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Other World Players _ 20200215155410. Full-time Job

4 months ago   Legal & Consulting   Paoy Paet   160 views
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The thousand-eyed Buddha was frightened, urging the white eyes and the eyes of the three flowers above the Buddha's hand, and immediately there was some movement, the palm of the hand all turned into a black hole, and then the huge suction pulled towards Yang Haoxuan. The copy function of the supercilious look can not only fight against the enemy, but also save oneself at the critical moment, and return the favor of others in their own way. Fortunately, Yang Haoxuan had long expected that the thousand-eyed Buddha would have such a move, but before the other party devoured it, he threw out a skill again: the realm of frost. The white mist swept in, making the sucking force of the devour stagnate. Thousand-eyed Buddha immediately prepared to withdraw, but he suddenly felt a cold Buddha, looked down, he found his body was frozen, unable to twitch. Yang Haoxuan saw a thousand eyes Buddha phase in the move, the heart smirked, in the realm of frost, the attack will be particularly painful. It's a pity that Yang Haoxuan doesn't have a magic weapon in hand. Otherwise, if he attacks ten times again, the thousand-eyed Buddha will surely fall. But ten times the attack can not be used, Yang Haoxuan has his own way, only to see his right hand twisted up at an incredible angle, and then grabbed his left shoulder, using a flying hammer to bind the soul. It turned out that he used his own body as a weapon to use a flying hammer to bind his soul and threw himself in the past. On the way, he performed a shield-shaped dance again, and his body quickly disappeared. In this way, the thousand-eyed Buddha can not see Yang Haoxuan, also can not use the white eyes to copy,fenugreek saponins, and his body was frozen in place, so that it can be said to be standing in place to be beaten. Yang Haoxuan, who was invisible, quickly shuttled through the Buddha's hands with a thousand eyes, and even walked through his fingers several times. Finally, came to the chest of the thousand-eyed Buddha, his chest, printed with a Buddha word of truth, Yang Haoxuan's fist, is falling on the Buddha word of truth above. Originally,phycocyanin spirulina, the body of the thousand-eyed Buddha was already in a fragile state because of the frost, so Yang Haoxuan's punch went down, without the hard feeling of King Kong before, but felt like hitting on the crisp ice, but also breaking that kind. As soon as I fixed my eyes, the body of the thousand-eyed Buddha began to fragment from the chest and fell to the ground into pieces. But Yang Haoxuan found that when his body was broken, it was also automatically repaired, so naturally it would not be allowed to do so, but the thousand-eyed Buddha was really fierce, if refined, the time was too late, and there would be changes. As a result, Yang Haoxuan had a plan, and as soon as his mind moved, Jiulong Shenlong swallowed the flesh of the thousand-eyed Buddha. In this way, they could not be repaired automatically, and they would have time to refine slowly in the future. A big battle, or with Yang Haoxuan as the upper hand to defeat, but also without the help of the lightning knife. After calming the body, akba boswellic acid ,lutein eye complex, Yang Haoxuan turned his eyes to the hundreds of families outside the stars: "Did you see that?"? This is the master of Ciyun Temple. He was sucked into the star universe with me. A master like him can kill you all with one palm. In their world, there are more powerful enemies than him, and the number is more than one. If we don't unite, the end is death! Say that finish, Yang Haoxuan locked Wuwei, walked over, stretched out his hand and asked: "Now, you should give me the key to the treasure house!" God knows how many magic weapons there are in the treasure house of the Nine Veins of the Magic Way. And Yang Haoxuan will not give the key to the magic way nine veins, if given to them, they are more reluctant to let him command, and with these magic weapons, his appeal will be more powerful. Wuwei's face was strange and he was reluctant to give up. But thinking of Yang Haoxuan's intrepidity and his means just now, he didn't hesitate too long in front of his life. He simply retreated in order to advance. He said loudly: "Well, I'll give you the key to the treasure house, but you promise not to kill me. I have no opinion about you commanding a hundred schools outside the stars.". ” "Well, I promise I won't kill you, but if you play tricks, don't blame me, key!" Chapter 463 Earth. Hearing Yang Haoxuan asking about the key, Wuwei's face was even uglier, but he didn't show a fierce look. Otherwise, Yang Haoxuan slapped him down, and he was about to go up in smoke. But he didn't take out the key immediately. Instead, he said: "The key to the treasure house was used by me as the foundation of Wuwei Star. So Wuwei Star can be so magnificent and huge. If you want to seize it.." Words in the mystery, is to seize the key, it is necessary to destroy the Wuwei star, and Wuwei star above the creatures, will die! Yang Haoxuan was not moved, but his eyes looked at Wuwei Star, and his eyes of insight opened in an instant. He was sure that Wuwei was right. The reason why Wuwei Star was so outstanding among many planets was that at the core of the planet, there was a treasure house key made of dead wood. Treasure house key, itself is a magic weapon, but also a unique Taoist utensil, metal, wood, water, fire and earth belong to wood, so it can nurture so many creatures of Wuwei Star. Obviously, Wuwei is giving Yang Haoxuan a difficult problem. Once the key to the treasure house is captured, Wuwei Star will disintegrate, and hundreds of millions of creatures on Wuwei Star will die immediately. When this is done, Yang Haoxuan wants to command hundreds of families outside the star, but he can't get the hearts of the people. Yang Haoxuan naturally understood that there was something fishy about it, but Wuwei was so vicious that he could not find an excuse to kill it. Wing is not around, Yang Haoxuan really do not know what to do, do not seize the key to the treasure house, Tianhe mainland treasure house can not get, and that is related to the survival of the entire Tianhe mainland, and once seized the key, Wuwei Star will collapse, leading to the death of countless creatures, then he will lose the hearts of the people. Moments later, Yang Haoxuan's hesitant expression flashed a fierce light, and he decided to seize the key to the treasure house! Most of the powers on the Wuwei Star are dominated by Wuwei, which is an uncertain factor. As for the ordinary creatures on the Wuwei Star, they can use the five cloud skills to build a new world. Wuwei then said, "Yang Haoxuan, it doesn't matter if I give you the key to the treasure house, but what about the creatures on the Wuwei Star?" It seems that he is ready to let Yang Haoxuan off the stage. If a demon master or other characters came to seize it, they would not care about the creatures on the Wuwei Star. But Yang Haoxuan is different, he likes to kill people,lutein and zeaxanthin supplements, but he is not a killer, and now he has to command hundreds of stars, so he must be considerate. prius-biotech.com

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