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Feng Shui Master of Quick Wear Full-time Job

4 months ago   Legal & Consulting   Battambang   129 views
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Such an attitude made Wang Qing feel a little better. She went on to say: "This dress would have changed according to people's body shape. At the beginning, when he just gave it to me, it was very fat. I wore it under my coat every day. Every day, I became thinner, and my clothes became smaller. Before summer, I lost weight completely, so I took off my clothes and kept them all the time." But I had to weigh myself every day. In the days before the press conference, I suddenly found that I had gained a pound. I felt very sad at that time. I didn't eat the next day, thinking that I would recover. But after a day of hunger and weighing myself, I got fat again! Heard so much, Qiao Guanglan can also understand Wang Qing's state of mind, very not easy to thin down, inexplicably long said, must be very frightened in the heart. Sure enough, Wang Qing was shocked when she discovered this. She was so frightened that she put the dress on again. The next day she put it on was the press conference. By Qiao Guanglan's standards, she was really thin at that time. As a result, after the press conference, Wang Qing became fat faster than she lost weight, and her clothes did not change in size, but were stretched out. Qiao Guanglan heard this question, was going to speak, but he saw the expression on Wang Qing's face, that kind of madness and despair are enough to see directly from the eyes-she recalled the process of becoming fat again, the whole person is trembling. Such a despised girl's persistence and desire for beauty had reached a morbid level, and was all intensified by the dress. Her nature is very selfish,touch screen board classroom, but also cruel enough, she has never been right from beginning to end, what she has done is very hateful, but it is not pitiful. Qiao Guanglan sullenly put the words back, for him such an outspoken person, this feeling is very uncomfortable. He only wrinkled his nose lightly, and Lu Heng immediately turned around like he had eyes on the back of his head. He scraped Qiao Guanglan's nose with a smile in his words, but his eyes were full of concern: "Why, aren't you happy?" "Nothing," said Qiao Guanglan. "It's a bit stuffy here." Lu Heng said at once,75 inch smart board, "I've asked what I should ask. Then I'll go." In his heart, even if the question did not ask also does not matter, he can come again, the key is not to let Qiao Guanglan stuffy. Qiao Guanglan nodded, Wang Qing saw the interaction between the two of them in the eyes, did not say anything, in addition to losing weight on this matter, she has always been a wise person, know that some things should not be asked. All she said was, "That's my business." Lu Heng said, "I told the police that you were just out of order because you were hit too hard before, but now you have recovered and can bear legal responsibility.". In that case, I can fulfill my promise not to disclose your affairs, so as not to expose you to the public. Wang Qing said shakily, "I.." I don't want to go to jail. "You're not qualified to say no," said Lu Heng with a half-smile. In fact, if you know the truth, smartboards for business ,smart board interactive whiteboard, Wang Qing should be glad that she did not hurt the real Qiao Guanglan, otherwise Lu Heng would never be so tolerant, his promise only takes effect when the mood is passable. What's more, although Wang Qing is pitiful, if her character is not so selfish and narrow, she will not fall into this situation, she must be responsible for the previous accident and slander. When he finished, he patted Qiao Guanglan on the shoulder. They walked outside side by side. After a few steps, Qiao Guanglan stopped and turned to Wang Qing and said, "Do you know?"? In fact, I don't think there's anything wrong with girls being fat at all. I like chubby girls. They are very cute. Wang Qing and Lu Heng were stunned at the same time. Before Wang Qing could say anything, Lu Heng was already aggrieved and incredulous and said, "Ah Lan, what did you say?!" This bastard in such a serious occasion to make trouble, Qiao Guanglan whispered: "People do not understand ah, ask a fart, you shut up." He turned to Wang Qing and continued, "I have a few words to get off my chest.". I haven't seen the people who taunt you. I don't know what kind of people they are. I can't judge them by empty words. But when you think about it, they're probably hateful, but you're not? Is it really because of your appearance that people don't like you? If your character is gentle and lovely, if you are also kind to others, then after becoming thin and beautiful, your popularity should be very good, right? Wang Qing opened her mouth and was speechless. It is undeniable that appearance is very important to a person, but personality charm is not just about appearance. Beauty and ugliness lie in the judgment of the human heart, and the ultimate judgment of the human heart can only be the human heart. At least Qiao Guanglan has seen many people, fat, short, even disabled, disfigured, these people also have a variety of shortcomings, but whether their lives are happy or not, they are different. Wang Qing's lips were trembling, and suddenly she felt a person close to her, and before she could react, Qiao Guanglan had already dropped a dragonfly kiss on her forehead. This kiss is very light, very fast, a sweep, will not let a person feel impolite, Qiao Guanglan stood up, look calm. Wang Qing remembered what he had just said- "I look like this, how can there be a future, even a man will not be willing to kiss me.". My life has no meaning at all! Qiao Guanglan said, "Don't think too much. It's not to take advantage of you, but to prove to you that sometimes too much brain filling will lead to a big event.". Since you want to live, then live well, and come out of prison as a hero. If you are full of bad water every day and think of cheating people, and feel that this and that all look down on you, you might as well die. Wang Qing: ".." Sometimes, I don't know whether to thank him or kick him. When Qiao Guanglan dropped the kiss, Lu Heng gasped behind him, clenched his fist, raised it, compared it to his back, and finally-thumped his chest. Although Qiao Guanglan could not see Lu Heng's expression, it could be imagined that when he heard the sound of his inhalation,interactive digital whiteboard, his heart suddenly felt a little empty. The heroic posture of pretending to preach just now suddenly disappeared. With a dry cough, he said with insufficient confidence: "What is that? Is that OK? Lu Heng, let's go." hsdsmartboard.com

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