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The road of online games is invisible. Full-time Job

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It's a pity that a fake is a fake, and it will never become true. Even if Ruoshui is greedy for the elixir of immortality, he can't make the bottle of fake elixir of immortality in his hand become true. Fortunately, what Wu Fu said just now has made his mood better, and the witch is busy making fun of it. After Ruoshui takes the elixir away, he immediately takes it out again like a treasure and holds it in his hand. But this time he did not let Ruoshui guess what was in his hand, but directly operated the magic power, muttered in his mouth, and suddenly threw the thing in his hand in the air, only to see a flash of golden light, Ruoshui and the two witches in front of the air already had a very strange chariot. The chariot was seven Zhangs long and three Zhangs wide. It was simple in shape and very atmospheric. It was decorated with infinite gold, jade and precious stones. It emitted a very soft and precious light. In the light, infinite spells could be seen faintly. It also had the shape of mountains and rivers. It had a vigorous temperament, such as the sinking of mountains and the standing of mountains, which made people dare not look at it. Obviously, it was not comparable to ordinary magic weapons. However, the strange thing about this car is that it does not have the very common Yunluo umbrella cover on the ordinary magic weapon chariot, only the bare carriage, and there are no royal animals such as dragons,ultrasonic generator driver, tigers and phoenixes in front of the chariot shaft, but in front of the carriage near the chariot shaft stands a golden statue of God, whose whole body is filled with a faint colorful brilliance, about Zhang Xu high, high crown robes, and strange costumes. The face is very solemn and dignified, one hand pressing the ancient sword in the waist,ultrasonic dispersing machine, one hand stretching out, the sword pointing to the distance, although it is made of gold, but this idol has a kind of supercilious, pointing out the world's imperial demeanor. Ruoshui was sure that he had never seen such a strange idol and a precious chariot with a strange shape in the invisible world of the road, but he did not know why, but he had an inexplicable sense of familiarity with the chariot. He always felt as if he had seen the chariot or knew it. He could not help thinking secretly: "This chariot is extraordinary in spirit and strange in shape." Obviously not ordinary goods, the third Master I should have never seen is, how can there be a sense of familiarity? And this car doesn't even have a royal beast. There is only a golden idol in the position of the four. What treasure is this? One of the three royal chariots used by the Queen Mother of the West on her inspection tour? Or is it the vehicle of the Emperor of Heaven, the treasure of the sorcerer? There seems to be something wrong with it! Chang Yang Lao Guai sensed what Ruoshui was thinking and could not help reminding him with a smile, "Can't you recognize such a treasure?"? This is a very famous thing in a great war in ancient times. Even if you can't imagine that it will fall into the hands of witches, you should be able to recognize the ancient sword in the hands of the golden idol. As soon as the old sheep monster reminded me, Ruoshui's eyes immediately fell on the ancient sword. I saw that the body of the sword was thick and heavy. One side was carved with the sun, ultrasonic spray nozzle ,ultrasonic metal welding, moon and stars, and one side was carved with mountains, rivers and vegetation. One side of the hilt was written with the art of farming and livestock raising, and one side was written with the policy of unification of the four seas. The shape was simple and unique. I was shocked. My heart said that although the sword was only made of gold, its style was long and Isn't it the legendary Xuanyuan Emperor Sword, the sword of the Holy Way, which was cast by Xuanyuan Huangdi, the king of ancient gods and men? The hand presses the Xuanyuan emperor sword, the expression has the emperor's demeanor, then this gold casting idol naturally should be the Xuanyuan emperor. After recognizing the identity of the golden idol, Ruoshui had another burst of thoughts in his mind. Many records from ancient books and records in the game all came to his mind. He suddenly remembered the history of the chariot. He couldn't help exclaiming: "The south-pointing chariot, this is the south-pointing chariot of Xuanyuan Huangdi!" The south-pointing chariot. This treasure is probably the most famous chariot in myths and legends. It was Ji Xuanyuan, the king of the ancient gods, who wanted to be the king of the gods. He fought with Chi You, the demon God of the gods and the demon saints, in the wild of Zhuolu. Chi You first asked Feng Bo Yu Shi to drop endless heavy rain, which was broken by Ji Xuanyuan's daughter, and then made a big fog cage to cover heaven and earth, which made it difficult for Ji Xuanyuan's army to cope. The Emperor of Heaven ordered Jiu Tian Xuan Nu and Feng Hou and Ying Long to make a south-pointing chariot to separate the four directions. They helped Ji Xuan yuan break through the fog and capture Chi You. They dismembered the mixed-blood demon God by five horses. The corpse was hidden in the end of the sky and the corner of the sea, so as to avoid future trouble forever. Only then did they correct the throne of the gods and educate the world. From then on, they became the ancestors of the human race and were honored as Xuanyuan Huangdi. Therefore, since the Battle of Zhuolu, this south-pointing chariot has become the imperial chariot of the Yellow Emperor Xuanyuan, which is used to travel around the world. It is also a supreme treasure symbolizing the power of the ancient king of gods and men. Its status is only under the sword of the Emperor Xuanyuan, which disappeared later. Because the south-pointing car is so famous, there are many records about it in the information that Ruoshui has seen in the game. In addition, the car looks strange and unique, so it is not surprising that this boy will have that kind of inexplicable familiarity after seeing the real thing of the south-pointing car. But what really surprised Ruoshui was not that the legendary south-pointing chariot suddenly appeared in front of him, but that the south-pointing chariot, as the power treasure of the ancient gods, would fall into the hands of one of the greatest enemies of the ancient gods, the witches of the city of nine witches. Wu Busy and Wu Fu had been looking at Ruoshui triumphantly after releasing the strange car, as if they were waiting for him to ask them questions. At this time, they were surprised to hear Ruoshui call out the name of "Guide Car". Then their faces were even more proud, and their noses were almost sticking up to the sky. Naturally, there was a reason why the two of them were so proud. When Ruoshui recognized the origin of the chariot, he immediately asked them in great surprise: "This compass chariot is the chariot used by the Yellow Emperor Xuanyuan, the king of ancient gods and men. How could it appear in the hands of the two predecessors?" The sorcerer replied with a proud laugh, "I didn't expect that you could recognize this south-pointing chariot, little friend of Ruoshui. Your knowledge is extraordinary. But how do you know that when the world was changing, the ancient sorcerers, gods and demons fought repeatedly, killing corpses everywhere and bleeding. This south-pointing chariot was the boundless magic power of many great sorcerers in my sorcery door at that time." The booty taken from the tribe of gods and men. Later,ultrasonic welding transducer, when the Emperor of Heaven separated the gods and men, the chariot was brought to Kunlun Ruins by Lord Jiuwu and left in the city of Jiuwu as a chariot for Lord Jiuwu to patrol, so as to show the power of my sorcery gate! fycgsonic.com

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The road of online games is invisible.