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Hang the flag Full-time Job

1 year ago   Public Service & NGO   Paoy Paet   445 views
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"Bullshit," Tan Zhen said. "Who says he doesn't like you. Don't worry about the wedding, it will make you marry well. Liang Jingjing smiled, "all right." An hour passed very quickly. The two men talked for a while and it was almost time. Tan Zhen said, "Where do you live?" "Just the small hotel we used to have." "What time is the flight tomorrow?" "Three o'clock in the afternoon." I have to take a bus from here before 11:00 in the morning. Tan Zhen paused and said, "We'll have an activity in the auditorium tomorrow morning. Would you like to come and see it?" Liang Jingjing's eyes lit up. "Can I get in?" "It's a public event. There will be a lot of people in the city tomorrow. I'll report to my captain in the afternoon. If he agrees, you can come in with the people outside.". I'm just afraid you're out of time. "What time do you start?" "Half past nine." Liang Jingjing: It's not too late. I'll come Tan Zhen nodded, "OK, I'll find someone to send you a message." Liang Jingjing looked at his cell phone. It was time for his class. All right, you go. I'll wait for your news in the evening. The two men looked at each other quietly, then gently touched their foreheads and reluctantly separated. Tan Zhen put on his cap and told Liang Jingjing, "I'm leaving. Check the doors and windows before going to bed at night and lock the door." "I know, you go." Liang Jingjing waved goodbye to him. Tan Zhen walked out a few steps and looked back at her. He was going to be late. He quickened his pace and trotted away. Liang Jingjing went back to sleep that afternoon, slept in a small hotel for an afternoon, and woke up to see a text message from a strange number. It was sent by a small soldier. Her tone was polite. She was asked to wait at the east gate of the camp at 8:30 tomorrow morning. Someone would come to pick her up. The next day, Liang Jingjing woke up at four o'clock at night, playing with his mobile phone until seven o'clock,tannic acid astringent, and began to make up. The sunshine is as bright as yesterday. Soon after Liang Jingjing arrived, he followed a social team who did not know what to do into the barracks under the leadership of a small soldier. Today is a one-day opening activity held by the army. A small soldier who followed Liang Jingjing said that Tan Zhen told him to meet her at the gate of the auditorium later. When he got to the auditorium, Liang Jingjing found that everyone was chirping inside, and no one stopped at the door. She thought that Tan Zhen did not have a cell phone on him, and was afraid that she could not get in touch with him when she went in, so she only dared to wait outside. Liang Jingjing is anxious,gynostemma pentaphyllum leaf extract, under the steps, far away, a large number of soldiers in blue uniforms, lined up neatly from all directions. Under the vast sky, they are like blue tributaries, merging into a blue ocean in front of the auditorium. The last time she had seen a scene like this was when they had an aerial incident, and the whole army was like this, only blue. Liang Jingjing was shocked by the scene. As long as I think that there is a touch of blue that belongs to her, there is blood boiling in my heart. She was proud. Soon, the blue ocean rushed to the door, and the eyes shot at Liang Jingjing. Liang Jingjing stood there, but suddenly he didn't go in, ghana seed extract ,best green coffee bean extract, nor did he stand where he was. Despite their curiosity, the soldiers were very disciplined, and no one made a sound. One after another, they passed by her and entered the auditorium in an orderly manner. A man who looked like a leader was dispatching at the scene. When he saw Liang Jingjing, he came over and asked her who she was and what she was doing standing here. Liang Jingjing did not know how to answer, only to see a blue figure trotting over in the team below. Tan Zhen stood still and saluted with a standard military salute, "Report, she is my fiancee, come to visit relatives." The man looked at Liang Jingjing's expression kindly, "have you reported to your captain?" "I have reported that I went through the formalities yesterday afternoon." The man nodded, looked at Liang Jingjing with a smile, and said to Tan Zhen, "Well, take her in and sit down. The activity is about to start." Tan Zhen nodded. Finally, this morning, Liang Jingjing only had time to say a few words to Tan Zhen at the entrance of the auditorium, and it was not until he left that Tan Zhen said "Happy Birthday" to her. Liang Jingjing looked at him and paused before saying, "I was scared to death. I thought you forgot." When the plane flew into the sky, Liang Jingjing felt that the journey was like a dream, especially unreal. The two people met for only one and a half hours in two days. But this hour and a half is worth all these months. In April, the junior high school students became nervous about their study. Liang Jingjing has only one class seven, and he puts all his efforts on these students. Most of the students in the class are very cooperative with her now, only a few old boys still like to tease her by singing a different tune in class. At this end, Jiang Silan returned to school after his legs were healed, and his attitude towards Liang Jingjing was much better. Liang Jingjing was also very concerned about him in private. In this way, a few boys could not see it and often laughed at Jiang Silan. Adolescent children are very strange, they are not good, but also can not see others good. Liang Jingjing was having an English class that day, and the two boys at the next desk of Jiang Silan were whispering all the time, looking down at the mobile phone in the belly of the desk. Soon, two more boys were attracted to them and joined the discussion. Jiang Silan is taking notes, someone pulls his sleeve, "show you a good thing." The boy avoided the people on the platform and knocked his cell phone under the table and handed it over, "Look, look who this person looks like.." Jiang Silan looked at the picture on the screen of his mobile phone and frowned. Coquettish or not, do you also feel like. Liang Jingjing wrote on the blackboard with his back to the students, and suddenly there was a loud noise behind him. The desk in the middle of the last row was overturned, books and stationery were spilled on the floor,lycopene for skin, and Jiang Silan and the boy at the next desk wrestled together in a mess. The students around him shouted in an instant and got out of the way in panic. Jiang Silan! Lu Chao! Liang Jingjing quickly went to pull the frame, but the little teenager broke out and she couldn't get involved at all. Jiang Silan pressed Lu Chao to the ground and punched him on the head. Liang Jingjing pulled him and shouted, "What are you waiting for? Help pull them away!" Only then did the boys in the class react and rush up. 83 prius-biotech.com

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