ago   Legal & Consulting   Paoy Paet   292 views
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He Mengying lives in a suite with three bedrooms and one living room, about 120 square meters, which is very spacious. I looked around and said with a smile, "Very petty bourgeoisie!" He Mengying smiled and understood the popular "noun" in the 21st century. No, He Mengying spent a lot of thought on the layout of her "humble abode". The pale yellow curtains, the pale yellow carpet and the whole tone were warm, which made people feel relaxed as soon as they stepped in. In the corner of the living room, there is a small bar. Have a seat. Can I get you a drink? Coffee or wine? "Green Tea!" "The coffee I ground with my own hands is very fragrant. Would you like to taste it?" He Mengying's eyes reveal that she wants to show off. Green tea I stick to my hobby. He Mengying smiled helplessly and said angrily, "You men are more stubborn than one another!" I was honest and impolite, reclining on the sand, resting my head on the sand handrail, putting my feet on the handrail at the other end, and the cotton slippers I had just changed fell to the ground with a "click". Hey, you really don't think of yourself as an outsider? He Mengying smiled at the corners of her mouth and looked at me angrily. I put my hands on the back of my head, closed my eyes slightly, and I didn't even bother to talk to her. If you really drag me home, do I still have to treat myself as an outsider? He Mengying brewed a cup of fragrant green tea for me and put it gently on the tea table. "Please use the tea, sir,heavy duty plastic pallet," she said mischievously. I answered with a "hmm" with my nose. He Mengying was angry and funny, but she couldn't do anything about me. She twisted her waist and went back to the bedroom. After a while, she changed into a goose-yellow home dress, and the original bun was put down, which was freely sprinkled on the round shoulders. The black bra and deep cleavage were hidden under the thin gauze, which was seductive! I had to sit up. If I lie like this again, my little brother will betray me. This Liu Xia Hui,plastic bulk containers, not everyone can pretend. He Mengying smiled, a little proud, came to the bar, picked up a bottle of Lafite from the wooden shelf, poured a little, so leaning on the bar, a small sip to sip, delicate and beautiful red lips every time holding the transparent glass, people are dazzled. I can not help but remind myself in my heart: You are not here today, you have something serious to do! You haven't finished yet. What happened next? Why did you get married and divorced? I picked up the green tea and took a sip. Well, yes, it was last year's Longjing Autumn Tea. No wonder it was fragrant. Isn't it because of Chen Weixing? He Mengying is a little angry. I have agreed with him that since we have broken up, we will be friends in the future. Who knows he's still old to entangle. In fact, spill plastic pallet ,stackable plastic pallets, I broke up with him, and it was not all because of my family's opposition. After a long time, he has too many shortcomings. "Like what?" "For example, selfish, irascible, and lustful." Speaking of this, He Mengying's beautiful Danfeng eyes glanced over intentionally or unintentionally, with a kind of smile. This dead woman! I "hum": "The person is not dissolute in vain youth!" "Romantic and indecent are two different things." He Mengying said angrily. But it turned out that Chen Weixing could not get entangled, so he spread rumors everywhere, saying how coquettish and shameless He Mengying was, and publicizing some of their pre-marital affairs everywhere, so that He Mengying's husband could not bear the rumors in the military compound, and divorced her after a few months of marriage. I frowned slightly. This Chen Weixing has really done too much, and he doesn't have the tolerance of a man. All right, let's not talk about this shit. It's not annoying! He Mengying drank the red wine in the toast and waved her hand, as if she wanted to wave away everything in the past. I walked up to the bar and, laughing, pulled an ornament box out of my pocket and pushed it in front of her. For me? He Mengying asked with a smile. Bribe you! "Oh, I haven't received a gift from a man for a long time." He Mengying said, opened the jewelry box, is a dazzling diamond ring, a full more than one carat, Nanfang City Dafu Jewelry Store did not sell, brought from Hong Kong. He Mengying was stunned, then closed the box, a pair of charming big eyes staring at me, like a smile. Why don't you want to go tonight? I smiled: "This is used to stop your mouth." He Mengying seemed relieved and a little disappointed. In addition, there is one thing to ask. He Mengying froze for a moment: "What's the matter?" "Are you familiar with Director Wu of Nanfang Public Security Bureau?" You should know that. Didn't Liang Jingwei tell you that? Uncle Wu is an old subordinate of my father, and his father and my grandfather are old comrades-in-arms from the Long March. It seems that as I expected, Director Wu is also a red descendant. He Mengying briefly introduced the relationship between the He family and the Wu family. Suddenly, she was startled and asked, "What do you want from Uncle Wu?" As a college student, how can I have a relationship with the "first brother" of the Southern Municipal Law System? Also used to send such a big diamond ring to bribe the "intermediary", the demand must be very big! I smiled faintly: "Speaking of it, it's not that I have something to ask him. I just ask him for a favor. It's also a good thing for Director Wu." He Mengying was immediately interested: "What's the matter?" There was a hateful smile on my face again. Keep it a secret for now! Chapter 298 see the picture poor dagger. Liu Jun, Yu Keqing is looking for you again. My roommate Wang Long said to me mysteriously. Last night, I found the dormitory and shocked my brothers. Wang Long said, his little eyes shining. This boy, the last time I saw Yu Keqing in the auditorium of Haijiang Hotel, his saliva flowed the most, and his eyes were brighter than his eyes now. I said "hmm", noncommittal! Unexpectedly,collapsible bulk container, Wang Long was so angry that he shouted to me, "Liu Jun, what do you mean?"? What's wrong with Yu Keqing? Are you so arrogant? cnplasticpallet.com

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