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Freshman first year Full-time Job

1 year ago   Legal & Consulting   Paoy Paet   385 views
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He can always say frankly that he likes me as a brother, but I dare not say. In fact, I always knew in my heart that I didn't dare to admit that I loved him. But I love him. The conversation echoed that day when the foot was applied. Does it hurt? "How can it hurt if you help me?" I just felt familiar at that time, but now I know where I heard it. The haggard young woman held her husband's hand, and the nurse drew the bright red blood from her thin arm. Does it hurt? Asked the anxious husband. It doesn't hurt if you're here. The wife answered with a smile. Their little son watched his mother put her head in his father's arms. Mom, like you, I fell in love with someone, but your love is glorious and happy, my love is painful and humiliating, I'm sorry, because I love a boy. Fish reached out to touch his face, eyebrows, eyes, nose, mouth, face clip, where is the difference that he became the kind of person? That kind of person! Is it the forehead, the dimples on the face, the thick lips. His fingers were full of cold tears. He licked it with his tongue. It was salty. That kind of person, that kind of person. Homosexual. These three words hit the little fish's chest like a heavy hammer. I'm gay, like the squirming boy in the third grade. The dragon had imitated the poor boy again and again, and the little fish himself laughed with them. In my life,jujube seed powder, I am no stranger to being the focus of attention, but I have never thought about how to face a burst of laughter and a mocking look. In a flash, the little fish had a feeling of suffocation. The bed board, the walls and the ceiling on all sides seemed to be pressed down on his chest, which made him breathless. The little fish turned over and got out of bed. The dormitory was quiet. They were all asleep. There was a sound of even breathing. Fish blankly opened the door and came out, the corridor is still full of invisible pressure, the kind of pressure to squeeze him into a ball. The little fish climbed up the stairs to the roof. Stand by the railing. The moonlight was still as bright as snow, scattered on the naked shoulders and legs of the teenager, and the evening breeze of the autumn night wantonly blew up the chill all over him. The city has fallen asleep, the road outside the school occasionally drove one or two night trucks, the opposite building has been dark, the night sky overhead is clear and cloudless, carnosic acid price ,turmeric extract powder, only a few stars are still blinking carefree. What is Tian Yu doing? He must be asleep. He's having sweet dreams. He doesn't know. He doesn't know anything. What would he think if he knew? He would not laugh as much as those people, but he would leave the person he thought was shameless and dirty forever. The little fish just stood motionless. My mind went blank. A hopeless void like the blackened grass of a wildfire. 11 He Feng and Wu Jingfeng came back from playing badminton on Saturday morning, and when they saw the others still in bed, they shouted to get up. Get up, you slacker. It's 8 o'clock. The sun has cooked my ass. Feng Zhen went to lift the bed of the lewd dragon. Fourth uncle, just let your brother sleep for a little while. There's no class today. The lewd dragon's pitiful plea. No, all roll up and go to the bookstore for a group activity today. "Oops.". Xiao Liu is so hot. Cried He Feng. Feng Zhen and Wu Jing also came to have a try. The boy has a fever. It's so hot. Feng Zhen is also worried: "Grandma!"! Hurry to the hospital or? What's the matter? The eldest brother The little fish opened his eyes in a daze and felt a terrible headache. His body was soft as if it had no bones, and it was as heavy as a sandbag filled with water. I'm fine. Maybe I have a cold. Who has some cold medicine? Just give me some. "I have," the lewd dragon jumped down from the bed naked. A pile of tablets and capsules were pulled out of the box. He Feng helped Xiaoyu to take the medicine and said, "Liuer, it really doesn't matter."? You? Alas. The little fish nodded and said, "It's all right. Just sleep for a while." Then the little fish got into bed again. In a daze, I heard them eating breakfast in a low voice. After a while, they were quiet and left. Then someone opened the door and came in, so familiar with the sound of footsteps. It's Tian Yu. Fish, are you sick? He put his hand on the little fish's forehead. The little fish did not open his eyes or speak. "Have you taken the medicine? Just have a good sleep. I'll come to you at noon." Tian Yu gently closed the door and left. The little fish got up from the bed, but he still had a headache. He decided to go to the University of Technology. Two high school buddies, one of them, Wang Lei, is a very good buddy. He has come to Xiaoyu twice, but Xiaoyu hasn't paid a return visit yet. Left a note. The eldest, the second, the third, the fourth and the fifth, I went to the University of Technology to see my classmates. I won't be back today. The University of Technology is much bigger than the University of Medicine, and there are several rows of dormitory buildings. Xiaoyu found Wang Lei without any effort. Dormitory. This guy just got up and said he slept late last night playing cards. The little fish said a few words to him and then plunged into the messy bed and slept with his head covered. Wang Lei gave a wry smile and said, "Xiaoyu, you didn't come to play with me. You clearly came to sleep.". Have you had lunch. What an evil deed. He slept until dark and was pulled up by Wang Lei for dinner. I feel a little better. The little fish followed the hook. The University of Technology is not strict in management, nor does it turn off the lights regularly, unlike the Medical University, which is like a high school. Wang Lei's classmate They are all very gregarious people, everyone is talking and laughing, and Xiaoyu's mood is relaxed. But turn off the light to sleep, or maybe sleep more during the day, the fish lying in bed how can not sleep. As soon as I closed my eyes, I saw Tian Yu's pure and beautiful eyes. What is he doing? Did he look for me? He must think I'm still mad at him? Will he be in a hurry? Does he know what I think? In the blur, Tian Yu's face was all in front of him,best green coffee bean extract, smiling, naughty, grimacing and angry. Then a kind of oppressive wet pain flooded from the bottom of my heart. prius-biotech.com

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