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Detective Zhou Tong Series 4: The Skinner _ Yu Lei Full-time Job

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"I came to you to make a deal." Chang Ning took a deep breath and said calmly. You have nothing on your hands, and you have caused us so much trouble. What can you trade? Said Kangba disdainfully. Because I still have a way to get'Bodhi beads', and let Zhou Tong's action return without success. Chang Ning ignored Kangba's ridicule. She looked at Jin Duo with confidence in her tone. Tell me about your terms. Jin Duo showed that although he was calm, his heart was already in a mess. If it was as Chang Ning said, then his original plan would become useless. It is not known what action Zhou Tong would take, and the skinner is also an unpredictable opponent. First, you can't hurt Zhou Tong. Second, I want Yan Yongjie to die! Chang Ning said firmly. Www.xiaoshuotxt.com txt novel paradise Chapter 27 mid-volt Zhou Tong and Zhuoga, with a large number of special police, surrounded the stone fort layer by layer, even if a bird can not fly away from here. After the formation of the encirclement, three groups of well-trained special police began the assault with lightning speed. Like divine soldiers and heavenly generals, they entered the stone fort almost at the same time in the three positions of the main entrance, the roof and the rear window. Unexpectedly, however, they searched all the rooms and darkrooms, and there was no one here. Standing in the stone castle,ghana seed extract, Zhou Tong felt as if his whole body had been immersed in an ice cellar. That's impossible! Our investigators clearly saw her walk in half an hour ago, and no one came out of it! "Zhuo Ga punched hard on the side of the stone pillar." Chang Ning saw through the situation we set up. Zhou Tong clenched his fist and gritted his teeth and said. You didn't tell me the whole plan until she left. I was kept in the dark from beginning to end. How did she know you would suspect her? After thinking about it, Zhuoga couldn't figure out how Chang Ning knew he had been designed. We underestimated her. Zhou Tong could not hide his expression of regret. There must be a secret passage here. If we search thoroughly, we may be able to catch up with them. Zhuoga hurriedly directed the special police, ready to start a more thorough search, looking for the secret passage. No,jujube seed powder, by the time we find the secret passage and chase them out, they'll be long gone. Zhou Tong reached out and stopped him. Aren't we going to waste all our previous efforts? Zhuoga remembered that his wife, who had not been found so far, had long lost her due calmness. Although Chang Ning sees the flaw, she may not know our other arrangements, we still have time. Zhou Tong is reluctant to admit it, but judging from the current situation, his plan is indeed flawed. I really don't think why Ning wants to mutiny. Why does she want to be a running dog of the Esoteric Sect? Zhuoga really couldn't understand why a senior police officer would do such a thing. Zhou Tong knew very well what the reason was, but how could he explain such a thing to Zhuoga-Chang Ning, the first-class expert in psychological criminology of the police, was a murderer with serious mental illness. When the special criminal investigation team recruits people, they have to conduct strict examinations and psychological tests. If ordinary people suffer from mental illness or have problems, turmeric extract powder ,naringenin price, they can't pass at all. But Chang Ning herself is a psychologist. She knows clearly the correct answer to every question, or the answer that the examiner wants to get. At this time he was thinking of a very confused question, if Chang Ning knew that this was a trap, why did she come to Shibao here? If she pretends not to know and continues to play the trick, she has no alternative, which should be more beneficial and safe for her. But she chose the most stupid way, even at the expense of exposing themselves, but also to the stone castle, why? Zhou Tong's mind suddenly remembered the death of Chen Siguo's ex-girlfriend Angel, he could not help but shiver, although he could not understand, but he believed that Chang Ning would do the same thing. We must go to Yan Yongjie and Chen Siguo at once! Zhou Tong didn't even have time to explain a word more, and immediately rushed out. If the world can be destroyed by a war, it must be a war started by a woman. Chang Ning stubbornly believed that as long as Yan Yongjie died, she could possess Zhou Tong and his whole body and mind. Even though any onlooker would know what a stupid idea it was, she firmly believed it and put it into action. She did not hesitate to collude with Esoteric Buddhism, and the only purpose and reward was to kill the woman, the hateful woman who wanted to compete with her lover! Even Kangba, when he heard what Chang Ning said, he could not help frowning, he really could not understand the woman's idea, the only evaluation he could give was two words-crazy. And Chang Ning's plan is actually very simple, so simple that Kangba has planned countless times, but there has never been a suitable opportunity. That is to kidnap Yan Yongjie. Because Yan Feng will only be willing to hand over "Bodhi beads" because of her. But now, Zhou Tong has personally given them this opportunity. After Sun Yaoming's all-out investigation, almost all of his intelligence network was used, and finally he found the area where Zhou Tong's mother and Zhuoga's wife were detained by Esoteric Buddhism. But without the exact location, he could not arrange for a large number of police to rescue him, because once he alerted the snake, the consequences would be unimaginable. So he had to tell Zhou Tong the news at the first time. In order to rescue them safely, Zhou Tong fought back against the Esoteric Buddhism and the skinner at the same time, and set up a fraud that Yan Yongjie pretended to be seriously injured. Once both Esoteric Buddhism and the skinner believe this fact and divert their attention, he can arrange for Yan Yongjie, Chen Siguo and Yan Feng to save people calmly. Yan Yongjie and Chen Siguo drove to meet Yan Feng on the way, and the three of them went to a village called Aruna on the Sino-Indian border according to the plan. According to Sun Yaoming's information, Zhou Tong's mother and Zhuoga's wife were detained there. Yan Yongjie, Chen Siguo and Yan Feng did not dare to act during the day, fearing that the people of Esoteric Buddhism would recognize them. Moreover,saw palmetto extract, in such a remote village, very few strangers came, and the sudden appearance of three strangers would arouse suspicion. prius-biotech.com

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