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Invincible upgrade _ 202002 15155705. Full-time Job

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Mu yuanshan twisted his eyes and looked at Qin Tian not far away and said to himself, "What is the background of this boy?"? Surrounded by so many killers, he survived, and the killers seemed extremely afraid of him. Then I saw dozens of black-clad bodies on the ground. Mu yuandong's eyes tightened in vain and he said in a low voice, "Did he kill them all by himself?" Some don't believe it. Mu yuanshan was suspicious, but he could not find a reasonable explanation. From the first sight of Qin Tian, he felt that he could not see through it. But he was seen through in general. That's not a good feeling. Then, just flew out of the woman in black, the woman's repair is absolutely Xuanxing five-rank strong, how can a Xuanxing four-rank person mobilize Xuanxing five-rank strong? Mu yuanshan asked himself again, "Who are you?" …… The wooden rock retreats again and again. The gap in cultivation is insurmountable. Mu yuandong has been hiding his strength all these years, and now he has reached the peak of the fifth rank of Xuanxing, and Tiangou's swordsmanship has reached the point of pure love like fire. Mu Yan is no match for him at all. Die!!! A sudden roar. The skyhook in Muyuandong's hand suddenly became an illusion and split into two parts. Open the bow left and right, and cover the wooden rock under the skyhook. Muyan's face changed greatly. With the power of the stars, the giant sword was lifted up to withstand the pressure of the skyhook. "Be careful!" Muyuanshan exclaimed in horror. "Hello!" "You must be Muxiang's father." "Your son is waiting for you down there. You can't wait. You'd better go down and look for him earlier." Qin Tian had already come to the side of Muyan at this time,pipe cantilever rack, and the corners of his mouth showed an excited smile. The blood-colored fog on his body was full of killing intentions. Court death Mu yuandong's eyes were bloodshot. Qin Tian's words are like adding fuel to the fire. Muyuandong was so angry that he went on a rampage! Turned back to give up the attack on Muyan, turned to stare at Qin Tian, right foot heavily, the figure turned into a thin line left in the air, surrounded by evil spirit, double hooks rolled up the strong wind straight into the gate of Qin Tian's life. Muyan was saved. But. Qin Tian is in danger. The speed of the fifth order of Xuanxing is very fast. Compared with Gao Yun'er,Industrial pallet rack, Mu yuandong's strength is better. With his rich combat experience and desperate fighting style, he has been infinitely close to the strength of the sixth rank of Xuanxing. Qin Tian frowned, his expression became serious, and he quickly retreated. At the same time. The bloodthirsty forces in the system are rolling. Qin Tian frowned and looked for the weakness of Muyuandong while retreating. "I'll see where you go!" "Break it for me!" "Rumble." A loud noise, the breath of the wood far east body suddenly changed dramatically, the strength suddenly improved, the strength is completely different, become more powerful. Qin Tian frowned and said to himself, "***.". It can also be promoted. What the hell is this? A little underestimating the strength of the wood far east. Mu yuanshan looked startled and shouted, "Far East.". You don't want to die. "Life?" "Ha ha ha." "What is life?" Mu yuandong guffawed a few times. He was now unable to save the day. The situation was completely out of control. It was impossible to save it. Now he had only one thought in his mind. He tore Qin Tian to pieces and held a memorial ceremony for his son's soul. He shouted heavily, "Blood sacrifice!" A sharp shout. There was a burst of red on Muyuandong's body, Narrow aisle rack ,Cantilever Storage rack, like a burst of blood. Also in this moment. The breath on the body has changed dramatically again, and the strength has improved again. Evil skill. With blood as the guide, stimulate the Dantian, know the sea, mind, and stimulate the greatest potential of the body. It is said to stimulate, but in fact it is to overdraw life. This kind of skill is very evil, and you will die quickly with more. Mu yuandong is completely desperate now. Fuck "Do you need to work so hard?" Qin Tian secretly cursed a few words, while the system's suppressed bloodthirsty power is still in a constant rolling state, the power is constantly superimposed, he needs a small opportunity to kill wood in the Far East in a second. But at this point. He has been driven to danger. The strength of Muyuandong has far exceeded the fifth rank of Xuanxing. Die! The vigorous voice, like thunder, exploded over the martial arts field, and the vigorous breath rolled up the wind like a sharp blade and crushed it heavily. Qin Tian's whole body stung, his mind shook, and his face became more and more ferocious. Suddenly. Qin Tian stopped and stood where he was, sinking his fists. The fog of blood on the body is leaking out! Strength steaming up, carry to double fist above, wait for wood far east to rush up, another punch flies. "Little B." "Come on, I'll give you a taste of being killed in seconds." Qin Tian was stunned and shouted, all the power in his body was running out, and the whole martial arts field was like an ocean of power, and the fog of blood was diffused in every corner of the martial arts field. Ah There was a thick layer of phantom in the far east of the wood, arms crossed, thick flame rising from the double hook, and strength boiling. Be careful! All of a sudden. A voice sounded. Qin Tian's heart sank. His face was shocked. "Don't come over.." he shouted. "Shit!" "It's too late." Qin Tian secretly complained, did not expect this time Gao Yun son will appear. There are times when you really can't use your head to think about this woman's thoughts! There is no way. Qin Tian can only start ahead of time. Chapter seven hundred, the first level of bloodlust Thanks for the support of "Autumn Pumpkin, Chong Chong (Happiness)"! ———— It's so hard! Qin Tian has been suppressing the killing power in the system, so that it is constantly superimposed together, in order to achieve the super effect of one-punch bombardment, which may also be the only chance to kill Muyuandong, but. Gao Yun'er just appeared at this time. She took Muqing to a safe place and rushed back immediately. Wood Far East is Xuanxing five rank strong, she is not sure, Qin Tian a person can not? She was a little worried,Steel racking system, so she hurried back and saw the blood-colored fog on the martial arts field, and saw the blood sacrifice of Mu yuandong's exhibition of evil skills! Don't care about anything. Head down. She couldn't figure out why she did it. Of course, she didn't think about the consequences at all. omracking.com

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Invincible upgrade _ 202002 15155705.