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The brave are invincible Full-time Job

11 months ago   IT & Telecom   Battambang   393 views
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"From now on," said Bailichao, "we must move forward slowly. Perhaps the enemy has released a hidden card." Before she reached the foot of the mountain, the princess suddenly stumbled and cried softly, "Here's a rope!" "It's an alarm bell," said Bailichao in a hurry. "Why didn't you hear the bell?" Asked the princess. "This is the enemy's cleverness," said Bailichao. "We can't hear the bell." "What should I do?" Asked the princess. "Can you resist the wind and soar into the air?" Asked Baili Chao anxiously. "Yes, yes," said the princess, "but you can't stay in the air." "Fortunately," said Bailichao, "there is a way to quit, but we.." "We don't want to retreat like this," said the princess. Bailichao seemed to think of something difficult to open his mouth and kept rubbing his hands. At the same time, countless dark shadows appeared on the mountain. As soon as the princess saw it, she exclaimed, "Hurry up and make up your mind. The enemy is coming to search!" "Shall we quit?" Asked Bailichao. The princess shook her head and said, "If you can retreat like this, just kill him for a while!" "You can't do it," said Bailichao hurriedly. "Once you do it,potassium sulphate fertilizer, Bashan and others will be in danger." "What should I do?" The princess asked anxiously? Isn't it impossible to advance or retreat? Bailichao said, "Let's try to land on the mountain from the air first. If we happen to land in a place where the enemy doesn't find it, we'll be lucky. Otherwise, we'll have to quit." The princess immediately condensed her True Qi and whispered, "What if I can't choose a place to settle down?" "I'll be by your side," said Bailichao. "Then I'll take you down." "I'm afraid it would be terrible if I landed in the enemy's hiding place," said the princess. Qi has enough to move, had to go,Magnesium Oxide MgO, jumped up, like a meteor, into the air as high as several miles, deep through the clouds, draw an arc, just to the top of the mountain. Accompanied by Bailichao, he bent his head and found the most secluded place under a cliff. He immediately stretched out his hand and whispered, "Scatter the True Qi, and I'll take you down." "No," said the princess suddenly, "I see a sword at the foot of the cliff." Bailichao suddenly hugged her and stopped in the air. "Where is it?" He asked. In his arms, the princess immediately felt a comfort that she had never felt in her life, and her whole body was like an electric shock! "I lied to you, fool, magnesium nitrate hexahydrate ,caustic calcined magnesite," he whispered. "Why did you lie to me?" Asked Bailichao in horror. "I want to see if you can hold me in the air," said the princess. Bailichao slowly held her down from the cliff, and Chuanyin sighed, "Do you know I've ever thought about it?" "Are you afraid of hugging me?" Asked the princess. Bailichao sighed again: "Our names are brother and sister. It is not allowed to do so. Otherwise, what else should I consider?" "We are not brother and sister," said the princess, shaking her head. "Don't you know that the emperor has accepted me as his adopted son?" Asked Bailichao with a wry smile. The princess chuckled and said, "I have asked my father to withdraw his order." "Why do you have such a motive?" Asked Bailichao in horror. "My father has betrothed me to you," said the princess. "You're the only one who doesn't know." Bailichao was so scared that he was tongue-tied and couldn't believe his ears! "At the same time," said the princess, "I also ask my father to make me a commoner, so that I can follow you all over the world in the future. Sister Hong and Sister Ting also know about this." Bailichao sighed: "This is your own self-abasement!" The princess said with a smile, "I was not born to my father. My parents were the younger brother of Fang Xiaoru. My father regretted killing Fang Xiaoru by mistake. That's why he took me into the palace and married me." "Is your surname Fang?" Asked Bailichao. The princess nodded and said, "My name is Jing Lan. It's a pity that my parents have already passed away." Bailichao had nothing to say. Then he understood why the princess wanted to take risks with her. He sighed lightly, "Hong'er and Ting'er should be spanked, but they didn't even reveal anything to me.". ” "What shall we do now?" Asked the princess. "The mountain is too big," said Bailichao. "We have to find out the enemy's important place slowly." "Shall we go up to the cliff and check the summit first?" The princess asked. "Let's find a place to eat some dry food first," said Bailichao. "It's not the fourth watch yet." Two people eat dry food at the foot of the cliff, so quietly pulled up to the cliff, who expected just to stop, suddenly saw two dark shadows on the side slowly! "Hide quickly," Bailichao whispered. As soon as I hid it, I heard a middle-aged voice. "When did you move outside the pass?" He asked in a heavy voice. Listen to a rustling throat sound again, strange laugh: "It is 5 years ago!" It is 5 years ago! He opened his mouth with a sneer and said, "There must be a reason why the archbishop treats you differently and regards you as a confidant." Then he opened his mouth with a rustle and said with a laugh, "Smuggler dog!"! Do you know who my wife is? Known as the Smuggler Dog sneer, said: "Who does not know that she is Annan's famous pink she-wolf!"! If you are ruthless, you will have bad luck sooner or later! "Smuggler," said the dealer in a low voice, "be careful of your head. My wife is the adopted daughter of the High Leader! If you want to settle down, you have to be careful what you say. We have been friends for many years, but I can't save you then! "My sister-in-law is the adopted daughter of the high religious leader," the smuggler said in a frightened voice. "Now you should know my position in Annam," said the dealer proudly. "What are we going to do in Wangtian Valley?" Asked the smuggler dog. "Check the prisoner," whispered the dealer! I heard that a batch of important prisoners will be handed over to me for custody today. When Bailichao saw the two men walking from the front while talking, he immediately told the princess, "These two men are traitors in our martial arts world. Keep an eye on them!" "What did he say about Wangtian Valley?" Asked the princess? Probably a place for prisoners! "It's also the most important and dangerous place for the enemy," said Bailichao. The two men sneaked to catch up and soon entered a very low valley. The valley is full of forests and grotesque rocks, which are like ghosts and monsters. There is a cliff behind the valley, which hangs high into the clouds. Who would have thought that there would be arcades everywhere under the cliff, with bright lights. As soon as the princess saw it, she said in surprise, "I didn't expect the enemy to have such strange buildings here!" "In that case," said Bailichao, "it will be even harder for us to get close." Fortunately did not see the figure to move,calcium ammonium nitrate price, inside lifeless, two people with superhuman flying skill! Still staring at the two Central Plains mole deep. After passing several tall buildings and turning to the cliff, I heard someone shouting in front of me. stargrace-magnesite.com

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The brave are invincible