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I just want to inherit your legacy [entry] (Situlanya) Full-time Job

4 months ago   Legal & Consulting   Samraong   157 views
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An Tian smiled. "Why do you ask me if I can?"? Shen Qingyue is not mine. It has nothing to do with me. After hearing this, Han Yan clenched An Tian's hand and smiled with relief: "Thank you." Two months of summer vacation passed in a flash. After the beginning of school, it is the second year of high school, which is much more stressful than the first year of high school. An Tian still has time to tutor Xu Jiaci's homework in the first year of high school. In the second year of high school, he has to be busy with competitions and ordinary homework. Most of the time, Xu Jiaci studies by himself. After the training, An Tian began to continue to participate in the competition, from the provincial preliminary trials, layer by layer to select, the last time, is the national finals. When several students went to participate in the competition, not many students in No.4 Middle School knew about it. It was quiet. But after the competition, just like the top 100 list after each exam, the school gate posted a red list with great fanfare, and the school's official website also released news. Three students from Haicheng No.4 Middle School won the gold medal in the National Physics/Mathematics/Biology Competition for Middle School Students. An Tian and Shen Qingyue successfully sent students to T University and Zhu Junting successfully sent students to P University. Every year, students from No.4 Middle School are recommended to enter these two schools. When they come on Monday,smart boards for conference rooms, everyone holds their heads high to see which students are recommended on the Red List this year. Xu Jiaci looked at an Tian's name and smiled. There are several primary school girls chatting next to them. I heard that only Zhu Junting is a senior in high school, while An Tian and Shen Qingyue are both senior in high school. "It's so cool to be recommended in the second year of high school. What should I do in the remaining year? Do I still have classes?" "Do what you have to do." "I heard that Shen Qingyue and An Tian are the grade couple of the second grade of senior high school. They are always the first and second grade, and they look very matched." "Really?"? What does it look like? "The official website of the school doesn't have a picture of the two winners. Go and see for yourself." …… Xu Jiaci listened to these conversations and raised his eyebrows. Primary school girls are said to be happy, a person turned his head, suddenly saw that secretly photographed Tu version of the fourth post bar of the famous handsome force, the former school bully-Xu Jiaci,smart board for conference room, is standing next to them. The primary school girl immediately blushed, and several people pointed and looked in the direction of Xu Jiaci. Xu Jiaci, of course, would not fail to feel the hot and shy line of sight from his school sister. He turned around directly and asked lazily, "Does it look good?" The elementary school girls immediately scattered like birds and beasts. Xu Jiaci gave a cry. Xu Chaofei also just entered the school, looked at Xu Jiaci, directly put his arm on his shoulder: "Ci elder brother." Xu Chaofei looked up at the school's very coquettish and flamboyant red list: "Sister-in-law is so powerful. Your grades are genius compared with us, and you are illiterate compared with others. What should you do?" “………………” Xu Jiaci, "get out." "You're ***ing illiterate." He ran in the direction of Xu Chaofei. The news arrived earlier than others. An Tian had not yet returned from the a city of the competition. After she won the gold medal, she directly signed a contract to send to T University. It was said that there was no national training team among the people who won the prize. Sure enough, Xu Jiaci heard what grade CP in the morning in the school sister's mouth. In the afternoon, touch screen whiteboard ,interactive panel board, the school forum was full of photos of An Tian and Shen Qingyue when they received the award. Some photos even directly cut off another Zhu Junting classmate, leaving only An Tian and Shen Qingyue. In the photo, two people are holding the trophy and smiling. An Tian has fair skin and beautiful appearance. Shen Qingyue wears silver-edged eyes to learn domineering and noble spirit. It is a profound impression that excellent people not only learn well, but also look good. Name: "The Golden Boy and Jade Girl of Haicheng No.4 Middle School, the Light of Grade 20xx!" "An Tian and Shen Qingyue: the big love story of the future." Everyone in the class basically knew that Xu Jiaci was interested in An Tian, but only a small number of close classmates knew that they had established a relationship. Xu Chaofei took his cell phone and opened the post in front of Xu Jiaci's eyes. Xu did not say anything, but said hello to Zhang Peisheng. Zhang Peisheng recently seized the mobile phone in the classroom, confiscated Xu Chaofei's mobile phone, and asked him to pick it up after the college entrance examination. Xu Chaofei never thought that Xu Jiaci would do this kind of thing that he wanted to kill when he saw it before. He gritted his teeth and said, "Xu Jiaci, you are cruel." Xu Jiaci said, "I am doing this for your own good.". ” Xu Chaofei: In class, Zhang Peisheng excitedly made a speech about An Tian's escort in class, and then announced that she would come back to class with everyone next week. On Saturday, an Tian's high-speed railway class arrived at one o'clock in the morning at night, and several classmates and leading teachers came back together. Xu Jiaci and Zhao Xiumei waited for her at the exit of the high-speed railway station. Zhao Xiumei also bought a bunch of flowers, she heard an Tian sent directly when crying, so many years of hard work has not been in vain, if the child was really taken away by an Changming, will be a lifetime of regret. There were not many people at the railway station at night, but there were several different exits. I don't know which exit An Tian would come out of. Zhao Xiumei looked around and decided to separate from Xu Jiaci. Xu Jiaci silently looked at the still quiet exit of the station. After a while, the train that An Tian took arrived on time. People with suitcases and bags on their backs came out of the station in a dark way. Xu Jiaci is tall, he stands there, the line of sight crosses the person's head, passes through the crowd, sees an Tian to carry the backpack, is walking out. An Tian through the exit ticket gate, also saw Xu Jiaci outside the station, he did not have Aunt Zhao, two people are waiting separately. Xu Jiaci opened his arms slightly. An Tian trotted and rushed over. She hugged his waist and looked up. The eyes are all pure love. The author has something to say: Ann someone caught a cold, dizzy and really uncomfortable, I'm sorry T-T, we pay attention to keeping warm when the season changes. Send 66 red envelopes in this chapter. —— Thanks to the little angel who threw the rocket launcher: 3 little cauliflowers; Thanks to the little angel who threw the mine: tea mushroom cool, Zhang Zhang Zhang, (–) 1; Thanks to the little angel who irrigates the nutrient solution: 42 bottles at a glance; 20 bottles of Yang Dabao who is you, 33489254,interactive flat panel display, Mr. Han; 10 bottles of Me Shut Up; 7 bottles of Little Universe Guess; 6 bottles of Gele; 5 bottles of My Brother Is a Fat Man; 3 bottles of a Good Panda; 1 bottle of Fangfangfang, Chuxian, Nineteen Scholar; Chapter 42. hsdsmartboard.com

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