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National Goddess: Reborn Ace Daughter Full-time Job

8 months ago   Legal & Consulting   Samraong   167 views
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"Brother?" Miao Xinran was a little surprised to make a sound, she did not expect that her brother was also involved in this matter. Qin Jinyong has always disdained to look at this kind of thing between little girls. How can there be such leisure and elegance today? Wang Xuxu also did not expect Qin Jinyong to get involved, but like Qin Jinyong such a dignitary, naturally look down on a dependent waste, then there is only one possibility, think of here, her cheeks can not help but be infected with a bit of shame. Although Qin Jinyong is older, he is more handsome. It's just, isn't it a little too big? Several of them are higher than one, they can not be shorter than others, and now Qin Jinyong is so optimistic about her, he can not let him down. Wang Xuxu slightly raised his eyes and quietly looked at Qin Jinyong. The man under the lamplight was particularly mature and attractive. At the thought that the man was pleased with himself, his heart beat twice, and his shellfish teeth nibbled his red lips. "I'll take 20 million." All her working capital added up to only two or three million, and she could not afford twenty million at all, but at the moment, she could not lose face. Anyway,30ml dropper bottle, I won't lose. Who knows how much money I have in this card. Thinking of this, Wang Xuxu immediately held his head high, raised his hand to dial his long hair, and looked at Chu brocade with great pride. I'm afraid you can't afford two thousand yuan for this broken house that depends on others, right? Chu Jin, under her gaze,Frosted Glass Cosmetic Jars Wholesale, slowly took out a black card from his backpack and slowly spit out three words, "50 million." Wang Xuxu's face was white, but in view of the fact that the other side was holding a black card, it was not easy to say anything more. The heart is curious, where does this waste come from so much money, the Zhao family is so generous? No matter where she got the money, it's going to be in her pocket soon. I didn't expect to get so much from coming here today. Seventy or eighty million. It's easy to get. I happen to be a little short of money recently. Wang Xuxu seems to have seen those high-end luxury goods waving to him. Miss Chu, let me talk about the rules of the game. There are six darts in total. The winner is the one with the highest score. Wang Xuxu picked up a dart and played with it in his hand, with a slight invisible arc at the corners of his mouth. "With an additional condition, the loser will take off all his clothes and then dance a belly dance for everyone." If you want to play, you have to play a little bigger and harder. This loser is destined to be her steppingstone to fame tonight. Chu Jin did not expect Wang Xuxu to say such a thing, seemingly beautiful appearance, Foam Pump Bottles Wholesale ,Cosmetic Packaging Wholesale, unexpectedly hiding such a dark heart. How much I have to hate her to say such a thing. She even took a girl's reputation as a bet. There were at least 30-40 people in the box, and they were all from famous families. If she really lost, she would not be able to look up when she went out in the future. Chu Jin also knew that the reason why Wang Xuxu dared to say so was that he was sure that she was a straw bag, a straw bag who knew nothing about darts. Wang Xuxu is determined to make her lose her reputation. If this woman is cruel, it is really terrible. Chu Jin sighed softly and said with a faint look, "it's not too late for you to regret now." Chu brocade is still soft-hearted after all, she can temporarily not with Wang Xuxu care about this matter, give Wang Xuxu a chance to choose again, after all, a girl's reputation is more important than anything else. Why, Miss Chu, are you afraid? The smile on Wang Xuxu's face is deeper, but this smile is fleeting, righteous words, "I can't be afraid, the game is the game, the rules are the rules!"! You can't go back on your word! Since someone is ungrateful and must put her to death, you can't blame her for showing no mercy. Chu Jin smiled, "in that case, let's start." Mo Qingyi stood on the edge of Chu Jin, winking niftily at Wang Xuxu, "this little sister, don't cry when you lose, my brother Jin gave you a chance." "Miss, I'm afraid you don't know the identity of the one standing next to you?" Wang Xuxu threw the dart in his hand directly. With a whoosh, a dart hits the red bull's eye! Wang Xuxu then picked up a few darts and raised a sarcastic arc at the corners of his mouth. "She is a well-known Miss Chu in the capital!" Mo Qingyi shook his head, not to speak, this child is really hopeless! The next four darts were all 20 points in the triple zone! It's terrible that someone can even hit the 20-point triple zone of 4 darts. When the four darts came down, there was a round of applause around them. I'm afraid none of them except Wang Xuxu could even hit the 20-point triple zone of the four darts. Who didn't expect Wang Xuxu, a soft and weak girl, to have this ability? The 20-point triple zone is the highest scoring zone on the entire dart board. Few people can even hit it. Even those professional players can't even hit it! The answer is already obvious, Chu Jin that waste is bound to lose this time. Even the eyes of Qin Jinyong, who had always had a sullen face, flashed a trace of strangeness. Feeling these eyes, Wang Xuxu steadied his mind and then picked up the last dart. Whew! The last dart hits the 20-point double zone, and 330 points are in hand! Wang Xuxu slanted his head to look at Chu Jin and raised a proud radian at the corners of his mouth. "Miss Chu, do you take off your clothes by yourself or do I take them off for you?" -- -- -- -- Digression -- -- Thanks to the two fairies of "Qianmo Liangsheng" and "1473092388" for their flowers and comments. Love the mud, Mada ~ Good night, fairies. Chapter 107 do you take it off yourself or do I take it off for you? Take it off yourself or I'll take it off for you. This remark undoubtedly pushed the atmosphere of the scene to another climax. Almost everyone's eyes were focused on Chu Jin. In their view,glass cream jars, the outcome is already a foregone conclusion. Chu brocade has no hope of turning over at all. What is the concept of 20 points triple zone in 4 darts? Even some professionals can't do it, let alone Chu Jin, a famous waste. penghuangbottle.com

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National Goddess: Reborn Ace Daughter