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The night does not speak the mysterious file 1-4, Full-time Job

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Didn't you say she left a death message? Maybe this is it. I held the bronze figure in the palm of my hand and looked at it carefully. This is obviously a statue of the Yuliang Kingdom in Western Shu more than two thousand years ago. Even if the exaggerated big eyes are not open, they seem to be able to see through people's hearts. Just looking at it will make you feel a chill. When he had just found these things, he himself had looked at them. At that time, he judged that they should be street goods, but now he was really holding them in his hand, feeling the touch of bronze, looking at the delicate outline of the details, but he began to have some doubts. Over the past two thousand years, the world has undergone tremendous changes, and industry has been growing crazily all the time, even down to the nanometer scale. But there is one thing that human beings have regressed, and regressed faster and faster, that is, handicraft art. Touching the bronze human face, I hesitated. Its delicacy had long gone beyond the level of modern handicraft,faux ficus tree, and it was definitely not comparable to the rough stall goods. Is this thing real? Was it stolen from Sanxingdui by some grave robbers before it was excavated? But why are these things hidden in the Aoyama Sanatorium? Seeing that I was lost in thought, Yuying carefully pulled the corner of my clothes: "Ah Ye, people have seen it.". Only the thing in your hand is not buried in the original. I nodded. "That should be it.". So, what about your time box? "I want to bury back, after all, this is my common memory with Wanxin.". Now that she is gone forever,artificial plant wall panels, let the time box be buried underground forever and accompany her. Her eyes were slightly red and she tried not to cry. I smiled. "Then let's do it now." My hand touched the shovel again, and just as I was about to pour the first shovel into the pit, my whole body suddenly stiffened. Suddenly I thought of something in my mind. I turned my head slowly. I looked at Yuying and felt cold all over. "Yuying, I don't know if you have found a strange thing." "What is it?" She asked doubtfully. I also just found that this pit has not been dug for a long time, and your time treasure box has not been opened, even the seal has not been broken, so how did Xu Wanxin put the bronze head in it? Yuying understood and turned pale with fright: "It's too, too incredible. Could it be after Wanxin died.." Fool, there are no ghosts in this world. There must be something we're missing. I shivered and forced myself to be calm. At that moment, the mobile phone rang. As soon as I picked it up and listened to a few words, my already ugly face turned even paler. Whose phone is it? Yuying leaned against me in fear and hugged my arms tightly. It's my cousin who is a policeman. "He asked me if I knew a boy named Qian Yong, artificial grass panels ,silk ficus tree," I murmured. "Ah Yong?"? What's the matter with him? "Dead? Suicide?". It is said that the situation of suicide is very strange. DATE: May 18, 6 p.m. At six o'clock, Sun Ao and Zhao Yu arrived at the Castle Peak Sanatorium on time. Looking at the huge building that had been abandoned for a long time, their heads tingled. The hospital is like a prehistoric beast with teeth and claws, eyes closed tightly, but with a strong sense of danger. It's not the first time I've been to this place, but I've never been so upset. Zhao Yu wrapped his coat tightly and his voice trembled a little: "Strange, how did this hospital suddenly become strange?" "The same feeling." "Sun Ao smiled bitterly." Maybe it's because someone has been here for a long time. No, I remember that this place is often used by major associations as a venue for testing courage. Even now, it should still be very popular. "Forget it, don't think so much. Anyway, find Zhang first." Sun Ao touched the two bronze statues in his pocket and shook his head unconsciously. Such a valuable research object was regarded as a lovely plaything by the three girls. It is said that He Yi even used an eyebrow pencil to change the shape of the object. It is really ridiculous: anyway, it is also equivalent to a national first-class cultural relic. Zhang Huan asked us to meet in the morgue? I can't imagine his timid appearance at ordinary times. "Zhao Yu looked at the door of the hospital:" Strange, here should have been opened recently, have given birth to a lot of spider webs. "He's a murderer. How could he go in through the gate? Anyone with a discerning eye could see that there was someone hiding inside." Sun Ao looked around and said, "Let's not go through the gate, so as not to be followed.". I know there's a secret passage nearby. Follow me. He walked to the left and turned several times before he came to a dead corner. Gently push aside the weeds in the corner and suddenly reveal a small hole. Is this the so-called dog hole? Zhao Yu laughed. Sun Ao also smiled: "What's wrong with the dog hole? Even if it's a cat hole, we can only climb in.". Come on. The hospital had been cut off from water and electricity for a long time, and the sealed building could not be seen. They turned on the flashlight they had already prepared, turned the aperture to the maximum, and finally there was some visibility around them. This is the right side of the lobby of the hospital, which used to be the children's ward. Even after it was converted into a sanatorium, it was specially designed for those children who were not healthy but could not be cured at that time. There are ten rooms in total, and the beds, pillows, bedding and other objects in each room are still very complete. Even on the last day of the closure of the nursing home, the staff spontaneously folded all the quilts neatly. If you use a flashlight, you can see white clouds on the lovely sky-blue quilt cover, which is very childlike. Zhao Yu looked at the objects in the ward and said softly, "When I was a child, I often wondered that the Chinese are a nation that likes to loot. As long as no one lives in a place, even the eaves and roof tiles will be stolen.". But in such a big hospital, the things inside have not been lost at all, which is really weird. "There seems to be nothing to be surprised about." Sun Ao smiled, "Think about it,silk cherry blossom tree, Chinese people like to loot, but they are more superstitious.". Since there are rumors of ghosts in the hospital, who dares to move the haunted things home without fear of death? Maybe he will die a violent death. hacartificialtree.com

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