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Face-changing warrior Full-time Job

3 months ago   Legal & Consulting   Paoy Paet   132 views
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Moreira is forty years old this year, and his force has reached the fifth rank of the Empire. He is a master, and it is even more rare that he is loyal to the divine religion. Now he was standing on the wall, looking at the morning sun in the distance, but his heart was faintly uneasy. At the moment, there were eight thousand flame warriors in the city, abundant military supplies and food. Two days ago, more than three thousand Flame Knights came here. These people came from the center of the Eastern Province and were said to have come to carry out an important mission. Moreira did not know what the task was, but he vaguely knew that he was going to the border of the province to meet some important people! An important figure from the direction of the imperial capital.. Is it, Your Holiness the Pope? It seems that under the leadership of His Holiness the Pope, the divine religion is going to launch a great holy war! Overthrow the royal family of the evil and blasphemous Empire of Light! Moreira was a little excited, but on the other hand, he was a little uneasy! Just last night, the more than three thousand flame warriors had gone to Dahe to meet them. Dahe was only a few dozen miles away from Panka City. If it went well, they should be back this morning! But so far, there is no news at all. Is there something wrong? Moreira sighed at the thought. He has just sent more scouts from both sides to go out to inquire. This was originally the edge of the eastern province, once the war with the Empire began,mobile garbage bin, then this will be the first position of the invasion of the imperial team! So Moreira has been carefully stepping up his combat readiness for some time. That morning, two hundred scouts were sent out. But the more than three thousand flame warriors that came out last night have no shadow until now! Could it be that a large team of emperors sneaked in and killed all the three thousand flame warriors? I don't think so! If you want to kill all the three thousand flame samurai and not let one run away, then you must have a large imperial team! But according to intelligence, Moreira is sure that within a hundred miles around the city of Panka, there is absolutely no imperial team with more than two thousand people! Watching the sun in the distance getting higher and higher, Moreira,plastic pallet manufacturer, standing on the wall, felt more and more uneasy, especially the unusual scene in the distant sky this morning. In the early hours of the morning, there was thunder and lightning in the distant sky, but not a drop of rain fell. Moreira has never seen such strange weather! He anxiously walked around twice and whispered, "Pass the order down and let the fourth team assemble!"! I'll take someone out to see it myself! He ordered his deputy to guard the gate carefully, and he went under the gate. At that moment, there was a loud noise in the sky! It was a clear sky, but suddenly a black flame pierced the sky from a distance! A black flash of lightning in the sky seemed to split a crack in the blue sky! To the naked eye, a small shadow stood in the sky, as if standing on the top of the city of Panka, and the shadow seemed to emit a strange black flame. Although the distance is so far, plastic trash bins ,collapsible pallet box, but Moreira heart but faintly gave birth to a trace of inexplicable fear. There was a long chant overhead again, which did not sound loud, but spread all over the city of Panka in an instant. The warriors of the Flame Knights of Chengtou showed their expressions of fear one after another, and the shadow of the sky at their fingertips gradually pressed down and became clear. That's a man! A man wrapped in black fire, although he could not see his face clearly in the layers of black fire, but there was an invisible sense of oppression and fear in the long chant, Moreira almost subconsciously shouted: "Archers ready!" The man in the sky suddenly let out a long roar! The voice was shrill and shrill, and the warriors on the wall screamed in pain. The voice had some strange magic, as if to pull the soul out of the body. Everyone spat blood one after another, and several of the worst warriors, with a scream, fell down. Moreira also had a trace of blood in his mouth and looked at the human in the sky in horror. The man suddenly opened his hands, and his back. His back.. It was a pair of huge wings! The boundless black flame suddenly surged up, like a black sun, and then the man opened his hands, a huge black fire formed from his arms, and finally, a long roar. Moreira's last memory was to see a huge flame, with a long tail, roaring down from the sky and smashing down on the city of Panka. This is also the last sight that all the people in Panka have seen in their lives this morning! In the imperial palace, the Abbasid Emperor received an urgent message from the eastern part of the Empire. Yesterday just returned to the imperial capital, several strong people are dusty, fat Tianlie was the most seriously injured. He was hit head-on by a seance and almost lost his life. But it seems the least reassuring, I'm afraid, is the black veil calf, he looks like a lost soul, I'm afraid. I'm afraid the women in Roddy boy's family are going to be a headache. As a last resort, Andy asked the fat man to go to Roddy's Marquis House, no matter what, to stabilize the women first, and then talk about the rest later. But just quiet down for a while, I saw the tip-off in my hand! On top of the tip-off, the governors of several towns in the eastern provinces of the Empire that were still in the hands of the Imperial government reported as follows: A day ago, an unusual scene suddenly occurred in the city of Panka, which had fallen into the divine religion! Witnesses in the distance reported that morning, black thunder and fire fell from the sky and hit the city of Panka. In an instant, the sky collapsed and the whole city of Panka turned into a scorched earth! Including the eight thousand flame warriors of the divine religion, there is no living person within ten miles of the whole city of Panka! Old Andy's eyebrows twitched mercilessly. He pinched the tip-off in his hand tightly into a ball and sighed,plastic pallet supplier, "What a black thunder fire outside the sky." Alas, that's clearly Roddy's madman, 'Magic Dragon Purgatory Kill'! cnplasticpallet.com

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