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He plunders like the wind Author: Liu Xi Ran Full-time Job

1 year ago   Legal & Consulting   Samraong   213 views
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The pajamas were prepared in advance, but fortunately they were not violent. Show style With normal clothes to protect the body, you Nian's mind can also be more stable. Ta-da! Ta-da. After the sound of the water stopped, the sound outside became clear. Through the frosted glass, you can only see a vague figure approaching, she remembered Pei ran just threatened, hurriedly opened the bathroom door, the first step'hit 'out. Panic about what? The air in the bathroom was too stuffy, and after staying in it for too long, she couldn't breathe well. When she opened the door in a hurry, her legs went limp and she just bumped into Pei Ran's arms. Pei ran gave her enough time to prepare, he patiently broke is preparing to go in to catch people, did not expect you will suddenly open the door, in front of a moment, without waiting for his reaction, the man rushed into his arms. He's as stupid as ever, but he likes it. The little girl in her arms was fragrant, she had just taken a bath, she was soft and white, her long wet hair was loose at will, and her ignorant appearance poked Pei Ran's heart and lungs. He is not a gentleman,tin beneficiation plant, now see people take the initiative to rush into, is not polite to press people into the arms. Pei, Pei ran. You Nian's body was weak and had no strength, so Pei Ran picked her up and sat on the edge of the bed and let her sit on his lap. His action, directly scared you silly, she put her hand on his chest to push him away, but her soft movements are more like pandering, eyes wide open,Portable gold trommel, she saw Pei ran one hand to control the back of her neck, in a little bit of lean close to her. The strong male breath forced her body to tremble, and she could not help grasping Pei Ran's skirt, feeling the scars on her arms as if they were burning in pain. Pei ran. When the two of them breathed together, you couldn't help calling him out again. This time there was a cry of fear in her voice, and the drops of water in her hair snaked from her forehead to the corners of her eyes like tears in her eyes. It's so charming and timid that people want to swallow it in one mouthful, and at the same time they want to hold her in their hearts, changing back and forth between extreme love and a little torn torture. Well, I'm here. She was shaking so much that it was hard for Pei Ran to ignore her. He held You Nian's wrists with his free hands and pressed them against his heart. After doing all this, you Nian was completely controlled by him in her arms, and she could not escape. You Nian is still trembling, her wet eyelashes are also trembling, clear eyes are very clearly reflected in the shadow of Pei Ran. Pei ran was in the best mood when he was holding her. He rubbed his chin against her cheek. Seeing that she was about to cry, he couldn't help asking softly, "What's wrong?" You Nian could not move in his arms, manganese beneficiation plant ,coltan ore processing, and her petite body was surrounded by him, like a little white rabbit falling into the mouth of a beast. After she had earned and earned and failed to break away from Pei Ran's restraint, she heard his gentle tone again, and the fear of her body overcame her reason. She spoke her mind in a trembling voice: "I, I'm afraid.." She's scared. She's really scared to death. Just now in the bathroom, it was clear that those things were all her guesses, but now she was held in her arms by Pei Ran, and those imaginations became very real as if she had experienced them personally. Some people say that the more beautiful things are, the more deadly they are, which is also applicable to gentle people. The more gentle Pei ran was at the moment, the more flustered he felt, and a strange feeling stuck in her heart. She could almost guess what would happen in a moment, but she couldn't help being afraid when she thought of the wound on her arm. You Nian has a pair of very clear eyes, whether before or after amnesia, her eyes can not hide emotions, Pei ran often can see her heart at a glance. In this way, you often hang your head when facing him. Over time, her problem of hanging her head in front of him took root, and when Pei Ran saw that he was going to bow his head at the moment, he could not help pinching her chin and forcing her to face himself. What are you afraid of? A voice without emotion, with a hint of. Coax Pei ran saw the fear that could not be hidden in the eyes of You Nian, and could not help squinting his eyes and leaning against her forehead. Afraid of me? Without waiting for you to reply, Pei Ran had already guessed the source of her fear. Thin lips draw out a cool smile, Pei ran holding her low laugh out loud, cold lips rubbed against the corner of her eyes. Moving down from the corner of the eye, Pei ran's lips seemed to move to her cheek, breathing a little bit heavier, especially when he was afraid to close his eyes. Just when she thought Pei ran would go down and kiss her directly, her closed eyes cooled, but Pei ran just kissed her eyes and did not continue to move down. Are you scared? Opening his eyes again, Pei ran had straightened up. He picked up a dry towel from the side of the bed and put it on her head. "Am I so terrible?" He said softly. Of course there is! Pei ran saw through her mind at a glance, and when he saw that he was obviously relieved when he retreated, he could not help laughing out loud. You promised me. You Nian felt that he was laughed at. Because of his teasing just now, the temperature on his face had not gone down yet. She organized a language to defend herself: "You, you said I would come to my period these days, and you would not touch me." The towel was on her head, and the little girl was still in his arms and did not wipe it. Pei Ran rolled up his sleeves and could only serve her himself. When he heard her words, he stopped for a moment and looked at her with a half-smile. "Did I say I wanted to touch you just now?" "But you-" You Nian eyes wide open, did not expect him to deny. He was hugging and rubbing against her just now, and now she was still in his arms. How could he not admit it. Without waiting for You Nian to accuse him, Pei Ran raised her little face and sneered, "Do you think I just hugged you and was ready to *** you?" You Nian breathed a breath, did not expect this man to speak so directly. She was a thin-skinned person, and the heat was rising, and her brain began to freeze before she recovered. She pushed Pei Ran angrily, and when she found that she couldn't push him, she blurted out,mineral flotation, "You didn't just hug me, but you kissed me!" If she hadn't suddenly called him, wouldn't he have continued to hold her and kiss her under the chin. ore-magnetic-mining.com

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He plunders like the wind Author: Liu Xi Ran