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League of Legends Seven Seconds Prediction Full-time Job

4 months ago   Legal & Consulting   Samraong   163 views
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The noisy voice at the scene, coupled with the small voice of the commentary, so Chen Yiqing five people simply could not hear what the commentary said on the stage, but even if heard, Chen Yiqing estimated that there was no response, what happened to the LPL team? Fight all the same! In a short period of five minutes, after the XT team debugged the machine, the first game began, and this friendly match was just one game, that is, BO1. After all, this is not a game, this is just a friendly match, an exhibition match, and the most important thing is that even if a game is lost, it is zero to one, and the score is not very shameful. The game began immediately, both sides of the ban people are normal ban people, Chen Yiqing five people in the blue side position, XT team in the red side position, the line-ups of both sides will soon be determined, blue side, single Rambo, wild blind monk, single enchantress, ADC spear of revenge,juice filling machine, auxiliary Annie, it can be said that this is Chen Yiqing five people want the most line-ups! These five heroes are Chen Yiqing five people's best heroes, if so also lost, Chen Yiqing five people also have nothing to say, anyway, try their best, after all, the other side is a real professional team! We train together for at least ten hours every day. Five of us can't beat the opposite XT team. It's nothing. Just try your best. On the opposite side of the line-ups is a single small fish man, playing wild dragon lady, single Victor,Blowing Filling Capping combiblock, ADC wheel mother, auxiliary hammer stone. It's a very formal game. Line-ups. The first game began immediately, and the commentators on the commentary stage seemed to have foreseen the end of Chen Yiqing's five players being beaten 1-0 and shaved off. The commentators did not seriously introduce the line-ups or anything, but directly comforted Chen Yiqing's five players. In the opening two minutes, the two commentators comforted Chen Yiqing on the commentary stage, saying that it didn't matter if he lost. After all, he was a newcomer, a semi-professional or something. Chen Yiqing also curled his lips when he faintly heard one or two sentences. Just as the two commentators were unloading the pot for Chen Yiqing's five people on the commentary stage, a line of words suddenly appeared on the screen at 3 minutes and 23 seconds, FirsiBlood, the first drop of blood. The battle in the middle? And the commentator on the stage didn't even look at the screen and said directly: "It seems that what he said before the game is true. Although the singles of Qingzhou University of Commerce and Trade are very powerful, after all, they are not professional e-sports players, and they are still worse than professional e-sports players.." My God! Fint, the star of XT, was killed by Qingzhou University of Commerce and Trade? My God, I can't believe it. It's only three minutes at the beginning! The captain of XT, or the star single Fint, liquid bottle filling machine ,water filling machine, was killed by a university single who didn't even have an ID? I can't believe it! Another commentator also exclaimed. In the audience, some fans of Fint seemed to be unable to believe that the top single player in the country would be killed by a nobody? Must be a mistake, huh! It must be a mistake! Five minutes later, a battle broke out on the way down, and a head appeared. After seeing the head's ownership, the commentator paused and said: "My God, are the two double C positions of Qingzhou University of Commerce and Trade so strong?"? This head was obtained by ADC of Qingzhou University of Commerce and Trade. Seven minutes later, XT's star single Fint was killed by Chen Yi's list again. Suddenly, the whole audience was not calm? What's going on here? Is the other party's order open, or is Fint releasing water? Although he killed the opponent twice in ten minutes, Chen Yiqing never got the advantage in the following time. Not only did he not get the advantage, but also the advantage in his hands was slowly passing away, and the repair knife that held down the opponent was slowly catching up. But this is not Chen Yiqing's pot, but because of the reasons for both sides to play wild! The other side's wild is too good at playing. Chen Yiqing can get the advantage in the early stage because the other side's wild did not notice Chen Yiqing at all. However, in ten minutes, Chen Yiqing killed the opposite single twice. The opposite wild is blind, and it is impossible not to notice Chen Yiqing. This wild is wandering in the middle of the road, and I don't go to other places very much. I squat for a while and then go to brush the wild. I squat for a while and then go to other roads to have a look. And the other side's wild is not squatting in the middle of the road to catch Chen Yiqing like the previous wild. This time, the XT team's wild is to protect their own single Fint to come to the middle. Sometimes the other side of the wild, Chen Yiqing can only retreat, so repair knife or something, will be slowly chased back by the other side. If say, Li Xuan can be willing to come over to help Chen Yiqing, with Chen Yiqing online advantage, Chen Yiqing and Li Xuan with the opposite Fint and play a wild 2V2 is not empty at all, with Chen Yiqing in the small group battle handling ability, in addition to the advantage of the line, equipment leading, the opposite certainly can not beat Chen Yi Qing and Li Xuan! However, the ideal is very beautiful, but Li Xuan where he has time to manage Chen Yiqing ah, Chen Yiqing online advantage is good, already thank God! Early Li Xuan was opposite the wild to the routine, Li Xuan a blind wild! By the opposite of the wild dragon lady hit the road will not go, the whole wild area has almost become the back garden of the opposite dragon lady, deep into the eyes of chaos, wild monster chaos. This also leads to Li Xuan's development can not get up at all, the wild monster at home is basically eaten a lot by the other side every round, the development can not keep up with the rhythm seriously! This is not the most important question, the most important question is, has been very steady on the road, Wang Qun collapsed, the collapse of that is too horrible to look at. Originally thought that the other side is a small fish man, even if Wang Qun's Rambo does not hang up the opposite side to play, but also at least play a 50-50, who would have thought that five minutes was killed twice by the other side, and also used the transmission, but also less a wave of soldiers, it seems that the collapse of the two routes, how can this play?! Chapter 50 glory in defeat. A collapse on the road, Li Xuan is completely no time to manage Chen Yiqing, after all, the collapse on the road is so fierce, must help more, although the middle road is an advantage, Li Xuan of course also want to help Chen Yiqing expand the advantage, in that case he can also get a few assists, but,liquid bottle filling machine, on the road are almost beaten into an idiot, can not ignore the road, so even if Chen Yiqing has an advantage can only be temporarily ignored. gzxilinear.com

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