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Maintenance, use and advantages of hydraulic impact hammer of roofbolter _ Inspection Full-time Job

11 months ago   Legal & Consulting   Samraong   184 views
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Original Title: Maintenance, Use and Advantages of Hydraulic Impact Hammer of Roofbolter 1. Check the hydraulic pipeline before starting work. Visually inspect all relevant lines and connections from the pump to the hammer to the tank. Tighten the loose bolts and joints, and replace the damaged oil pipes and joints in time. 2. Check whether the accumulator is normal. If there is obvious vibration in the pipeline connected to the oil outlet of the impact hammer when the machine is running, it indicates that there is a fault in the accumulator, and the machine needs to be shut down immediately and repaired by professionals. After the accumulator is repaired, it shall be checked by professional personnel before it is put back for use. Accumulators must be checked on a routine basis at most every five years to ensure that they meet the relevant code requirements. The relevant specifications of the accumulator must be observed during the inspection. 3. Check the wear of the impact surface of the impact hammer. It is necessary to check the wear of the impact surface of the impactor frequently, and observe whether there are dents or iron filings on the impact surface, at least once a month. If a dent of more than 1 mm or other damage is found on the impact surface, the impact hammer must be stopped immediately and repaired. 4. Regular maintenance Check all bolts and pipelines once a week. If there are loose bolts and oil leakage in pipelines, repair them immediately. 5. Check and clean the hydraulic oil filter The hydraulic oil filter should be cleaned for the first time after 50 hours of operation, and then checked every 500 hours of operation. Roofbolter and its use and advantage Full hydraulic anchor drilling rig has many common names, such as anchor drill, down-the-hole drill, water drill, rock drill, dth drilling hammer , anchor percussion drill and so on. The power head is of an impact and rotation integrated design, and has a reverse drilling function; the drilling machine not only can rapidly drill into a common rock stratum, but also can rapidly drill into a gravel layer and a cobblestone layer; and the drilling machine is particularly suitable for foundation pit anchoring, side slope maintenance, engineering reinforcement, and casing anchoring and casing following construction of various complex collapsible strata. The anchor drilling machine is mainly applied to the landslide and dangerous rock mass anchoring engineering in the prevention and control of various geological disasters of slopes of hydropower stations, railways and highways, is particularly suitable for the rock mass anchoring engineering of high slopes, and is also suitable for the construction of urban deep foundation pit support, anti-floating anchor rods, foundation grouting reinforcement engineering holes, blasting holes of blasting engineering, high-pressure jet grouting piles, tunnel pipe shed support holes and the like. It is convenient to construct in all directions. Main drilling methods: conventional drilling with Dth hammer, drilling with casing and auger drilling. In the drilling construction practice of various complex strata and different drilling methods, its excellent drilling performance has been recognized by the majority of construction units and peers. The main boom of the anchor drilling rig can pitch within 90 ° and the drilling frame can swing within 180 °. The unique design of the telescopic boom and the rotary boom enables the drilling rig to carry out multi-layer anchoring operations within a height of 6 meters. The main frame can rotate 360 degrees, and intensive drilling operation can be realized within a certain range. The anchoring drilling machine has high drilling efficiency and moderate oil consumption, greatly improves the adaptability and operation efficiency of the drilling machine, greatly reduces the operation cost,mining dth bit, and truly maximizes the benefits. The deepest drilling depth can reach 120 meters, and the fastest drilling speed can reach 1 meter per second. The advantage of the equipment is that the main arm can automatically extend and retract, and the head can rotate 360 degrees. It is suitable for operation in the case of high drilling density and has strong geological adaptability. Return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor:. wt-dthtools.com

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Maintenance, use and advantages of hydraulic impact hammer of roofbolter _ Inspection