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It is better to sleep with you than to enjoy the spring breeze (net with sweet text) Full-time Job

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Lin Xuan was speechless. She was just trying to defend herself. I heard a few girls behind me complaining in a low voice, "Oh, why didn't I think of sending flowers? It's too negligent." "The party is about to start, and I don't know what time the senior's program is. If I miss it now, I will lose more than I gain." "This girl is so scheming." Lin Xuan had no choice but to swallow the words back, she really did not dare to think if the girls heard that they were Tuo, how ugly they would die. Xiaohan, when you just came here, did you see a man sitting there? Lin Xuan changed the subject. Man? What man? Fang Xiaohan looked at a loss, turned to a clear face, and whispered in Lin Xuan's ear, "You mean." Senior? …… Lin Xuan was deeply impressed by Fang Xiaohan's rich imagination. It is said that children's imagination is infinite, with the growing age, with the poison of education, our imagination is slowly imprisoned. Lin Xuan really doubts Fang Xiaohan's age. "How can it be possible to be a wretched uncle." Lin Xuan curled her lips. As soon as Fang Xiaohan wanted to gossip, the lights in the auditorium went dark and the party began. The school anniversary party was held with great dedication and novelty. This time, not only the bullet screen can be sent on the big screen, but also four lucky draws were set up. The third prize was five mascot dolls of their school, the second prize was three pens customized by the school, and the first prize was a silver coin made of a school emblem, but the special prize was not mentioned. Everyone was tantalized by the grand prize. Speaking of the programs of this evening party, Lin Xuan said that she liked them very much. Later, when she mentioned these programs again, she would rub her face and stomach conditionally. This school anniversary party has changed from the rigid eulogy of the past to a vivid experience of traversing. In order to let everyone really feel each generation, Sun Ning also specially invited outstanding alumni from each generation to come on stage to add to the fun. There is a double reed played by a serious professor with silver hair and a junior student, and a square dance led by an iron lady in an important position in the government. The big screen was constantly maxed out, and the atmosphere was pushed up one after another. Before I knew it, the party was drawing to a close. Had it not been for the excitement of the hostess to say the name of Lin Lishu, Lin Xuan would have almost forgotten such a person. Had it not been for the message from Sun Ning, Lin Xuan could not remember that she still had a mission,fish measuring tape, and she looked down at the flowers at her feet. Um. Where are the flowers? It seems that when I just laughed, I accidentally stepped on the flowers. Rotten? Accompanied by Fang Xiaohan's three sympathetic eyes, as well as everyone's screams and applause, Lin Xuan shed tears and picked flowers. Hard work paid off, and she carefully picked up the remaining flowers and breathed a sigh of relief. Then the stage suddenly went dark and the whole audience was silent. Suddenly, a flute sound in the darkness, sad and lonely, like a swan goose that has lost its companion and is flying alone, is crying. Lin Xuan's heart was beating so hard that her whole body almost jumped. She's heard this song! This is the world in the dream! It was the theme song created by Sizhuguan for "Dream of Jiangshan"! I'm so excited! I'm so excited! Lin Xuan's cell phone kept shaking, and she knew that she was as excited as the small colleagues of the T Hanfu Club. In this community, everyone is deeply in love with Chinese traditional culture, and is also making efforts to promote Chinese traditional culture and publicize the costumes of the Han nationality. Speaking of it, the ancient style circle and the domestic game circle, the animation circle, as well as the Hanfu circle have been very closely integrated. People in these circles will more or less like Chinese traditional culture, Walking tape measure ,Diameter tape measure, ancient style musicians will write songs for domestic game animation, and Hanfu businessmen will also provide clothes for ancient style musicians. We should publicize each other and benefit each other. On the other hand, although this is not the first time Lin Xuan heard the ancient style song in her school, but this is the first time she heard it at the party, or at the centennial party! She now has a great sense of pride that what she likes, which has always been said to be a minority, can finally be introduced to the public. She is really grateful to Lin Qishu, a bosom friend. She suddenly remembered that Lin Lishu was the developer of Dream Jiangshan, and she was even more excited. She must send flowers, and no one can stop her. Lin Xuan clenched her fist. A gentle "card jump" was covered by the sound of music. She pressed down her excitement and continued to watch the performance. The light gradually rises, the background is the moonlight bamboo forest, only to see a person playing the flute under the moon. He is dressed in the costume of the Xiaoyao School in the game, light blue clothes, covered with white gauze, like a fairy in a painting. The man's face appeared in the background, with a little cinnabar between his eyebrows, phoenix eyes closed lightly, sword eyebrows in his temples, full of sadness. The degree of reduction is so high, Lin Xuan silently praised. At this time, the sound of the flute gradually turned and became gentle, as if he had fallen into memory and remembered the quiet years of the past. At this time, the background turned into burning peach blossoms, and in the falling petals, a woman dressed in Qinghuan costumes gently raised her sleeves and danced with the sound of the flute. She was dressed in red, burning his eyes and his heart like a fire. The woman's face appeared in the background, her eyes were full of attachment, and her face was full of happiness. Two figures appeared in the background, only to see the man's eyes full of spoiling, has been following the woman's figure. Women in the gradual acceleration of the rapid rotation of the flute, blooming, the ultimate gorgeous, unstoppable decline. The woman's figure was like a puff of smoke, which gradually faded away. The sound of the flute suddenly turned high, and despair came like a flood, suffocating. Just when everyone felt unable to breathe, the sound of the flute suddenly stopped, leaving only echoes around the beam. There was a silence in the auditorium, and no one realized that the program was over. The hopeless love between men and women was sad and suffocating, and everyone was immersed in the sound of the flute. Gradually everyone recovered, a person began to applaud, the applause gradually awakened the lost audience, everyone's applause slowly sounded, from sparse to deafening, enduring. Returning to her senses, Fang Xiaohan found that Lin Xuan was still sitting in her seat with tears on her face. Fang Xiaohan quickly patted her, "Your.." Without waiting for Fang Xiaohan to finish, Lin Xuan suddenly woke up with a start and hurriedly ran toward Lin Zhishu,Surveyors tape measure, who was taking a curtain call. Jiang Ming, who witnessed the whole process, lit three sticks of incense for Lin Xuan. tapemeasure.net

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It is better to sleep with you than to enjoy the spring breeze (net with sweet text)