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Deify the world Full-time Job

8 months ago   Legal & Consulting   Samraong   155 views
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One side of the jade Xuan side control Yao Yang, while reciting the incantation formula, holding the instrument to lay down the law array to perform the law, in the hands of the bowl shining up a group of black awn, into a black dragon straight to the Longlin mountain wall. As soon as the black dragon approached the wall of Longlin Mountain, the wall of Longlin Mountain immediately formed a golden light boundary by itself. Yuxuan secretly exerted his strength again. The black dragon shouted angrily, baring his teeth and brandishing his claws, and ran straight into the boundary. The dwarf old man saw that Yaoyang could not help sending out the energy to attack himself again, and the magic energy in his body also burst out again, forming a more powerful energy boundary outside his body, which would destroy all the five Xuannenglieyuan sent by Yaoyang, and the boundary would immediately fall apart and become invisible because of the power of the five Xuanneng. The old man couldn't help being shocked: "This young man is so young. I didn't expect Dharma cultivation to be so profound. It's rare.." Without waiting for him to think more, Yaoyang had sent out a more powerful flame, Xuanneng, straight to him. On the face of the old man, there was a slight surprise, and the magic energy in his body was running endlessly, and it was already as turbulent as the waves of the sea. In the twinkling of an eye, the black dragon cast by Yuxuan had gradually gained the upper hand. It broke the boundary of Longlin Mountain Wall. It opened its mouth and bit the mountain wall. It began to absorb the water flowing from the mountain wall. Longlin Mountain Wall began to tremble as if it were spiritual. When Yuxuan saw that success was in sight, she couldn't help being overjoyed. She once again strengthened her magic power and decided to suck up the running water from the Longlin Mountain Wall, so that the dragon vein would be destroyed without any vitality. While Yaoyang involuntarily attacked the old man, he also noticed the progress of Yuxuan's side. He saw the mountain wall trembling and even cracks appearing one by one, and the breath of the dragon vein spurted out. His heart was also anxious, but he felt powerless. At this critical moment, the "Gui yuan Power" in Yaoyang's body suddenly awakened in the forcible drive of the magic amulet, and his body slipped out of the control of Yuxuan for a moment. The old man's magic spirit immediately sensed his change and jumped up. There was no magic in his body that could penetrate into Yaoyang's head. Yaoyang suddenly realized that the powerful magic could seek the meridians in his body. He knew that the old man wanted to help him break the control of the "puppet". He was busy running the mysterious energy of the five elements to follow the magic energy, and the two powerful energies immediately took effect, only to see that the "puppet amulet" hidden in his body was driven out of his body by the old man and his internal powers, and his body suddenly felt relaxed. But no longer think about it, "Gan Tian Yan Long Jue" suddenly launched, no horse power turned into a fire dragon to attack the black dragon released by Yuxuan's spell, the black dragon was immediately smashed to pieces, turned into black powder and scattered invisibly, in time to stop Yuxuan's desire to break the wall and dry up the water. Yuxuan was furious, and before he could stop her, the old man had already stopped her, so that she could not move. She stood on the spot, just staring at Yaoyang resentfully, and could not say a word any more. Although Yuxuan was prevented from breaking the wall and draining the water, the breath of the dragon's vein had already overflowed, long span shelving , and the real dragon in the pool sensed an unusual dangerous breath, which had already flowed anxiously and flustered in the pool, and suddenly sent out a dragon's song to fly out. Seeing this, Yaoyang said hurriedly, "Old man, the dragon vein has been damaged. I wonder if there is a way to save it?" Seeing this, the dwarf old man was also worried and said, "Young man, the only way to do this is for you to do it according to my method. Maybe.." It can also save the dragon vein. Yaoyang was guided to fly to the Longlin Mountain Wall with the power in his body, and supported the whole Dragon Wall in danger with both hands. Yaoyang according to the words, the body can pour out, flying to support the whole dragon wall, but the dragon vein gas is so strong, so that Yaoyang breathing is almost a choke, but he against the strong inexplicable pressure desperately holding the dragon wall. Gush out of the dragon vein gas is really too strong, although Yao Yang tried his best, but is still gradually exhausted. The restrained Yuxuan was overjoyed to see this. As long as the dragon vein was destroyed, the purpose of her trip would have been achieved. The old man looked at Yaoyang anxiously, but saw beads of sweat as big as beans on Yaoyang's face, and his whole body began to tremble. He could no longer resist the strong dragon vein. He could not support the dragon wall that he wanted to destroy. The idea of despair suddenly rose in his heart. Unexpectedly, Ji's dragon vein of hundreds of years would be destroyed in a moment. Just when Yaoyang also thought that the dragon wall was difficult to protect, the "Gui yuan Power" in his body suddenly woke up like a dream, surging up like a wave, and the five elements turned into one. The method of yuan energy operation, which was nurtured in war, operated by itself. Yaoyang immediately shone out of the mysterious purple awn all over his body. The strange awn circulated outside the body, guiding the strange track of the dragon vein. The "Wuxing Xuanneng" in Yaoyang's body was pulled and burst out immediately. Together with the "Guiyuan Power", it guided the Qi of the Dragon Vein to flow into the body first and then slowly into the Dragon Pool at the foot of Yaoyang. This scene was shocking and amazing. In the pool, the real dragon, who wanted to fly away, once again sensed the softness of the dragon vein, restored its original state like a fish in water, no longer restless, and happily swam in the pool again. When the spirit of the dragon vein returns, the dragon wall also repairs itself in a short time, and gradually becomes as perfect as it was at the beginning. The three stooges on the ground, the disciples of the Sword Sect, were angry, but all the soldiers in the underworld looked strange. Only Youyun and King Guang of Qin looked worried. Yi Xian smiled awkwardly at the disciples of the Sword Sect and winked at the three unscrupulous guys on the ground, but they ignored him. Leaning against the string, he touched his nose in a bored way and looked at the rosefinch and strange beast playing happily in the strange lake. He thought, "This big bird doesn't seem to hurt people's hearts, but it's hard to say if you're tired of playing. It's better to think of a way as soon as possible." Just then, a dark shadow suddenly rose into the air and appeared on the side of the rosefinch, and the surging yuan Neng came out and hit the rosefinch. How could the rosefinch not sense it? He waved his wings and opened all his demon powers. Then he waved his wings and popped up the ball of light with Huan Chong. He watched Huan Chong knock down two houses in the reincarnation set. The ball of light broke open. The rosefinch turned his head, as if he had found a fresh toy, and stared at the man in black left and right. Two of the disciples of the Shushan Sword Sect immediately flew out and entered the reincarnation set to rescue Huan Chong and set him back on the mountain. Yixian and Youyun were all staring at the actions of the rosefinch and the man in black. Yixian saw that this man was the man in black who had just fought with him. omracking.com

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Deify the world