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Rebirth refers to the belly for marriage. Full-time Job

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When Luo Qinshi heard this, she sighed and lay down on her side. As she lay down, she said, "Oh, lie down, too. Let's talk too. Since your family followed me to the Luo family, they have suffered a lot." When Mammy Qin heard this, she looked at Luo Qin and shook her head. She said in a low voice, "The maidservant doesn't feel bitter. If she hadn't followed the old lady, there would have been no maidservant in the world long ago." Said she served Luo Qin Shi to lie down, then bent over the couch to sit, lying on the edge of the bed looking at Luo Qin Shi. When Luo Qinshi heard this, he couldn't help sighing heavily again. He looked at her and said, "Your family followed me to Qingyun Town. In the blink of an eye, it's been more than twenty years. I thought Youer had grown up now and could save me worry, but..". Look at that Now someone really wants to harm Jun wench, or sisters, you believe that a child less than ten years old will harm people, but also can command adults to do it? This child's parents are still alive, if the theory of common sense, no matter how, this adult will be regarded as a child's joke, even if not as a joke,car radiator cap, always with the child's family adults to discuss it? What did the child say? Will this adult do it? Even if the slave listens to it, he is afraid that it will be regarded as a child's joke. How can I sound so strange? There must be something wrong with this shopkeeper Cai. He is also the shopkeeper of Luo Cai's dowry shop. I'm afraid.. Alas No matter how I think about it, I can't figure it out. Alas, I'm getting old, and I can't refuse to accept it. This brain is really not enough. When Mammy Qin heard this, she took Luo Qin's hand in a soothing way and said gently, "Old lady, the maidservant knows that you are worried. She cares about the master and the girl. She is afraid that they will be in danger. Don't forget that caring is chaotic. Don't worry. Let's slowly straighten things out one by one. The truth of this matter will naturally be exposed bit by bit." Didn't the girl say that she had asked Dacheng to investigate? I went home yesterday, did not see the shadow of Dacheng,die casting parts, the heart is still strange, tomorrow the maidservant went back early in the morning, see if Dacheng came back? If he comes back, the maidservant will tell him to come in at once. Let's ask him what he has found these two days. Luo Qinshi listened to Mammy Qin's words, slowly steadied his mind, looked out of the window at the moonlight, answered in a low voice, and then pondered carefully. The moonlight, as usual, shone on the whole courtyard, moving slowly and ceaselessly. In the Orchid Garden, Luo Qijun, who was lying in bed, was also tossing and turning and couldn't sleep at the moment. She thought of Luo Qin's unusually dignified expression, and her heart sank little by little. Ask Dacheng to come in tomorrow and see what he has done these two days? Perhaps there would be progress, although the grandmother did not let her continue to inquire, die cast light housing ,Magnetic Drain Plug, but she could not help but want to know what happened. Whenever she thought of the young Luo Qijuan, she always felt incredible, a child less than ten years old, do you really want to kill her? Why? There is no blood feud between them? The more Luo Qijun thought about it, the more upset he was. For a moment, he felt breathless, so he thought about it and came to the field. As soon as she stood still, there was a clear laugh in her ear and she said, "I thought you weren't coming."? Arlo, we agreed to practice swordsmanship. Don't think about fishing for three days and basking in the Internet bar for two days. If that's true, then I won't teach you. Luo Qijun hurriedly turned his face and saw an elegant, free and easy young handsome man standing not far from her, looking at her with a smile on his face and asking questions in his eyes. Arlo, she suddenly remembered the appointment she had made with him yesterday. She hurried over and said apologetically, "Oh, I'm sorry. I almost forgot today. Something happened at home and I was delayed." Arlo put his arms around his shoulders and looked at Luo Qijun leisurely and said seriously, "I'm a quarter of an hour late today. Write it down for the time being. Remember it in the future. Since you say it, you must do it." Luo Qijun listened and looked at him obediently and nodded in silence. At this time, the moon spirit floated over, rubbed Luo Qijun's hand intimately, and his head hung down. Luo Qijun looked up at Arlo. When Arlo saw her like this, he urged her to smile and said, "Go up quickly. Let's go to the prairie to practice swordsmanship. All you grow here are vegetables. Don't let the sword gas spoil it." Said he did not wait for Luo Qijun to go up, then gently jumped on the back of the moon spirit. Luo Qijun then stretched out his hand to grasp the horse's mane of the moon spirit, and "Teng" jumped up with her. Without waiting for her to sit down, the moon spirit ran wildly toward the prairie. Luo Qijun involuntarily fell back with the inertia of its rush, and then she fell into a warm embrace. Arlo picked her up quickly and gently, looked straight ahead, and said solemnly in a low voice, "Sit tight." Luo Qijun's face turned red, and she couldn't help thinking in her heart, "Why don't you teach your moon spirit a lesson? If it didn't rush too fast, how could I fall backwards?"? As she thought, she glanced back, rubbed her little nose unconvincingly, and kept muttering to herself, "You really look like an old master with a sullen face." She thought, and her little mouth pursed up. Behind her, Arlo seemed to know what she was thinking and saw her pursed mouth. He looked at the back of her head and said, "I can't stand such a little grievance. Who can I see with my pursed mouth? If I go to the battlefield, who will give in to you?"? Who will take your pursed mouth seriously? Luo Qijun could not help retorting: "This is not a battlefield, why do you use your army's set to ask me?"? Besides, I'm not one of your soldiers? Even if you are a soldier, you are also a soldier, and no one is taller than sleeping. When Arlo heard this, he suddenly laughed in the back. He leaned forward and glanced at Luo Qijun. He said playfully, "Although you are not my soldier, you are my apprentice. Why?"? Are you not convinced? Luo Qijun beeped, moved, and finally said nothing. The moon spirit flew through the door of the heart, came to the center of the vast grassland, and stopped with a "thump". Luo Qijun and Arlo both turned over and jumped off the back of Yueling. Arlo took out a sword and handed it to Luo Qijun. He said firmly and lightly,DIN screw plug, "Here, do you like it?"? This is the sword I found for you. Your swordsmanship is ethereal, and you follow the path of lightness. This sword should be suitable for you. autoparts-dx.com

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