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Cousin Wanfu Penglai Guest Full-time Job

1 year ago   Construction & Engineering   Kampong Cham   421 views
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There was a pomegranate pattern painted on the amulet, which could be recognized at a glance. If her daughter was still in her purse and fell into Lady Song's eyes, she would be a little ugly. She felt uneasy at once. Just as she was about to open her mouth and miss the topic, Jiafu had already taken off her purse and handed it over with both hands. She said shyly, "It's true that I embroidered it myself, but the needle and thread are not good. Gan Niang praised it." Mrs. Soong took it, turned it over in the palm of her hand, and pretended to praise it. On the pretext of looking at the inner layer of the needle and thread, she pulled her fingers and opened the mouth. She glanced at it and saw that there were two small fragrant cakes at the bottom of the purse. In addition, there was an amulet. On the pretext of looking carefully, she turned the whole purse over and poured it out, only to find that it was just an ordinary amulet. So he glanced at Mrs. Ye. Mrs. Ye was so excited that she opened her eyes wide and waited to see the daughter of the Zhen family make a fool of herself. You know, it's not a decent thing for an unmarried girl to be seen carrying an amulet with her, but what she turned out was just an amulet. When she saw Lady Song looking over, she turned sideways and winked at her desperately, suggesting that the daughter of the Zhen family had put it away and was not carrying it. Song madam did not catch the handle, had to praise a few words, put the purse in place, handed back to Jiafu. Jiafu took it and put it back as if nothing had happened. Lady Meng, who was standing beside her, breathed a sigh of relief and said to herself that she was lucky. She quickly pulled out an envelope and said with a smile, "My daughter is stupid, and I owe her a favor. I want to recognize her as my adopted daughter. My old lady is grateful. Before I go out, I specifically told her to bring some local products here. It's not valuable either. It's a little token of my appreciation. Both the East and the West have asked the Here's the list, madam. Lady Meng found out that Lady Song was greedy for money and profits, so she prepared this generous gift for her. She said it was a native product, but in fact,Marble Granite Price, all the things listed on the list were valuable, and several of them were the best. Lady Song took it, took a look, and felt a little satisfied, thinking that the Zhen family finally had a little wink, and that if they got a good look, their faces would look better. Lady Meng breathed a sigh of relief. Remembering Brother Quan, who had come here without asking, she said with a smile,Nero Marquina Marble Slab, "I just went to the Pei family to visit relatives. I thought I could see Brother Quan, but I said I was here, madam.". Brother Quan is four years old now, right? The old lady of our family specially gave brother Quan a golden lock, asking the eminent monk to open the light and bless the child to be rich and noble, and to live a long life. Say stop and take it out. Mrs. Song also knew that the marriage of Pei Zhen's two families had already come to this point, and she had previously relaxed and recognized her adopted daughter. Now, even if she was dissatisfied with Zhen's daughter, she could not come up with any excuse to stop her. It would be better to call out the whole brother and take this opportunity to knock and let Zhen's daughter know the importance. When she passed the door, she would find another reason. The trusted Mammy went over and stared at her, expecting that she could not make any big splash. Having made up her mind, Lady Soong answered, "The old lady has a heart.". "Then I'll send for the child, and you shall see him." Mrs. Meng naturally said yes. Lady Song ordered her to go down. Moments later, I heard the laughter of children coming from the corridor outside, and I saw a handsome girl of sixteen or seventeen years old on all fours, with a boy of four or five years old sitting on her back, climbing all the way in. That child is the whole brother, originally born is also comely, Porcelain Marble Slabs ,Pietra Gray Marble, because of gluttony, into a round appearance, some heavy, sitting on the back of the girl, followed by a few girls on the side, virtual to help, to prevent him from falling down, the girl on the ground crawling panting, sweating, he took a willow branch in his hand, waving and twitching at random, his mouth sounded like riding a horse "drive", "drive". He just rode in. Catherine looked at him with a smile on her lips, but her eyes were cold. Once upon a time, after she married into the Pei family, Pei Xiu liked her very much, and soon she was pregnant. When she was five months old, one day she stepped on a mung bean and slipped heavily on the ground. At that time, she lost her fetus and bled profusely. It took her a long time to get down to the ground, but her body fell ill. Since then, whether with Pei Xiu or with Xiao Yintang, she has never been pregnant again. The mung beans were scattered at her feet by the child. Jiafu remembered that Pei Xiuyu was very angry at that time and wanted to be hanged, but she was stopped by Mrs. Xin. The next day, Mrs. Song learned the news and came to make a scene, saying that the child was still young and ignorant, and that he might still be wronged. Later, the matter passed. Now that I think about it, it was a blessing in disguise for her to have no children in her previous life. But for the child in front of her, in any case, she could not feel close to him. Lady Meng looked dumbfounded, but the Song family seemed to be used to it. Lady Song laughed, her eyes were full of love, and she shouted mischievously, then asked someone to hold the child over. The whole brother likes to ride people, but also specially pick a handsome girl to ride, but in the Pei family, dare not play like this, because the previous was accused to the old lady, the old lady called Mrs. Xin in the past, Mrs. Xin then forbade the whole brother to ride people, but the Song family did not care about this side, so the whole brother preferred to run here. Mrs. Ye hurried over and held Brother Quan in her arms. Mrs. Song took him and sat on her lap. The child wriggled around to get down. She hugged him and stared up at Jiafu. "I have only one daughter," she said. "She's like my heart. Now that she's gone, Brother Quan is no different from my own grandson.". As a person, I am very particular about gratitude and resentment. Whoever is good to my brother is good to me. She paused, narrowed her eyes, and said with emphasis, "If anyone hits him with an idea, he will lose a hair. If I know, I can't let him go." Mrs. Meng gasped. But Jiafu opened her eyes wide and nodded forcefully. "Godmother, what you said is very true. Brother Quan is very precious. Who dares to touch him?" Mrs. Soong was not sure whether she understood or not. When she stared at Jiafu, the child on her lap also stared at Jiafu with his eyes wide open. Suddenly, he slipped down from the crook of her arm and ran to Jiafu. He raised his neck and pointed at her with his arms akimbo, saying, "You lie down!"! I want to ride a horse! Gaff walked toward the child, stopped in front of him, bent down with a smile, and said,pietra gray marble, "I can't ride a horse, but I can play with you." The whole brother immediately fell to the ground, kicking his legs at random and howling at the same time: "Don't hug!"! I want to ride a horse! I want to ride a horse! forustone.com

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