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Silver Moon and Flying Frost-Wolongsheng _ txt Novel Paradise Full-time Job

1 year ago   IT & Telecom   Paoy Paet   493 views
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"So I think I might as well let Miss Xiao meet him," said Bai Yuxian. "If I can prove that it wasn't him who molested Miss Yang, the truth will be clear." Tan Sangu got up and said, "Yes!"! Let's go and inform Miss Xiao. Two people came to the west wing guest room, has not yet approached the door of the room, has heard a burst of crying in the room. Bai Yuxian was stunned. She knocked at the door and shouted, "Jade, open the door!" It turned out that after what happened that day, Yang Yao was in great pain. Tan Sangu was afraid that she would take things too hard for a while and commit suicide. She left Xiao Jiao and Huang Xiaoyu to accompany each other day and night, trying to comfort them. Hearing the sound, Huang Xiaoyu immediately opened the door. Bai Yuxian went into the room and saw Yang Yao lying on the bed, crying bitterly. Xiao Jiaojiao's persuasion was ineffective and she was at a loss. Bai Yuxian asked softly, "Jade, how is Miss Yang?" Huang Hsiao-yu said gloomily, "She's been clamoring to kill Brother Qin, but her daughter and Miss Xiao won't listen to her advice. There's nothing she can do.." Tan Sangu followed her into the room and whispered, "Yuxian, take Miss Xiao out to talk. Don't let Miss Yang know." Bai Yuxian nodded knowingly and winked at Xiao Jiao. The two of them walked out of the room together. Walking toward the corridor, Xiao Jiao asked softly, "What's the matter?" Bai Yuxian nodded slightly and said, "I want to see you!" Xiao Jiao was stunned. "See me?" She asked in surprise? Why do you want to see me? Bai Yuxian said with a straight face, "I probably want to prove that it wasn't him who molested Miss Yang that day." Xiao Jiaojiao was startled again. "The younger generation saw him slip out of Miss Yang's room with their own eyes," she said hurriedly. "Who else was he?" "That's the problem," said Bai Yuxian. "I've seen him just now.." "Where did Senior Bai see him?" Xiao Jiao asked in surprise. Bai Yuxian said in a low voice, "It was a disciple of the Gopher School who came to inform me. Originally, Lord Han and Lord Wang were going to go there. I was afraid that they would make things stiff, so I persuaded them to go to the Luoyang Inn alone." "Humph!" Said Xiao Jiao angrily! How dare he stay in the city of Luoyang! "But when I got there," said Bai Yuxian, "he was surrounded by Gopher disciples.." "Oh?" Said Xiao Jiao? Disciple of Gopher, what's wrong with him? Bai Yuxian frowned and said,Nail production machine, "They insisted that a gopher disciple had been raped and killed by him." "Humph!" Said Xiao Jiao with a sudden change of expression! I didn't expect him to be so vicious and dirty! "But he flatly denied it," said Bai Yuxian. "He didn't even know anything about saving Miss Xiao." "He even denied that," Xiao Jiao scolded. "It wasn't him who saved me. Who was it?" "He thinks there's someone else," said Bai Yuxian. Xiao Jiao snorted coldly and sniffed, "I see. In order to get away with it, he did not hesitate to deny that he had saved me. In that case, it proves that it was not him who molested Miss Yang!" "I didn't think of that," said Bai Yuxian, if she had realized something. Xiao Jiaojiao said, "Elder Bai, according to the younger generation, he wants to see me for two purposes. One is to kill me and kill me without proof. The other is to deliberately send Elder Bai away in order to get away.." "Yes," said Bai Yuxian! Let's go! It suddenly occurred to her that she might have fallen into the trap of Qin's selfless golden cicada, and she could not help dragging Xiao Jiao away. After the hall, Wang Shouyi and Han Bohu both came forward. Without waiting for them to open their mouths, Nail machine supplier ,Nail Making Machine manufacturers, Bai Yuxian said, "I'll take Miss Xiao with me. There's no need to bother." Before Wang Shouyi could express his opinion, they left in a hurry. "Lord Wang," said Han Jiuhu hurriedly, "if that boy cheats, I'm afraid they won't be able to cope.." Wang Shou-yi nodded his head and said, "I'm worried about that, too. Let's go!"! Let's go, just in case! The two men immediately followed. Bai Yuxian took Xiao Jiao out of Beicheng and went straight to the appointed place. Who knows to come to that secluded place, unexpectedly did not see Qin forget me. As far as the White Jade Immortal could see nothing, he could not help saying angrily, "He said he would be waiting here until it gets dark. Why.." Xiao Jiao snorted coldly and said, "I've known for a long time that this is his way out." Bai Yuxian is angry for it! Mouth, mouth, mouth, mouth. In fact, if they had come earlier, they would have seen Qin forget me. Qin forgets me not to send away Bai Yuxian, with the plan of escape, he is really want to see Xiao Jiao Jiao. After Bai Yuxian left, he waited here. Suddenly, suddenly saw a woman galloping, Qin was overjoyed and immediately went forward. But as soon as the distance was close, Qin forgot to recognize at a glance that the young woman in a commoner's skirt and hairpin was the maidservant apricot blossom who had served her mother for many years and was in love with her sister! The surprise was so serious that he turned around and ran away. "Minor Cold, young master," cried the apricot blossom! Minor Cold, young master! You stop.. Qin selflessly turned a deaf ear to it and displayed his flying skills. He ran seven or eight miles in one breath. Looking back, the apricot blossoms were in hot pursuit. Although her flying skills are not inferior to those of the first-class masters in the martial arts world, it is quite difficult for her to catch up with Qin. All the way to catch up, and after four or five miles, suddenly lost the trace of Qin selflessness. There is a dense forest in front of us. Don't chase in the woods. It means that when chasing the enemy, if you meet the woods, don't take the risk of chasing in order to prevent the enemy from plotting. She is not chasing the enemy, but watching him born, watching him from small to large, "Minor Cold young master!" Not afraid of being plotted against, she did not hesitate to chase into the dense forest. Giant trees, towering into the sky, blocked the sun, making the forest dark and eerie. As she searched, she cried, "Master Minor Cold, I know you are hiding inside. Come out quickly. Don't make me look so hard!" The forest was silent and there was no movement. After Wen Que and Wu Feng, Apricot Blossom was ordered to leave Daba Mountain? All the way to pursue "Minor Cold young master", tired of running, very not easy to be found by her, which can easily give up. She continued to search as she called, and unconsciously she went deeper and deeper. Suddenly, I caught a glimpse of a figure several feet away. The apricot blossom was in a hurry to catch up,Nail Making Machine manufacturers, but lost its trace. Is searching around, the figure appears again, this time less than ten feet apart. 3shardware.com

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