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Quick-wear system: villain boss attack by Mo Ling Full-time Job

11 months ago   Babysitting & Nanny Work   Battambang   291 views
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Lian Jing did not know what crazy, from her in front of the past, directly over the wall out. Squeak- A harsh sound sounded from the outside, like some kind of sharp weapon scraping on the porcelain. The child is young and afraid. Mingshu listened to the voice for a long time and got up and went to the gate. When the gate of the courtyard opened, nothing could be seen in the dark alley, and the creaking of the sour teeth stopped. Whoosh Something ran across the wall opposite her, followed by a blue mirror, slowly floating over. It stopped in front of Mingshu, and the blade rose slightly, which Mingshu interpreted as arrogance. This is it! "Martial Uncle, that's the Suzerain's Broken Virtual Sword. Has the Suzerain come here?" A group of people ran in from outside the alley and met Lian Jing. The disciples of Chiyang Sect will not mistake the sword of their suzerain. But why is the suzerain's sword here? "The witch!" "Why are you here?" "Does it have anything to do with you in the city?" Disciples of the Chiyang Sect exploded at the sight of Mingshu. Mingshu leaned against the gate of the courtyard. "Do you wish all the bad things in the mainland were done by me?"? Well, if you have to think so, I don't care. It's okay for you to be angry. Take the blame, I am a professional! Chiyang Zong: "…" What do you mean they're angry? "Did the July girl see a woman?" Martial Uncle, as the leader of Chiyang Sect, kept absolutely calm and served as a guest officer. Now is not the time to fight with her. I don't see it. "Uncle,whirlpool bathtub, I think that's her." The disciple of Chiyang Sect hid behind Martial Uncle and accused him. Yes, yes, yes, it's me. You're here to kill me. “……” Mingshu denied it, and they could scold her for a while. She admitted it so readily that they didn't know how to answer. Whoosh The crowd looked warily at the top of the wall, and just a few steps away from them stood a dark figure, looking at the outline of a person or a woman. Her waist was bent,Whirlpool bathtub, and in the moonlight she looked like in the night. The old witch. Tick-tock.. The thick liquid dripped down the wall. There was a strong smell of blood in the air. Lian. Duan. Xu. Fake. The mirror flew toward the dark shadow. The people of Chiyang Zong were obviously chasing her and attacking her at the same time. However, the woman was so cunning that she wounded several disciples of the Chiyang Sect and prepared to escape. Stop her! Don't let her get away! The woman ran out of the alley, and at that moment, there was a confused sound of footsteps outside the alley. The light of the fire illuminated the whole alley from far to near. The leader is a member of the Wuji Sword Sect. Ling Lie and Fang Wan take the lead. The woman's retreat was blocked, she suddenly turned to look at Mingshu, ran towards her, and held her hostage, "Don't come over, or I'll kill her." Everyone's cold face. You kill it. Chapter 876 Sword Breaking the Sky (18). Mingshu calmly took out the snack. "Little sister, they wish I were dead. What's the use of holding me hostage?" Woman When the woman saw that the person opposite was really unmoved, and even someone was ready to attack, whirlpool bathtub manufacturers ,endless swim pool, she immediately let go of Mingshu and ran toward the yard. Even the mirror floated beside Mingshu and did not chase him in. A group of people rushed over, and Mingshu was knocked around several times. She held the door frame and stared at the people who could not squeeze in. People: "… …" This, this, this, this is the magic repair? Mingshu: "… …" Want to grab my snacks again? "Let him go!" "Let go of the young suzerain!" Mingshu, hold your forehead, these fools. Young suzerain casually lost even if, unexpectedly at this time also shouted out, serious? The courtyard was illuminated by the fire, and the woman pinched the child and was surrounded by the crowd. The woman's hair was loose, covering most of her face, and she could only see her fierce and hateful eyes. The aqua blue skirt was stained with blood and a little dark. Abdominal bulge, like six or seven months pregnant. With a harmless smile on her face, Mingshu squeezed into the front, and all the people present were embarrassed to fight with her. Mingshu saw the door of Changsheng's room open, and he stood there quietly, revealing a piece of white clothes. Get out of my way! The woman's voice was sharp. "Or I'll kill him. Anyway, I've killed so many people. Killing one more is killing." When it comes to killing people, the woman's voice is obviously vibrato. "How dare you!" The speaker was a member of the Ganyuan Sect of the three sects, and the child was the young suzerain of their Ganyuan Sect. Don't come over here! The woman pinched the child's neck with her fingers. Uncle Hu.. The child gave a weak cry. We're here to help you. Let him go first. He's innocent. Uncle Hu motioned to the child not to be afraid. "We will find a way to help you. Calm down." "Innocent?"? If she's innocent, I'm not? The woman seemed to be stimulated, "Why should I suffer all this, I will next month." I'm getting married next month. Why Why did this thing choose me? What did I do wrong?! He's innocent. Am I not innocent? Don't think I don't know what you're trying to do, you're trying to kill me! The more the woman spoke, the more excited she became, and the child was almost out of breath. You're right. It's not you who's wrong. Everyone will find a way to help you. Don't be afraid. Fang Wan's voice was soft. "You see, there are so many of us. We will come up with a way. You believe us." Perhaps as a woman, the woman actually listened to Fang late. But there was only a moment of relaxation in her eyes, and then she suddenly blocked the child in front of her, "You people want to kill me, want to kill me, I don't believe you." "Don't talk nonsense, little sister. If you want to kill someone, kill him quickly. If you continue to dawdle, it will be dawn and I have to sleep." Mingshu yawned. "It disturbs people's sleep in the middle of the night." "July!" Someone roared. This sorceress, what is involved at this time! "Let me go, get out of here, don't come in,outdoor spa manufacturers, get out." Get out! The woman roared herself hoarse. Little sister, save your strength. Everyone can hear you. You don't have to shout. Woman People: "… …" The woman suddenly shouted, "Stop!" monalisa.com

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Quick-wear system: villain boss attack by Mo Ling