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Kunlun Chunyang Scroll-Phoenix Song _ txt Novel Paradise Full-time Job

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Liang Xiao looked down again, and then wrote: "Yin and Yang are chasing each other, transforming into essence. Although there is not enough in, there is more out, and there is more damage to make up for the deficiency. It is the way of heaven." This sentence came suddenly, Liang Xiao was confused, and then looked down, but it was "Zi Fu yuan Zong" four words, followed by poems and pithy formulas. Liang Xiao thought once put bright, Han Ning purple immediately, his night of hard work, but for this female devil made a wedding dress, too not worth it. After Han Ningzi wrote Xuan Ji Tu, she did not withdraw her pen and ink. Liang Xiao smeared the ink on the iron plate, tore off half of the shirt, and rubbed down the words on the plate. Wipe the iron plate clean again, put it together again into an iron box, and afraid that Han Ningzi felt that the weight was different, knocked a piece of the stone table, stuffed it into the box, and when he finished his work, the day was already dim. Liang Xiao was exhausted both physically and mentally. He put the rubbings and the balls of Yin and Yang into his arms and lay back on the stone bed, but he was not sleepy. He stared at the dome of the stone room with big eyes. Before long, the dome gradually brightened up, and suddenly it became dark again, with more shadows. Liang Xiao knew that Han Ningzi had arrived, so he pretended to be sleeping and got up at noon. He took a book and looked through it, but he didn't look at the iron box from beginning to end. Time passed quickly,shuttle rack system, and the day passed in a flash. In the evening, the stone gate suddenly opened wide, and Han Ningzi stepped in. Her face was covered with frost, and she stared at Liang Xiao. Liang Xiaoli kept calm and looked through the Suanjing. Han Ningzi knew that the plot was seen through by him. She became angry from embarrassment and slapped him twice. Then she put the iron box into her sleeve and slammed the door. Liang Xiao's cheeks were swollen and painful, but he was very happy in his heart. But he was afraid that the female devil would go away and come back. It was not until late at night that he dared to take out the ball of Yin and Yang. He thought, "As the saying goes, 'Yin and Yang chase each other and generate essence. Although it is not enough to get in, it is more than enough to get out.'". Most of them are talking about the Yin and Yang ball. Essence is internal force. Since it is said that'entering is not enough ', is it necessary to put the inner strength into the Yin and Yang ball? Now hold the ball of Yin and Yang, gather the remaining internal force,asrs warehouse, and inject it into the ball. After a while, the growth and decline of the black and white colors in the ball of yin and Yang accelerated. Before Liang Xiao changed his mind, he felt a numbness in his palm. A thick warm current went straight from the ball of yin and Yang into the "Laogong point", followed the "triple energizer meridian of hand Shaoyang", and fell into the sea of Qi in the "Shanzhong". Liang Xiao only felt incredible, and injected the True Qi into the Yin and Yang ball, turned around, and a thick True Qi was sent back. Liang Xiao was so surprised and happy that he suddenly understood the meaning of "although it is not enough to get in, it is more than enough to get out, so as to make up for the deficiency". He could not help dancing and laughing. Originally, he was injured by the noble righteousness, and there was little internal force left. If he practiced according to the regular method, it would take at least twenty or thirty years to recover. However, this "ball of yin and Yang" is actually a rare treasure between heaven and earth. The user only needs to input the internal force. As soon as the True Qi turns in the ball, it can change from weak to strong, and send it back to the user's body. In this way, the work of twenty or thirty years can be accomplished in two or three years. Liang Xiao was overjoyed for a while before he held the ball of Yin and Yang in his left hand. This time, he introduced the True Qi into the "Triple Energizer Meridian of Hand Shaoyang", and then returned the stronger True Qi to the Dantian, scattered it to the bones, pallet rack shelving ,medium duty racking, then gathered it together and injected it into the ball. In this way, Liang Xiao felt that the internal force was becoming more and more abundant, and he was no longer exhausted before. He first practiced the "triple energizer meridian of Hand-Shaoyang", and then held it in his right hand to practice the "heart meridian of Hand-Shaoyin", and then practiced the "lung meridian of hand-Taiyin", the "large intestine meridians of hand-Yangming" and the "pericardium meridians of hand-Jueyin". Then rub Yongquan on both feet, practice "Stomach Meridian of Foot-Yangming", "Spleen Meridian of Foot-Taiyin", "Bladder Meridian of Foot Taiyang", "Gallbladder Meridian of Foot Shaoyang", and "Liver Meridians of Foot Jueyin", and then practice "Belt Meridian" and "Chong Meridian" until the True Qi is full. Liang Xiaofang holds the Yin and Yang balls at the bottom of the tongue. The tongue is the bridge of the human body. It runs through A big week of its own. Liang Xiao's internal force is weak, and at this time the natural growth is extremely fast. Every time the True Qi turns for a week, it is like practicing for ten days and a half months. He was so absorbed in practice that he forgot the passage of time, and when he woke up, the sky was dim and it was dusk. The food was placed in front of the door, and it was already cold. About a Bing did not respond to the call for a long time, so he went away. Although Liang Xiao had not eaten for a day, he was so full of True Qi that his mouth and tongue were full of saliva, and he did not feel hungry and thirsty. After more than ten days, Han Ningzi never came again, Liang Xiao is also happy no one to disturb. Sometimes when he was tired of sitting, he would play a few sets of fists and feet to loosen his muscles and bones. At first, the fists and feet were very weak, but with the growth of internal force, the wind gradually came out of the fists. However, as Liang Xiao's internal force grew, the True Qi generated by the "Yin and Yang Ball" became much weaker. At the beginning, it changed from one to ten. After five days, it changed from one to nine. Then it decreased day by day. By twenty days, it was already one to four. As Liang Xiao's input of True Qi became stronger, the black and white attack in the ball became more intense, like boiling water. Although Liang Xiao was surprised, he couldn't figure out why. On this day, Liang Xiao used a set of fists and feet and began to think about how to get away. Thought these days although the internal force to recover a lot, is still no match for Han Ningzi, and she has a lot of maidservants, everyone has a weapon, their internal force is insufficient, unarmed against the enemy, it is difficult to play the power of moves. Thinking about it, he thought of the "Seven Styles of Piercing the Heart" in "Shuangtan Sword Spectrum", and immediately picked up the bamboo chips and stabbed them in accordance with the law, so that when they reached the rapid place, there was a whistling sound on the chips. Liang Xiao made Xing Fa, stabbed the wall of the cave, and the bamboo chips went into the stone for half a minute. In the same move, the situation was very different before and after the month. Liang Xiao was very happy. Then he thought, "If I can hold the ball of Yin and Yang at the bottom of my tongue and make it generate energy, won't the internal force increase four times?" Then he put the ball of Yin and Yang into his mouth and raised his hand to stab, and this stab went into the wall for two more points. Liang Xiao confirmed what he thought, and he was so happy that he practiced day and night. On this day, he was practicing his sword when he heard a tinkling sound outside the door. It seemed that someone was coming, and more than one person. Liang Xiao put the ball of Yin and Yang into his mouth. He had already made up his mind to wait for the stone door to open. He first stabbed Ah Bing unexpectedly, and then forced Han Ningzi back with all his strength and grabbed him into the bamboo forest. The clanging sound became louder and louder, and suddenly stopped in front of the door. Liang Xiao couldn't help but feel his heart beat harder, his hands trembled slightly, and suddenly he heard a sound and the stone door opened. Liang Xiao, like an arrow on the string, was about to pop up when he saw three people rushing into the door and stumbling towards him. This was beyond Liang Xiao's expectation. He didn't know his friends or enemies, so he didn't dare to take the lead. He had to dodge and give way. The two stone doors closed with a crash. Han Ning Zika laughed and said,radio shuttle racking, "Boy, you are always disobedient. I have found some fun for you. Ha ha, you can enjoy it slowly." Then he went to laugh. kingmoreracking.com

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Kunlun Chunyang Scroll-Phoenix Song _ txt Novel Paradise