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The ghost marriage curse Full-time Job

1 year ago   Environment & Mining   Paoy Paet   407 views
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Aftermath is frightened by Ma Xing's words, say: "You are neuropathy, inexplicable!" After saying this, the aftermath is going to leave, with Ma Xing together, really uncomfortable. But just about to turn around, Ma Xing suddenly ran over, hugged him, and then kissed the face of the aftermath. What is more disgusting is that Ma Xing said something like I like you, I love you, and I will be good to you all my life. If this kind of words put on a couple of men and women, it is absolutely a very romantic thing, but these two are pure men ah! It was like a bolt from the blue for the two men to say such sweet words, which made people feel silly. And the state of the aftermath at that time was like this, and it was directly confused. When he reacted, he found that the first kiss he had treasured for twenty years had not been taken away by a strong and slightly fat man! How could he stand such humiliation? All kinds of grievances and embarrassments came to his mind, and finally he could not help crying. Crying and running, I didn't think of calling me until I ran to a corner of the school. Perhaps it is such a thing not to find someone to talk about, the heart is more uncomfortable? I think so. After listening to the aftermath, I was stunned for a long time, Ma Xing, more than 1.8 meters tall, that strong body is also a real man,Coil nail machine, but did not expect to like men! I can only sigh that the gay world is too complicated for people like me to understand. At the same time also secretly glad, fortunately that dead gay did not like me, otherwise. To think that every night he sleepwalks and likes to stand at the head of my bed, if he really wants to *** me, maybe he will succeed. A chill jumped from the heel to the neck, at the same time the whole body had goose bumps, it seems that tonight can not continue to sleep in the dormitory, in case the other side of the beast hair, what I did,Automatic nail machine, it will be a big loss. The aftermath on the other end of the phone was still crying, so I had to comfort him and tell him not to take things too hard, and then said that I would find an opportunity to send him to the school's psychological teacher to see his psychology. Aftermath is not willing to say that this is useless. I don't know if it's useful. Anyway, I don't want to continue to participate in such a thing. I'm a geomancer with ideals. It's none of my business to engage in gay lilies? Just as I was thinking about how to hang up the phone, the aftermath suddenly changed the subject and talked about something I cared about. He said: "I lived in the dormitory with Ma Xing for a year before, but I didn't find that he liked men. But since he came into contact with He Bin a few days ago, the whole person seems to have changed. It's really strange." He Bin? As soon as my heart moved, I asked, "Is the He Bin you mentioned a famous scum man in the school?" Aftermath one is stupefied, say in a low voice next: "You just came to the school a few days, even the thing that He Bin is human scum knew?" Sure enough! The reaction of the aftermath has shown that He Bin is the scum man who harmed Sun Yi. It's just that I'm a little puzzled, because I heard Niu Yan say that the guy hasn't been to school since he cleaned up in the apartment last time, and the guy doesn't seem to be familiar with boys, right? I mentioned the question to Yu Bo, who was also puzzled, and then said, wire nail making machine ,Coil Nail Making Machine, "Maybe they are classmates. Even if they are not familiar with each other, it's not a big problem to meet and talk." Chatted for more than half an hour, after a talk, I also understand some things, and the aftermath because of this talk, the mood has become better, at least no longer cry. After talking to Yu Bo for a long time, he hung up the phone. My mind was a little confused at this time, and after a long time of thinking, I finally figured out some clues. Maybe Ma Xing is not gay at all, but has been lowered by a scum man, but I don't understand how he can harm men instead of harming girls now? Could it be that men and women take all? Then this idea let me throw out my head, scum man's Yin thing, that is, the bloody underwear were taken away by me, where did he get the ability to continue to drop his head? It seems unlikely. I decided to check it carefully when I went back to the dormitory in the evening. If I found that Ma Xing had the fluctuation of Yin Qi, it meant that he was a scum man. If not, it could only be said that Ma Xing really liked men. Unfortunately, things are not as people wish, in the evening, Ma Xing did not come back to sleep, which makes me very speechless. The next morning, when I went to the canteen to eat, I saw Ma Xing following the aftermath like a follower. Wherever the aftermath went, he went. He also took the initiative to buy breakfast for the aftermath. That gallant look was really unacceptable. Ma Xing is like a man guarding his girlfriend, very close to the aftermath, so that a group of students who eat frequently look askance, and even some students take out their mobile phones to take pictures secretly. After all, there is a male couple in the school, and this kind of hot news is still very interesting. Aftermath tears can not cry out, he is a man with normal personality orientation, like a real girl, men can not think at all, Ma Xing's behavior undoubtedly brought him great trouble. But the strength of the other side is so great that it is difficult for the aftermath to resist. When I saw these two people, I wanted to laugh for a while, and then turned away. I didn't want to be caught by them. If everyone knew that I was in the same dormitory with them, wouldn't it be a disgrace? Just as I was about to leave, the boy in the aftermath saw me and immediately came to me to ask for my help. I had to stop and wait for them to approach with a whisper of bad luck. As a result, when he saw me, he immediately changed his face: "Why are you here?"? It was on purpose! Ma Xing's words were so rude that I couldn't bear to hear them, so I said, "It's interesting. This is not your canteen. You can come to buy breakfast. Why can't I come?" "Boy, I tell you, don't try to snatch the aftermath from my hands, or you will be punished." Ma Xing said. Want me to look good? I sneer: "With you?"? I don't believe it. "Smelly boy, want to try?" As soon as Ma Xing was angry, he would rush over to fight with me. Fortunately, the aftermath stopped him, otherwise he would really see blood today. Finally, I stared at Ma Xing in disgust and was about to leave. But a few girls in the canteen said, "Oh,Nail machine supplier, my God, I'm not dazzled, am I?"? Two men almost started fighting for another man. There's no justice! 3shardware.com

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