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If you like the host, please pay attention to [city warm sweet pet article with micro-blog stem, net red food female host vs game male host] Full-time Job

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No Frog: It's not a live broadcast for you alone. Don't watch it if you don't understand it! Who called me Xiao Gongju: Who are you? I didn't ask you to teach. In Ai Xiao's own live broadcast room, she was too lazy to pay attention to this kind of people and let them play freely, but this is her live broadcast room for love beans. [ (Housing manager) Love to eat, love to laugh, and don't gain weight: This little princess, you can watch the anchor and play a few games, and you can also learn some skills to avoid the killer.] "Is your game on, this little princess?" Her brother's voice sounded. [Who called me a small public lift: open, I happen to have just opened a game to try.] "Then you window the game and I'll tell you how to play it." She pointed out the elder brother and explained patiently. Who called me a little princess: The girl I chose now appears in the night of a large forest full of grass. "Then look for it. There should be a killer nearby. When he approaches you, the background music will become rapid." Hey, her brother Dian is too kind. To tell you the truth, she really wants to enjoy this kind of teaching. Who called me Xiao Gongju: I saw him, he looks so terrible! "Well, then walk towards him." Hmm? Walk towards the killer? Ai Xiao was stunned, and "Xiao Gong Ju" also noticed something was wrong. [Who called me Xiao Gongju: But the anchor, won't he kill me if I walk towards him?] Didn't you ask me to teach you? You'll find out when you walk over. The way he said it was like a harmless big boy saying,Stainless Steel Trough Urinal, "You believe me, this candy is delicious" is a kind of taste. [Who called me a little princess: Ah, as soon as I walked over, he knocked me down and hung me on the hook. What am I going to do now, host? "You don't do anything now, and then you wait for your character to die,Flushometer valve, and then you can start the next game." Silence The bullet screen was silent, and Xiao Gongju did not send any more content. Obviously, she was cheating people, but her tone did not change at all, which made the audience think that he really wanted to teach this importunate "little public lift". [ (Housing management) Love to eat, love to laugh and not gain weight: … … 666] Ai Xiao then took the lead in brushing a wave of "6" to make the bullet screen alive again. She took back what she said before:) She didn't want to enjoy the teaching at all. This is a waste of everyone's time. I'm sorry, little bit. Do you want to continue? Fans can also add this account if they want to come. Her brother Dian didn't interact with her fans normally as if he had cheated people just now. [ (Housing management) Love to eat, love to laugh and not gain weight: pull me!] The next day, Ai Xiao clicked on his brother's live broadcast room after the next broadcast, and immediately the sound effect of lol came out. Today's popularity is still over 100, and there are signs of heading for the word "2". Oh, Time Delay Tap ,Time Delay Tap, how did this robot catch me again? A sweet female voice came from the live broadcast room, not her brother Dian. Ai Xiao moved the mouse stagnation, she confirmed the live broadcast room, did not go wrong. Then the voice of her brother came out, neither salty nor light: "You stand directly in the grass next to that and try not to come out." [Oh, my God: No matter how powerful the Great God is, he can't escape the curse of the rollover with his sister.] [Qwq: I think the anchor can win. In this low-end game, he can lead his teammates to play 4 against 6.] [8899: That's a single road. Now the anchor is dragging a drag oil bottle on the double road.] "Oh, she can see me here. I'm dead again!" There was another scream. Don't worry There is no sense of blame. As an excellent fan girl, she should tolerate her love beans and fans to interact and play games together, but. Ai Xiao clasped his hands in front of his chest, pouted his mouth and blew out his breath. Finally, he chose to open the penguin group and found the penguin number of 8899 and sent a message. XD: Excuse me, I'd like to ask what happened to the girl in the live broadcast room 8899: Huh? There is no situation, and I just bring a girl fan. Are you the housekeeper? XD: Right. But doesn't the host never turn on the voice when he brings people? 8899: That's not the same. She is a girl. Will you refuse if she asks for voice? XD: I will refuse. Her brother's beautiful voice clapped on her eardrum, and the girl's voice, which was clearly OK, was unusually discordant in her ear at the moment, stirring up her brother's explanation. She regretted why she didn't take the initiative to ask her if she wanted the voice. Previously, she also comforted herself that two voices in the live broadcast room would cause trouble to the audience. The other side seemed silent for a few seconds. 8899: Are you a girl, too? XD: Who is this girl fan? 8899woc You are really a girl! If you look at the fan list, you will know that this girl threw a gift of 100 yuan to the anchor and asked the anchor to take her. Only then did Ai Xiao notice that the second place in the fan list was (5) (who called me Xiao Gongju). Xiao Gongju, who hit the wall yesterday, came again today. But she is just the housekeeper of her love beans. She can't do anything because she didn't send an advertisement or spray people. Ai Xiao silently turned off the live broadcast room, she did not watch, did not watch the total line? In another part of the city, a junior high school student who looked 13 or 14 years old suddenly jumped down from the sofa in the living room and knocked on the door of a room. He didn't pull the handle until the man inside said, "Come in." I turned off my mic. What's wrong? He spoke without procrastination, like glass beads hitting tiles, crisp and smooth, during which his eyes did not leave the screen. Do you know? Just now your housekeeper came to me, and she turned out to be a woman! The little boy was a little excited, "a female fan is really envious of another female fan." After the game voice played "ry", he turned around and said, "You mean small?" "You have a second housekeeper?"? I haven't even watched your live broadcast since the first day, okay? The boy looked contemptuous. I know. The boy sitting in the chair was not surprised at all,Concealed Flush Valve, and then his index finger made a gesture to stop talking. My housekeeper is coming, isn't he? Do you want to come together? He asked to Mai. Eh? Do you want to call someone else? No, what if it's a trap? This voice comes from the "small public lift" that has just been defeated by the enemy. cnkexin.com

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