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Tide coquettish Full-time Job

1 year ago   Sport & Entertainment   Battambang   225 views
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Xinzhi wound the safety rope around the buoy, and after a round, the work became easy. Because there is a force point on it, the thick safety rope becomes the support of the new body. After the second round, he calmly tied a strong knot and then raised his hand to declare the success of his work. He could clearly see the four men on the boat waving to him. The young man forgot his fatigue, his happy instinct revived, and his decadent strength came back. He faced the storm, took a deep breath, jumped into the sea, and swam back. People threw ropes from the deck and brought Shinji up. The captain slapped the young man on the deck on the shoulder with his big palm. His manly strength supported the almost absent fatigue. The captain ordered Anfu to help Xinzhi into the cabin. The off-duty crew wiped Xinzhi's body. Xinzhi lay down on his back and fell into a deep sleep. No matter how the storm roars, it can't stop him from entering the sweet dream. The next morning, when Shinji woke up, the bright sunshine had been cast on his pillow. Through the porthole beside his berth,Interactive digital signage, he gazed at the clear blue sky after the typhoon, the view of the bald mountain under the subtropical sunshine, and the flash of the calm sea. w w w.x iaoshu otx t.c o m Chapter 15 Small. Say .t.xt. God . Don The Songdo returned to the port of Kobe a few days later than scheduled. By the time the captain, Shinji, and Anfu returned to the island,information kiosk price, it was too late to catch up with the previously planned Monlanpen Festival in the middle of August. The three were on the deck of the kamikaze ship when they heard the news from the island. It is said that four or five days before the Menglanpen Festival in the old calendar, a big turtle climbed up the seaside of Guli. Chong was slaughtered on the spot and took out a bucket full of turtle eggs. Each turtle egg sells for two yuan. Shinji visited Rendai Shrine to fulfill his vow, and immediately attended Shikichi's banquet. Shikichi drank several cups of Shinji who couldn't drink. On the third day, Xinzhi boarded Shiji's boat to go fishing again. Shinji didn't say a word about the sea, but Shikichi heard about it one by one from the captain. I heard you showed off your skills! "Where is it?" There was a faint red tide on the young man's face, and he said nothing more. People who don't know him think he's been sleeping somewhere for a month and a half. After a moment, Shiji asked in a nonchalant tone: "Didn't Uncle Zhao come to say anything?" "Mmm" "Is it?" No one mentioned the early river, Xinzhi did not feel particularly lonely, he swayed in the dog days of the big waves on the fishing boat, outdoor digital signage displays ,temperature scanning kiosks, go all out to engage in familiar labor. This kind of labor is like well-made clothes, which are very suitable for his body and mind, and there is no room for other hidden troubles. He felt a wonderful sense of contentment. The shadow of the white freighter sailing on the distant sea in the evening was a different kind of ship from what it had seen long ago, and it brought a new touch to Xinzhi. Xinzhi thought: I know where the ship is going. I know all about life on the ship and its hardships. At least the white ship has lost its unknown shadow. However, in the darkness of late summer, there is something more exciting than the unknown in the shadow of the white freighter dragging long clouds in the distance. The young man recalled the weight of the safety rope that his hand had pulled in the wind. It is true that Shinji once touched the "unknown" looking into the distance with his stout hand. He felt that he could also touch the white ship on the distant sea. Driven by a childlike mood, he raised his five abrupt fingers to the arbor and looked out at the sea in the distance to the east, where the sunset had cast a heavy shadow. More than half of the summer vacation has passed, and Ganyoko still hasn't come home. The lighthouse captain and his wife waited all day for their daughter to return to the island. They wrote to urge him, but there was no reply. He wrote again, and after ten days, it was not easy to get the letter. He only wrote that he would not return to the island this summer vacation, and did not specify the reasons. Chiyoko's mother finally thought of taking out a pleading trick and wrote more than ten long letters by express mail, so that her daughter could go home and pour out her heart. When the letter was received, there was little left of the summer vacation, which happened on the eighth day, seven days after Shinji returned to the island. The contents of the letter surprised her mother. In the letter, Chiyoko confessed to her mother that she had made unnecessary misunderstandings with Anfu, saying that seeing Shinji and Hatsue snuggling down the stone steps on a stormy day had put them in a difficult situation. The reflection of evil is torturing Chiyoko's heart. The letter also said: "As long as Xinzhi and Chujiang can not be happy, I can not brazenly return to the island.". My condition was that if my mother could take the trouble to act as a matchmaker and persuade Teruyoshi to marry them, it would be all right to return to the island. The kind-hearted mother could not help but tremble with fear when she read this tragic love letter. As long as she did not take appropriate measures, her daughter could not bear the harsh conscience and might even commit suicide. The Lady of the Lighthouse had read all kinds of books, and had learned of the terrible cases of girls of the right age who had committed suicide because of some trivial matter. The lighthouse captain's wife decided not to let her husband read the letter. She thought, "Everything must be done by herself as soon as possible, and her daughter must come back to the island as soon as possible.". She changed into the white linen suit skirt she wore when she went out, and renewed the style of the former girl's school teacher, as if she had gone to the head of the student's family to discuss a difficult problem. She went to a house on the roadside of the village. There are mats in front of the door, drying sesame, red beans, soybeans and so on. The small green sesame seeds,smart interactive whiteboard, bathed in the late summer sunshine, cast lovely spindle-shaped shadows on the rough lines of the fresh straw mats. A bird's eye view of the waves of the sea from here today is not high. The lady stepped on her white sandals and walked down the cement steps of the village road step by step, making a gentle sound of footsteps. You can also hear the sound of happy laughter and the rhythmic beating of wet clothes. hsdtouch.com

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