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The autumn moon in the Han Palace Full-time Job

3 months ago   Environment & Mining   Battambang   114 views
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Sure enough, something terrible happened that she wanted to forget. I used to have that feeling of isolation and fear, when she was with me, but now I'm not with her. I'm ashamed of her. What else can I force her to do? I looked up with a simple and happy smile, like a child who is not familiar with the world and wants an answer. "Will we meet again after that?"? At that time, I will call you'Zi Ye 'openly, OK? She nodded with a smile, as if there was a trace of life on her face. I am as happy as a child who has got the candy he has been longing for for a long time. But who can hear my heart crying? After all, even she will leave me. What is yours is yours, and what is not yours cannot be forced. It's better to put an ellipsis on this friendship than a full stop. In fact, very, very early. She suddenly became hesitant, and after a while she suddenly asked without thinking, "How are you and Mr. Liu?" “…… "The light that slants in in the afternoon." "It's over with you." I can't tell you. "How much beauty is left this season?" I choose absolute or zero. Not some or the middle. "If there are memories." Keep it to yourself. The past is like a silent shadow around you. The season is over. "It's time to wake up." "The day is over." "I should go, too." "Have you heard this song?" "Well, Xu Jing's Shadow Lover." She nodded and said with embarrassment, "Actually." Actually, you don't have to comfort me. I have followed your old man's wishes-after entering the palace, I have finished with him. I don't know whether I'm comforting her or myself. What about Liu Che? With a wry smile, "Alas!"! "Once the mulberry sea was difficult for water, but Wushan was not a cloud." He and I did not start. "One is Langyuan Xianhu, and the other is Yuwuxian.". If there is no strange fate, will you meet him again in this life? If there is a strange fate, how can the mind end up empty? One is in vain, the other is in vain; one is in the water, the other is in the mirror. How many tears can there be in your eyes? How can they flow from autumn to winter and from autumn to summer? Come on, why do you read Wandering Eyebrows when you have nothing to do? Isn't the atmosphere miserable enough? Wen Zuo gave her an angry white look. She shook her head with a wry smile, but her words were fearsome and serious. "Moon,4 person jacuzzi, for Liu Tong, please choose to forget.". You and he will end, and there will be a new beginning. "I don't understand.". How many days have you been with Mr. Dongfang and his son, and how can your words become so profound and difficult to understand? I rubbed my hands in her arms and showed my child's attitude. You'll understand later. That's why I want you to go to the palace. Her voice suddenly seemed to be far away from me, as far away as the future I was looking at. Without waiting for me to reflect on her words, Dongfang Shuo rushed in, "Miss Ziye, it's time to drink medicine." Seed Ye took the bowl of medicine, looked up and drank it down, with the heroism of drinking a bowl of wine, but I clearly smelled the bitter and astringent taste of the medicine, almost did not spit it out, it was really hard for her. I looked at the seed Ye, the heart silently promised: "You suffer today, I will teach those people to double the repayment." After drinking the medicine, massage bathtub manufacturers ,whirlpool hot tub spa, she handed over the bowl and said with a smile, "Sir, you don't have to hide it in front of her." I looked at Dongfang Shuo doubtfully. He smiled and said, "Forget it today. There is still a word Wu!"! Lord Weng, it's getting late. We have to get back to Chang'an before it gets dark. "I know, you go out first, and I'll follow you right away." When Dongfang Shuo went out, I finally couldn't let go of my curiosity and asked with a gossipy face, "What's hiding?" "His true face." She laughed. I stared at her smile for a long time, always feel that the smile is very special, is now the seed Ye in the original Zi dimple body does not have. Uh Is the old man finally going to be in love? Say that finish, I completely ignore the seed Ye in the back of the scolding, happy to catch up with the footsteps of Dongfang Shuo. "Mr. East, treat her well!" Without waiting for Dongfang Shuo to react, I jumped in front of him and added in my heart, "Or I will destroy you!" The cold winter in Chang'an In the twinkling of an eye, it was December. The winter in Chang'an is very cold, with heavy snow and goose feathers flying all over the sky. My heart is also very cold, colder than the winter in Chang'an, so cold that even the snow will not fall. How can it snow on mine? Will it only bleed at most? I am always in the constant choice, but God never favors me, always after the choice I found myself wrong. I curled up in the quilt, staring out of the window at the heavy snow, recalling what happened in the morning, or that is not true. Heaven, fate, why do you always play tricks on me? ………… It has been two months in a twinkling of an eye. Every time I pester Dongfang Shuo to see Ziye, I see her gas getting better and better. Today should be good, right? I came by myself today. I excitedly went to find Dongfang Shuo early in the morning, but his business was so good today that he had already measured three words, so he would go early. The New Year is coming soon, and the day of the emperor's wedding is approaching day by day. It will be rare for me to come out in the future. And my mother stared at me like a prisoner these days, for fear that I would go back on my word and run away from marriage. I went through a lot of trouble to come out. Can I go back so easily? So I had to hire my own car to get out of town. Before the man entered the room, the voice had rushed into the room: "Zi Ye, here I come again." I'm here, but I'm gone! If I don't come today, I won't see what I shouldn't see, and I won't regret my decision. When the man sitting opposite Zi Ye turned his head, I was shocked and had a feeling of crying without tears, "Jian Tian.." Elder brother Time seems to stay at this moment, two people are staring at me, seed Ye face pale, and Jian Tian brother some inexplicable, some pondering look at me. His eyebrows are still the same, just a magnified version of many years ago. Appearance, I am so familiar with,indoor endless pool, I once dreamed of seeing every day; temperament, he gives people the feeling is different, he and I have not like the past strange. monalisa.com

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The autumn moon in the Han Palace