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Xitulanya House of Everything Full-time Job

4 months ago   Legal & Consulting   Kampong Thom   136 views
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The three girls were laughing and laughing together, and in a twinkling of an eye, it was noon, and their smart housekeepers reminded their hosts that it was time to prepare for lunch. Manman, what do you have for lunch? The glutinous rice milk asked in a milky voice, and the projection of the kitten's fur was reflected at the hand of Yunman. After thinking about it, Yunman opened his mouth and asked his roommates: "Do you want to go out to eat?" Without waiting for an answer, she added: "I queued up to report in the morning, but I didn't want to go out anyway, so I was ready to order takeout." "Then I won't go out either." Fang Jing followed without hesitation: "I have to continue to review my lessons today. It's more convenient to order takeout." She is the one with the best grades in the dormitory. Her learning attitude is always serious. The elders in her family are also teachers. She is in the top three grades all the year round. Her bookish spirit is in line with the saying that "there is poetry and books in her belly". The only pity is that the ranking of each monthly exam stops at the second place at most, and always fails to reach the top of the list. Fang Jing: ".." "What are you going to eat? Come on, it's my treat." Mu Jinyu said angrily, and at the same time, he asked his intelligent housekeeper AI to order crispy chicken. The other two were also not polite and immediately ordered sushi and crayfish rice. Dudu's smart image is a chubby cartoon orange cat, licking its fat paws and projecting several images of meals provided by businesses, accompanied by corresponding explanatory comments. Mu Jinyu carefully chose the one that looked better from the bad reviews. After ordering the meal, she stretched and yawned. "Well, who knows why Xiaohong hasn't come yet?"? It was nine o'clock this morning when I went back to school to report, and I haven't seen her yet at noon. "I don't know. Call and ask later." Yunman carried the cup to the kettle in the corner of the bedroom and said as he walked. Fang Jing has spread out her textbooks and is ready to continue previewing her lessons for the new school year. After listening to the conversation between the two roommates, she couldn't help but agree: "Well, call earlier, I miss her a little." Yunman turned around and looked at Fang Jing and Mu Jinyu sitting in rows: "Do you miss her cooking?!"! Fang Jing winked: You don't want to? Mu Jinyu looked over gracefully, and his eyes motioned: "We are all half a catty of cooking waste wood, so don't worry about it.". Three people you look at me, I look at you, together as if nothing had happened to laugh. In the dormitory of Wanglin High School, there are four students living in one dormitory. In addition to the current three, the remaining one in Yunman's 404 dormitory is Xiaohong, whose full name is Liu Hong. So, where is Liu Hongren now? This is a common residential house, a family of three, two rooms and one hall, slightly narrow. At this moment, in the bedroom, a woman with white temples was sitting on the bed in clean old clothes, talking to the girl beside her: "Xiaohong, leave me alone, I'm fine.". You have to go to school to report today, so leave early. "Mom, don't move!" Liu Hong frowned, holding a cotton swab in her hand, Inflatable water park on lake , with iodine and liquid medicine spray on the bedside table beside her. Close the distance to look carefully, the mother's clothes were rolled up, the skin above a blue and red blood stasis, clearly caused by beating! Every time she was touched by the cotton swab in her daughter's hand, she trembled slightly unconsciously. Ok. Next, you take good care of your wounds and don't move. Liu Hong breathed a sigh of relief and began to pack up the medicine box at home. Her eyes swept over her mother's old appearance and the bruises around her eyes, and her heart was sour. Mother is not yet forty this year, but she looks younger and more energetic than her neighbor's grandmother Wang, who is in her fifties. Leaning on the bed, Liu's mother advised her daughter in a low voice: "Xiao Hong, I'm all right, just a skin injury.". Go to school quickly, study hard and don't miss your study. Liu Hong opened her mouth to say something, but when she opened her mouth, she changed it to another thing: "Mom." The food is in the pot, and you can heat it in the microwave oven when you have dinner. Liu's mother could not help but feel gratified when she heard this: "The child is really old and sensible.". She hurriedly urged: "I know, you go quickly, go to the dormitory of the salute yesterday I packed for you, you remember to bring the pickles made at home, there are your favorite pickled cucumber.". ” Liu Hong looked at her mother with a moved look. After a moment of silence, she still couldn't hold back. She lowered her voice and asked, "Mom, have you ever thought about divorce?" "That's your father!" Liu's mother immediately changed her face and interrupted her daughter's words: "Mom just thought you were old and sensible. Why are you not obedient now?" Seeing that Liu Hong lowered her head and her eyes were red, she slowed down her tone: "You should not be in charge of Mom and Dad's affairs. You just need to study hard.". Don't forget how good your father was to you in the early years. He was willing to buy you anything, but he couldn't learn from your brother when he saw that he had no money. But now he's not good to you at all. Looking at the mother's anxious appearance, even touched the wound, a burst of pain grinning, Liu Hong in the end is not refuted. She cleverly dragged the heavy old gift box out of the door. Downstairs, the neighbor's grandmother Wang was moving a small bench to eat melon seeds and chat with people. When she saw her, she asked worriedly, "Did your father beat your mother again?"? Is everyone all right? And so is your father! Shaking his head, Liu Hong's nose was sour, and he pretended to be all right to change the subject, saying that he was in a hurry to go to school, but his hand could not help stroking his arm: There, under the cover of long sleeves, there is a bruise of impact falling on the snow-white skin, shocking! The seeds of tragedy have been planted, and when they germinate, they will ask for the price to be paid by fate. Wanglin High School Dormitory Area, Building A4 5, Dormitory 404. Yunman saw Liu Hong in the afternoon, when she looked no different from usual, except for her clothes: How can anyone wear long sleeves on such a hot day? But it's good that Xiaohong came back, and when she came back,inflatable floating water park, there would be hope for their dinner. Liu Hong: ".." Probably because their attitude was too obvious, Liu Hong looked angrily at her roommate who had lived together for a year: "You are really embarrassed!" That being said, she had some peace of mind that was needed. joyshineinflatables.com

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