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Dandy madman Full-time Job

11 months ago   Architects & Design   Battambang   242 views
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"I'm afraid you won't come." With a sneer, Kang Wei immediately offered up the giant peak. Suddenly, a colorful silk appeared on the top of his and his younger martial brother's head. The giant mountain magic weapon he offered up was swallowed up by the silk on the top of his head without stopping at all. Chaotic Mountains and Rivers Map. Conway only had time to say these words, and his soul was devoured by the'soul-eating gun '. You actually have your chaotic mountains and rivers figure 7, you. Then ran also only had time to say these words, can no longer move, his true yuan at the same time by the mountains and rivers map imprisonment. Lin Yun did not hesitate to devour Zai Ran with a'soul-eating gun '. Kill these two people, even Lin Yun did not expect to be so relaxed. 'Chaotic Mountain and River Map 'is so horrible that these two guys who are said to be scattered immortals don't even have the ability to fight back. Lin Yun is secretly glad that this'chaotic mountains and rivers map 'is in his hands, once others use this map to deal with him, he must also be killed in seconds. It seems that the more powerful he is, the more powerful he is, 'Chaotic Mountains and Rivers'. If I had known that this map was now playing such a terrible power, before so many monks surrounded him, he simply did not need to go to the stars, directly sacrifice the'chaotic mountains and rivers map 'to kill it. Lonely yuan Hall outside the lonely valley into the tripod period above the monks have been completely surrounded by Lin Yun, Lin Yun smiled, since the two old east and west were killed directly with the'chaos map of mountains and rivers', then the next thing is to sacrifice the map of mountains and rivers, all killed. Thinking of this,china tile trim, Lin Yun did not want to think at all, and directly offered a map of chaotic mountains and rivers. In a moment, Lin Yun felt that his star power was leaking out directly like a river of stars. 'Chaotic Mountain and River Map 'actually began to suck his Xingyuan spiritual power, Lin Yun secretly called bad, several Mahayana monks trapped by the Mountain and River Map immediately struggled to come over. The map of mountains and rivers is not trapped, and it is still sucking its own nebula spiritual power. Although do not know what is going on, but Lin Yun also roughly guess out a little bit. When he used Shanhetu to kill Kangwei,stainless steel tile edging, Kangwei seemed to be killed before he could react, and then Shanhetu could easily kill him. It seemed that Shanhetu could not control a wide range of areas, or that he did not have the ability to control so many Mahayana monks. He actually miscalculated, thinking of where Lin Yun dared to continue to use the map of mountains and rivers, hurriedly received the map of mountains and rivers of chaos, offering a'soul-eating gun 'directly with these monks who surrounded him in the Mahayana period and the tripod period. Now the space has been imprisoned, Lin Yun want to go also can not go, can only have been killed until one side disappeared. Lin Yun did not expect more than a dozen Mahayana monks together, and his attack on a Mahayana monk is completely different concepts. The sound of "rumbling" is constant, the surrounding mountains and space are constantly collapsing, so many masters are fighting, the power of sending out is not what ordinary monks can resist at all. Groups of Lonely Valley Friars were crushed to death by the murderous intent and the destruction of the Reiki space everywhere. Zhang has long regretted offending Lin Yun such a terrible monk, did not expect him to be so powerful, assassinated two uncles, aluminium edge trim ,aluminum tile trim, but also to hold on to the present, and Lonely Valley constantly has low-level monks were affected to death. (To be continued) www/xiaoshuotxt. Co m Chapter 487 a fierce battle. All over the sky of killing in the lonely valley diffuse, all kinds of magic, magic shining dazzling glare. Lin Yun will not scruple at all, he every shot is hit with all his strength, every shot with countless blood fog. Silent yuan Temple has long been shoveled to the ground in the chaos of so many monks'magic and magic weapons. The monks in Lonely Valley are constantly dying, but the encirclement is extending. All the monks in Lonely Valley were shocked by Lin Yun's terrible tenacity. He had been fighting with so many monks for so long. In addition to the scars everywhere on his body, every shot was a burst of Zhenyuan. And once the layer of star shield on his body is broken, it immediately regenerates, and the true element of Lin Yun can only be described as speechless. Strong, it's too strong. Although the people of Lonely Valley tried not to approach the main peaks everywhere when they were fighting, Lin Yun did not care at all, and the main peaks everywhere collapsed in the dialogue between the strong. In this battle, the sun and the moon had no light, the sky was dark, and the collapsed space turned the sky over Lonely Valley into a vast expanse of gray. Lin Yun's eyes are blood-red, if it weren't for the'Chaotic Mountains and Rivers Map '. Provide psychic support. He's already down. Nevertheless, he still felt powerless, and with such a strong body, he was also covered with scars, and the whole person was like a pool of blood fished out of hell. If Lin Yun is already in a mess, then Lonely Valley is even more a mess, with broken limbs everywhere. Violent True Qi riots and loud noises rise directly into the sky. Although Lonely Valley is blocked by a big array, you can still see the sharp shock of the space outside. As long as you are not a fool, you will understand that something big is happening in Lonely Valley now. But no one knows what happened in Lonely Valley, there are monks coming from other places, gradually Lonely Valley is surrounded by all kinds of earth, are very nervous staring at the riots and space collapse in Lonely Valley, but no one dares to look closer. Even some outside disciples from Lonely Valley could not enter the battle. Lin Yun's brain is now full of killing, five-star also began to be restless, there is only one word in his mind, that is, 'kill', keep killing. In the end, he did not even care about his physical condition, but blindly raised the'soul-eating gun 'to kill. Even the star rain was Lin Yun upgrade Wei star rain thousands of miles, with the support of the spirit of the galaxy map, constantly sent out, deification below, hit to death, refining virtual monks can not resist two or three times. A large number of Lonely Valley Friars were killed by Lin Yun unscrupulously, and the wounds on Lin Yun's body increased rapidly, while the star power declined sharply. Even with the spiritual power provided by the map of mountains and rivers,tile trim factory, he could not support it. This is the seventh day, the whole lonely valley shouts ShaSheng gradually low down, is inside the violent explosion has slowly disappeared. jecatrims.com

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