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Tai Sui Deification List Full-time Job

1 year ago   Environment & Mining   Samraong   428 views
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Strangely enough, the streets were empty and empty, and only five children were playing mud house at the entrance. The houses in the game were miniature models of local rooms, which were very realistic and lovely. When Li Tanhua came forward to ask, the five children dispersed in a hubbub, some into the oleander bushes, some hiding in the corner, all with hostile eyes, which was puzzling. A boy looked timidly at Li Tanhua and asked: "Who is Big Brother looking for?" Although the boy is hostile to strangers, he asks questions politely, which shows that the residents here attach importance to education and do not neglect their children because of poverty. Li Tanhua smiled and said: Xiao Tong, is your adult here? I want to inquire about a person. The boy was stunned and asked: "You are a foreigner." Do we have your acquaintances in Mojia Village? Tell me that I can also know all the grandparents, grandmothers, uncles and other elders in the village. Li Tanhua smiled and said: "Mo Da's greedy little brother, where does Mo Yaoqian live?"? Can you take me to him? Child ink big greedy innocent bright two eyes spirit motive warning way: "Uncle Mo never sees outsiders, nor does he live here. Please go back!" As soon as Li Tanhua was in a daze, he rubbed his cheeks habitually and said to himself, very disappointed: "How could this happen." How can I explain to Sister Li? A boy came out of the bushes and looked at Li Tanhua for a moment. Suddenly he slanted the corners of his mouth and said with a strange smile: "Big Brother, I know where Uncle Mo is!" The children's ink was so greedy that he blushed and scolded: "Great wish!"! Don't talk nonsense! I want to tell Dad how to punish you for talking nonsense with strangers! Li Tanhua, of course, could hear the clue in the words of this pair of children, and with joy in his heart, he took out a few coppers in his bosom and said: "I'm not a bad person. Tell me the whereabouts of the money. I'll bring the cake next time. Now you can buy snacks with these coppers." Mo Da wished to take the copper plate greedily and said happily: "Brother, the bad guys won't write these two words on their foreheads. They can't push it out if they give money voluntarily, otherwise they won't take our words seriously.". Do you think this big brother is a good man or a bad man? Ink big greedy eyes suddenly turn different collect stroboscopic, speak tone like an adult, way: "My brother is clever!"! Now that we've got the coppers, we can't cheat them. You can take this elder brother to see Uncle Mo, and I'll tell Dad we have a visitor. We'll have to kill pigs and chickens to entertain the distinguished guests. We'll have to eat and drink tonight! The child slipped into the bushes, and his younger brother, Mo Da yuan, kindly pulled Li Tanhua's sleeve into the village road. About a mile away, he saw three forks in the road. Pointing to the middle road, he said: "Big Brother has come to the end, where Uncle Mo lives." Then he turned around and disappeared into the bushes on the right side. Li Tanhua frowned. Why were these children drilling through the bushes? And I haven't seen an adult for a long time? The village seems to be an empty city. He followed the child's instructions and walked along the road. The road was no more than ten feet wide, and the houses on both sides all looked the same. The road did not go straight to the end, but turned in a big arc without seeing the corner. After making an appointment for a cup of tea, I felt something was wrong. Why did I seem to be going round and round? He stretched out his fingers to draw a mark on the wall of a house, temperature check kiosk , and then counted his steps to measure the distance so as not to get lost. After another cup of tea, he made an appointment for more than 2,000 steps. He felt as if he had returned to the original point, and then looked for the mark he had deliberately left just now, but it was gone! No wonder people doubt their judgment and go on. But Li Tanhua is not an ordinary character. She can see at a glance that the adobe that has been painted has been replaced by a whole piece, because the color is slightly different, and if she is not careful, she can't see it at all. Li Tanhua decided that Mo must hide somewhere in the village, while the whole "Mojia Village" was very United and extremely exclusive, and its architectural and environmental layout was quite special and strange, which made it impossible for outsiders to see the whole picture. Especially the use of innocent children to lure adults round and round, I wonder who is the leader of "Mojia Village"? Thus it can be seen that it is a wise man who can teach the whole village that the old, the weak, the women, and the children are all soldiers, and let the invaders retreat in the face of difficulties. Li Tanhua aroused curiosity, do not believe that can not find ink bite money, otherwise how to go back to the dying but full of revenge will explain to sister Li? He pus open that door of the room with both hands and cry: Is there anyone here? Ask the master to come out and meet! When the sun shines into the house, it can be clearly seen that apart from a small table and four benches, the living room of this family is extremely poor, but there is a plaque hanging high in the hall with the words "self-discipline and leniency". These four words have explained the family education legacy of this poor family, probably after the famous family, right? Because it is not easy to make a living in such a poor place, who else can follow the family precepts? When Li Tanhua saw that the person who inscribed the plaque was actually "Mozi", he couldn't help but be curious. He stepped into the door and walked into the humble living room to appreciate the pen and ink of the sages. When he sat down on the bench, he sank. In an instant, he put his hand on the table and wanted to fly into the air. His reaction was not bad, but he didn't expect that the whole two-foot table and the floor within six feet of the bench would quickly fall to the center of the earth, and there was no. Li Tanhua kept her falling posture unchanged and saw four thick ropes hanging six feet from the ground. Looking up, the light hole was getting smaller and smaller. "Touch!" As soon as the ground rang, it closed, and it fell about thirty feet deep, and the whole space was like a place of ink. Bake! Bake! Suddenly, two pots of fire burned on both sides, illuminating the whole space. Although Li Tanhua blamed herself for being taken in, she could not help but applaud the ingenuity of the whole project when she saw that the fire pots on the left and right sides were about ten feet apart and were lit at the entrance of the tunnel at a height of about a person, and that four thick ropes were suspended from the ground six feet around. The ground was originally made of wood to support the weight of the tables, chairs, and her own body. He looked down and saw that the bottom of the cave was full of sharpened bamboos. If an ordinary person fell through the air, he would surely die a terrible death. At present, the only way to escape is to climb up the rope. Although the person who designed the trap is vicious, it seems that he deliberately left people a way out. From the right side of the tunnel, a man's voice came out: "Don't act rashly, little brother. If one falls carelessly, no one can save you." Li Tanhua said angrily:. hsdtouch.com

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Three lives, three lives. Pillow book _ End of the first volume