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Tiger of Zhuge Qingyun's Nu Dao Full-time Job

1 year ago   Legal & Consulting   Paoy Paet   389 views
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Xu Zheng said slowly, "I haven't been back for a long time. Come and have a look and stay for a while." "Oh?" Liu Hu pretended to be puzzled and said, "What are you looking at when Master Xu comes back?" "Look at my home," said Xu Zheng with a faint smile. "Look at the nest I've arranged." Liu Hu lowered his face and said, "This is not your home. You're in the wrong place." Xu Zheng laughed at himself and said, "In that case, I, Xu Zheng, am not like a homeless wild dog, looking for holes everywhere." "If you want to say that, it's all right," said Liu Hu with a smile. "No matter what I say," said Xu Zheng with a shudder, "you and I will fight each other with force." "Are you confident that you can win this battle?" Asked Liu Hu. "What about you?" Asked Xu Zheng. "Me?" Liu Hu looked at all the able-bodied men and said firmly, "Ten percent sure." He's right. Because these men dressed up as able-bodied men are all killers of the Yamaguchi-gumi. Although their martial arts are not listed in the top 50, they can also be called second-or third-rate when they come out of Jianghu. So Liu Hu is very confident. He even boasted that he was 100% sure of winning the battle. In fact? It's hard to say. A lot of things are hard to predict. Xu Zheng did not answer, he just waved his hand, behind the strong man directly to catch the killing, good not fierce. Suddenly, swords,cosmetic tube, palms and fingers hit the whole hall like a storm. Liu Hu didn't move. Xu Zheng did not move, his eyes like cold electricity, coldly looking at Liu Hu in front of him, as if to pierce his whole body. The two of them looked at each other for a long time, completely unaware of the loud hissing sound in the hall, like two stone oaks, without breath or soul. Suddenly,eye cream packaging tube, Liu Hu gave a loud shout, and his body burst up as much as eight feet, shooting at Xu Zheng on the chair. Xu Zheng still did not move. Because there is no need for him to make a move, Chu Yun beside him has already made a move first-the factory. Chu Yun took a step obliquely to the right and pushed his palms forward slightly. "Boom" but a loud noise, I saw Liu Hu's body back as much as two feet before the factory down. Chu Yun only shook his upper body slightly. He lifted his breath secretly and realized that he was in trouble. At that moment, he raised his single palm and jumped forward. In the twinkling of an eye, the two of them had fought against each other for more than thirty rounds, and they were evenly matched, and sometimes it was hard to tell which was which. Suddenly Liu Hu jumped back and said, "Why do you have to help Xu Zheng and oppose us?" It turned out that Liu Hu had been unable to attack for a long time, and he was secretly anxious, because he usually indulged in excessive sex, and half a minute later, he already felt that Qi and blood were not flowing smoothly, custom cosmetic packing ,polyfoil tube, and the True Qi was not running continuously, so he stopped and breathed a little. Who would have thought that Chu Yun had already known what he was thinking. Without saying a word, he punched out his fist and made a sharp attack. Liu Hu was caught off guard and secretly complained. Just when the outcome was about to be known, the two arrow-like figures cut off Chu Yun's fists and palms. After the two young people took over, the situation changed immediately. Chu Yun was about to split Liu Huli's palm, but he didn't expect to kill Cheng Yaojin on the way. He could not help but pause a little. After such a meal, the first opportunity was lost, and Chu Yun had to clench his teeth and hold on. Stop it! The words are one side to drink, stop the fight in the hall, only because of its loud drink, deep internal force out, at first glance, with the Shaolin Temple's "lion roar" quite similar. He stood up slowly. After the divine light scanned the audience, he said coldly, "Who can confidently take the old man? Just come up!" As soon as the voice fell, all the servants had a tacit understanding and came over with swords in their hands. Suddenly, I saw the swords falling like rain all over the sky. Xu Zheng sneered and shuttled back and forth, which was very natural and unrestrained. For a long time. For a long time.. Suddenly see Xu Zheng drink, double palm directly from the outward push out, only to hear "wow" several, the big fellow like pushed down the domino will fall down. No one can figure out what this is all about? It was like magic, but Xu Zheng did it after all. He was as magical as David Magic. Liu Hu looked at the death of the big fellow, knowing that this is Xu Zheng with a strong internal force, forcing all the hearts are broken and die. Liu Hu suddenly felt a chill in his heart. His scalp had a tingling sensation. This is an incredible thing. No one can solve all kinds of poisons that penetrate the bone. Does this look like a man with a nail in his body? Nope! Impossible! This man is not a man. It's God. "See you later," said Liu Hu. An arrow step has disappeared in the aisle of the side room. He ran around, even the two young men. He is a wise man. Because it's never too late for a gentleman to take revenge. A hero will not suffer immediate losses. He always thought so, so he ran away, and no one would laugh at him: "This is a real man.". Xu Zheng staggered to the chair and spat a pool of blood. He coughed and said helplessly, "Clean up this place. After a while, open the door of Xu's house again. I want to show the temptress." Chu Yun stepped forward and said with concern, "Elder brother, your wound.." "It doesn't matter," said Xu Zhengjie. "As long as we can deceive Liu Hu, it's nothing to pay a price. At least the Xu family is ours." Chu Yun answered, "Elder brother's skill is unparalleled. It's only a matter of time before we take back the Xu family." You are wrong! "Just now I had a poisonous attack," he said, "and I kept pressing it with my internal force until I finally came out to call for battle." "The poison of a hundred poisons penetrating the bone is really extraordinary." He added with a sigh. Chu Yun comforted him by saying, "There are only two of the forty-five penetrating nails left in front of my eyes. As long as my eldest brother has been working hard for a while, I believe it won't be difficult to force them out." Xu Zheng paused for a moment and said, "You wait here for a while. I'm going to do something.." "Elder brother," said Chu Yun, "your wound.." "It doesn't matter," said Xu Zheng with a faint smile. "I'll be back in a minute." As soon as the voice fell, he raised his heavy steps and walked slowly out of the hall. In fact,aluminium laminated tube, he has long wanted to go to work. But he had just been through a vicious fight and had vomited a pool of blood, so he had to breathe for a while. While he was talking to Chu Yun, he had already finished his work. emptycosmetictubes.com

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