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Sword devouring Full-time Job

4 months ago   Legal & Consulting   Paoy Paet   160 views
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"Clang", a crisp sound, Ye Feng's double fingers accurately clamped the dagger. Just when Ye Feng was secretly full of vitality and ready to break the dagger, suddenly, a particularly strange, but sharp cold awn came out of the dagger. This ray of light full of smart breath fell on Ye Feng's finger, directly crushing the True Qi outside Ye Feng's finger with a light sound. Even though Ye Feng's five-element spirit body is more tough than steel, under the sharp cutting edge of the dagger, the fingertips are also cut open. Ye Feng has the power of Taiyi Shenmu, as long as the body is not completely destroyed, any injury will recover in an instant. However, even though the dagger did not cause him any substantial damage, he was still surprised. This dagger is undoubtedly a magical weapon that can break the True Qi of the Sword Sect and scratch his fingers. And at the moment of fighting with the man in black, Ye Feng had a feeling in his heart that he had seen the eyes of the man in black like autumn water. Who are you Ye Feng asked softly. Seeing Ye Feng's finger being cut, but recovering in the blink of an eye, the man in black could not help but be stunned. And who are you? The man in black said in a shrill voice, so that one could not recognize his original voice. Yin Shang Guo Ye Feng! Ye Feng looked directly at the man in black and said. Leaf. Ye Feng. For a moment, the man in black appeared a brief absence, like the eyes of autumn water transpiration from a mist. Staring at Ye Feng for a long time,empty cosmetic tubes, the man in black suddenly turned around and flew away like a wild goose. Want to escape? Ye Feng low drink a way. His hands formed several complicated seals one after another, and a dragnet cage was laid between the sky and the ground, covering a radius of one mile. Promoted to become a strong sword, Ye Feng released the power of the cage of the dragnet also greatly enhanced. The whole cage not only firmly besieged the man in black, but also released a heavy pressure, forcing the man in black to move slowly. Seeing the escape route blocked, the pressure on the body,custom cosmetic packaging, seriously imprisoned the operation of their own vitality, the eyes of the man in black dropped two bean-sized tears. Suddenly back, found that Ye Feng has been chasing, he suddenly full of vitality, the body radiates a force not inferior to the eight-level sword emperor. Just as the dagger contains a powerful and eerie energy, the energy released by the man in black is also very eerie, which is different from the energy that Ye Feng has ever seen. The breath rushed into the void, like a sharp sword, cutting the aura around the body to pieces, and at the same time restoring the body of the man in black to its normal speed of movement. The man in black made several somersaults in succession, and once again pulled away the distance between him and Ye Feng. Seeing the man in black flee a mile away and come to the edge of the cage of the dragnet, Ye Feng smiled scornfully and pointed her finger at the light curtain of the dragnet extending from the sky to the ground. Shock! Ye Feng's tongue burst lightly and shouted. His voice fell, and the surface of the dragnet cage shook violently, bouncing back with strong energy, custom cosmetic packing ,metal cosmetic tubes, directly bombarding the body of the man in black. Bang, bang, bang! Several muffled sounds exploded on the body surface of the man in black, directly ejecting the man in black for hundreds of meters. Body is still in the air, the mouth of the man in black spurts out several mouthfuls of blood, in front of the black veil can not hide the blood flow, along the scarf fell on the chest. With a thud, the body of the man in black fell heavily to the ground. The moment the body fell to the ground, the huge recoil force blasted into the black body again, directly hitting his heart, not only spurting blood in his mouth, but also showing traces of blood in the other six orifices. The man in black fell to the ground, losing any ability to move. See the man in black lying on the ground, still back turned, do not want to see his true face, Ye Feng heart can not help a burst of wonder. Had it not been for his intuition, the man in black might have been an acquaintance of his, and just now a shaking trick would have been enough to kill the man in black. The reason why he didn't kill him was that he wanted to see the true face of the man in black. Ye Feng slowly came to the man in black and reached out to grab the black veil in front of him. In the face of Ye Feng's palm, the man in black showed a trace of panic in his eyes. Regardless of his injured body, he struggled to dodge forcibly. Hiss! The veil was removed from the face of the man in black who could not dodge. At the moment when the veil fell, a pale but pretty face was displayed in front of Ye Feng. Why are you? Ye Feng asked in surprise. Faced with Ye Feng's questioning, the man in black once again shed two lines of tears in his eyes, unable to control his emotions any longer, and choked up with his hands covering his face. Ye Feng, you kill me, I am a murderer, the crime should die! Said the man in black, sobbing. Hearing the words of the man in black, Ye Feng's heart was slightly sour. He gently stroked the black hair of the man in black and said in a low voice, "Lianqiao, what happened?". Why did you go to kill the remnants of the Lotus Mountain? Lianqiao, this man in black is the young and beautiful, full of vitality of the little servant girl Lianqiao. When Chen Nanzhu was killed by Ye Feng, Lianqiao was far away from the Shang Dynasty, but Ye Feng did not expect that they would meet again in such a way. Seeing Lianqiao still sobbing and refusing to speak, Ye Feng sighed lightly. In fact, Lianqiao does not say the reason, Ye Feng can also guess why Lianqiao would do this. For the loyal Lianqiao, it is her lifelong wish to avenge Chen Nanzhu. She could not seek revenge from Ye Feng, but would find the Lotus Mountain that led Chen Nanzhu to a desperate situation step by step. The Lotus Mountain was destroyed, leaving only the remnants of the Lotus Mountain at large. What Lianqiao could do was to try her best to eradicate the remnants of the Lotus Mountain. The noise on the street finally alarmed the guards in charge of guarding Longyuan Pavilion and the surrounding streets. A large number of guards came with open fire and shouted in their mouths. Catch the assassin, catch the assassin! The head of the guard army shouted loudly and led his men to the location of Ye Feng and Lianqiao. When they were less than 100 meters away from Ye Feng, Ye Feng turned around. Glancing coldly at this group of belated guards,plastic laminated tube, Ye Feng said in a cold voice, "Ye Feng is here, and all the miscellaneous people are stepping down!" "Crash!" All the guards dispersed in an instant like the tide. emptycosmetictubes.com

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