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Quick wear system: raiders wolf boss Full-time Job

1 year ago   Legal & Consulting   Takeo   367 views
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When Xia Yi came in on the first day of the lunar new year, the butterfly player immediately opened her mouth. Her delicate face was full of displeasure: "Ah, Brother Feng, why did you pull a sorcerer in?"? And a woman? It's better to pull a male priest than to pull her! The sorcerer is a long-range attack, but the attack power is not as high as that of swordsmen and assassins, but the sorcerer can not only take one weapon, but also many kinds of weapons. If you have a scepter in your hand and have learned skills, take Xia Yichu as an example. She can not only attack the enemy, but also return blood to herself and her teammates. However, this profession involves some aspects, so it is not the sharpest in all aspects. It is a person who knows all aspects, but is not the best at it. Generally speaking, few people will play the warlock class. After all, there are priests and medicine men to heal, assassins and swordsmen to attack, and at worst, archers and butterfly dancers. Xia Yichu did not think that this has not yet started, unexpectedly suffered from the rejection of teammates. She looked up slightly at the butterfly who spoke, who seemed to be no more than twenty years old, with a very delicate and beautiful appearance and a mean face. Obviously playing is a priest, but the body is not wearing a priest's robe,347 stainless steel, but wearing an elf's colorful clothes, although beautiful, but some nondescript. It happened that she herself had not yet noticed Xia Yichu's eyes, but also proudly held her head high and held out the proud double peaks on her chest. Xia Yichu looked at her with a look like a mentally retarded person, not knowing which peacock had come out. Let's go Feng Liang, the captain of the team, but also the person who pulled Xia Yichu in, said,a333 grade 6 pipe, a line of people quickly rushed to the outside of the city. If you want to fight the wolf boss, you must first fight a group of wolves in front of its cave. The captain and the other three men carefully opened the way ahead, Xia Yichu and Butterfly Pianpian followed behind, and a swordsman walked beside Butterfly Pianpian, occasionally destroying the small monster that suddenly emerged from it. In fact, this attack on these wolves Xiaoguai is not difficult, although the number of them is a little large, but the attack is not very high, and the blood is thin, come and go is such a move, to attack the player! Logically speaking, it is not difficult for us to fight all the way to the end, but in the fight, we are not afraid of god-like opponents, uns s32760 plate ,x60 line pipe, but we are afraid of pig-like teammates. Aah! Aah! Walk slowly and don't play so fast! There are wolves chasing me!!! The butterfly cried out in a shrill voice. Xia Yichu, with daggers in both hands, neatly solved the problem of the little wolf in front of him, and when he turned to look at the butterfly, he found that the other side was chased around by a little wolf lamb, and ran farther and farther. The other swordsmen were fighting against the three wolves, and the men who had opened the way in front of them were even more devoted to fighting. Everyone ignored the butterfly, but at the moment when Xia Yichu looked up, the little wolf lamb jumped forward and bit the butterfly, and the butterfly fell to the ground and died. Chapter 338 he travels through time. The cool breeze spoke in the team. He said to the butterfly, "Butterfly, go to the resurrection. We are waiting for you here." Butterfly Pianpian was the only priest in the pair, and naturally no one could revive her. When the butterfly heard the words of the cool breeze, the light flashed and the body disappeared. It must have gone to the resurrection point. After the butterfly left, the cool breeze said in the team, "Sorry, let's stop and wait for her." Everyone had no opinion, or even if they had no opinion, they did not express it and followed the cool breeze to one side. As long as the game player does not attack the wolf hole, the wolves will not attack them. Xia Yichu also followed everyone to one side, although some dissatisfaction in the heart, but also know that the game is like reality, all kinds of people will meet, but after this copy, the butterfly must be on her blacklist, after absolutely not with this kind of person under the copy of the team. But to everyone's surprise, although the butterfly went to the resurrection point to revive after listening to the cool breeze, it did not come, but shouted abuse on the world channel: [World] Butterfly Pianpian: Garbage! It's all rubbish! We agreed to fight the wolf boss, but he was killed by Xiaoguai before he reached the door of the cave! [World] Butterfly Pianpian: a team can't protect me, a little priest, so what qualifications do you have to fight monsters? [World] Butterfly Pianpian: Cool Breeze, Plum Rain Crossing River, You Two Rubbish! I will never form a temporary team with you again! As soon as the words of the butterfly appeared on the world channel, there were good players watching immediately. Xia Yichu looked at the butterfly's words with a slight silence, not knowing what was wrong with the girl, or how strange her brain circuit was to be able to say such a thing. As a priest, she was a little unstable when she added blood. Xia Yichu was bitten by the wolf and lost four fifths. When only a thin skin was left to hang up, Butterfly Pian-pian saw it clearly but deliberately staggered her line of sight. It was Xia Yichu himself who restored his blood with a small red bottle. She herself had done nothing of the responsibility of a priest, and blamed others for her own death. He's a retard! The butterfly is still noisy in the world, and there are more and more onlookers eating melons, but Xia Yichu does not want to open his mouth. For this kind of person, there is no reason at all. Big deal, after she sees butterfly Pianpian once, kill each other once good. Since she's not coming, let's keep brushing. The cool wind obviously saw what the butterfly said in the world, and like Xia Yichu,uns c70600, he did not speak out in the world. The other people in the team were meaningless. They also saw the call of the butterfly in the world, but because the butterfly did not call their names, they did not say anything. Everyone continued to fight hard among the wolves. lksteelpipe.com

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