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Go to the end of the world alone in online games Full-time Job

1 year ago   Hotel & Restaurant   Paoy Paet   294 views
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The two of them laughed together, and they recalled the days when they were almost inseparable. Two men, of course, will not have any sweet, but the trust between each other, but it is real, the wind can feel. But at this point. Feng Xiaoxiao changed the subject and said, "Didn't you really know martial arts at that time?" "No," said the soul at the foot of the cliff. "I hadn't started practicing yet." "When did you start practicing?" Asked the rustling wind. "The system has been greatly updated," said the soul at the foot of the cliff. "After I joined the Five Poisons!" "Is it the swordsmanship of the Five Poisons?" The wind whistled in surprise. The soul at the foot of the cliff shook his head and said, "No, it's my swordsmanship in the time of dust and smoke!" The wind is rustling in silence. This sentence means a lot of problems. Why does the swordsmanship in the time of dust and smoke remain to the present? Of course, the character of Dust Smoke does not exist, but his sword spectrum can be returned to the hands of the soul under the cliff who is the same person as Dust Smoke. What's going on? Of course, he gave the sword spectrum to someone else, and after he was reborn as the soul under the cliff, someone else returned it to him. Of course, this person is not the system, and the system is not so kind. This at least shows that the dust smoke knew at that time that it would be deleted. So they will entrust important things to others. Think of again at this time of the cliff under the soul and release hand wash together … If he was left behind,nail manufacturing machine, the hatred between the two men would be much more violent than the "storm" that the wind had snatched. The soul under the cliff can still help each other in the same boat with the release of hand washing, then he is really not a man, too unpromising. Although the soul under the cliff does not look very bloody, it is not so. Also because he has no blood, in order to revenge intentionally close to this kind of thing, afraid is also unable to do. Then contact the dust smoke to hand over their own belongings by others, who this other person is no longer need to say! The soul at the foot of the cliff looked at the rustling wind and said, "Do you understand?" The wind whistled and nodded slowly. "What are you planning?" He asked. "It's just something in the gang,wire nail machine manufacturers," said the soul at the foot of the cliff. "You don't need to know that. I can't tell you yet, but you can probably guess a little yourself." "I can't guess," said the wind. "I can only think that this is about you and the hand-washing plan. But I can't think of any reason why you have to commit suicide!" "You know enough," said the soul at the foot of the cliff. "You're not a talkative person. I hope you won't say anything." "If your plan was to cast a net," said the wind, "isn't it time to draw in the net? So the release of hand washing began to make frequent public appearances? The soul under the cliff is still cold tunnel: "These are all you don't need to know, after everything happens, you naturally know, when you want to know what details, I can tell you in detail!" "What about now?" Asked the rustling wind. The look of the soul under the cliff is not so cold finally, slowly way: "Now, we are still the same good friends before!" " Silence, after a moment of silence, Iron Nail Making Machine ,Nail machine manufacturer, the wind rustling suddenly said: "This time the Iron Flag Alliance and Feilong Villa gang war, the richest man cornucopia has opened the dish mouth, you are not a big bet!" "I don't know, I didn't," said the soul at the foot of the cliff. The wind rustled back to calm. He got up and said lightly, "I'm leaving. Take care of yourself." The soul under the cliff nodded. Feng Xiao Xiao took two steps, then turned around and said, "What's the name of your swordsmanship?"? Can't you know that? The soul at the foot of the cliff smiled and said, "Hanliufeidian!" Wind Xiao Xiao asks again: "Why to have not seen so fierce before!" "Because there used to be a level limit for martial arts," said the soul at the foot of the cliff. Depend on, so simple reason, oneself how to forget, the wind rustling finally left more than a trace of embarrassment. A close friend has such a big secret. Is what matter can let him make the biggest sacrifice in the net to swim for this? The wind rustling really wants to know. Is this friend still trustworthy? Although after Feng Xiaoxiao saw through his identity, he had nothing to hide, and seemed to have told Feng Xiaoxiao everything he could say. But when seeing through him, the wind has already thought of a question: why do they know there is BOSS in the valley! Because of the soul under the cliff, the valley BOSS thing, the wind rustling and he said, in this matter, he was obviously betrayed. But by this time the wind was quieter than when it came. As the soul under the cliff said, I know enough. What are they planning? As long as I wait to see the play, but come to think of it, it's probably a gang thing. Could it be that one day when I wash my hands, I will raise my arms and shout, and a sword will come to the east and be established again? [Top Return Directory] Chapter 352 where is the way? (Words in this chapter: 5441 Updated: September 19, 2009 7:28:00) The wind rustled back to Xiangyang, contact the flow of the moon and Liu Ruoxu. The two men then returned to the valley outside the city of Xiangyang. Although they didn't go too deep, the wind whistled after finding them and shouted, "Damn it!"! Why did you come back here to practice again? Aren't you afraid of meeting them? Liu Yue and Liu Ruoxu looked at each other and said, "Are you afraid of him?" "Let's be practical and realistic," said the wind. "There are so many of them. What do you think of our chances of survival if we are surrounded?" "You'll know soon," said Liu Yue. "What did you say?" The wind rustled. Liu Ruoxu winked at the wind behind him, and the wind turned his head-startled, with a group of men, very steadily toward the three men. The wind rustled and exclaimed, "No!"! What a coincidence! Why didn't I see it when I came here? Call for help! "What are you calling for?" Cried Liu Yue. "Get out of here!" With these words, the two of them headed for the depths of the valley. "Xiao Feng, look back and see if they have caught up with you," he said to the wind. The wind is rustling to run at the same time at the same time: "See a fart, this still needs to see, you want to know with knee!" "There must be an ambush inside, too," said Liu Yue! You look back and see what masters are around Jingfeng, let's judge which side is weak,Nail Making Machine price, and then decide from which side to rush out! "Why me again?" Cried the wind. "Your flying skill should be a little higher," said Liu Yue. "Look, don't talk nonsense." 3shardware.com

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